Syllabus for 9th Grade English

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Syllabus for 9th Grade English

Instructor:   Mrs. Hynnek

Required Texts:   Elements of WritingElements of Literature

Required Materials for Daily Class:
1.   Textbook
2.   pencil/pen, notebook, binder (or folder)
3.   Agenda book
4.   novel and AR folder

1.   Expect homework every day.
2.   Hand in assignments ON TIME (a late assignment must be handed in, but points may be deducted   according the number of days late). Detention may be given for missing work.
3.   Reading assignments must be complete so each student can participate in class discussions.
4.   All assignments must be handed in before a quarter's work is considered complete.

Subject Matter:

   Writing Samples: 

journal writing, sentence writing strategy, paragraph writing strategy, informative essay, narrative, 5 paragraph essay


The Pigman, Romeo and Julietand short stories

Accelerated Reader: 

Everyday students will get 15 minutes of silent reading time for the Accelerated Reader program. Students will get their reading levels and goals at the beginning of each quarter. Accelerated Reader points count for one-eighth of the English grade. Everyone will have different goals. Some students will need to get 10 points, others will need to get 30 points a quarter.

  Nonfiction Monday: 

On Mondays we go to the computer lab and work on nonfiction articles and vocabulary 

Classroom Rules:
1.  Homework must be handed in on time or you will lose valuable points.
2.  Participate in classroom discussions.
3.  Respect your classmates, teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, other staff, and school property.
4.  Gum is allowed in my classroom unless I can hear it or see it or I find wrappers or chewed gum on floor or desks.

Failure to follow the rules may result in detention.

Midterms will be sent home every quarter. If you are failing, have an incomplete, or your schoolwork is suffering in some way, a deficiency notice will be mailed to your parents. The notices will be sent between midterm and the end of the quarter in most cases. Your progress will be monitored weekly and if you are failing or have an incomplete you will be ineligible for sports until your grade improves or the work is made up. My gradebook is also published on the website. 
The district's grading is based on a percentage grading system:

97-100  A

94-96   A-
91-93   B+
88-90   B
85-87   B-
82-84   C+
78-81   C
75-77   C-
73-74   D+
71-72   D
70       D-
0-69   F

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