Syllabus December 7-January 15 Due Dates

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Syllabus December 7-January 15
Due Dates

  • Analytical Essay - Due January 15th- See attached product descriptor. Also remember that directions for writing an analytical essay are on your wiki!

  • Fantasy Story - Rough Draft due Dec. 11 - See instructions on your wiki! Finals Due January 11th we will be presenting in class that week. We will finish the day of the exams.

  • Watch Return of The King by Dec. 14

  • You will have one more essay due-- A three page essay on the Lord of The Rings Trilogy- Please choose one of the following. Due December 18th.

1. Tolkien has often been criticized for creating stereotypical female characters. How does an analysis of Éowyn, Galadriel, or Arwen support or refute this criticism?

**2. For those who have read the trilogy-- Compare a character or scene from the book to its representation on film. What has changed in the film version, and how do the changes affect interpretations of the scene or character?
3. Imagine that you have been invited to the Council of Elrond. Write an essay in which you argue for or against destroying the Ring, providing supporting evidence for your position and refuting the opposing arguments. What would Joseph Campbell recommend?
4. Does the quest succeed because of the courage and heroism of particular characters, because of fate, or because of luck? Support your conclusion with specific examples from the text and A Hero With A Thousand Faces

  • Journal entries:

Three entries need to discuss the Matrix- theme, conflicts, must write an entry about what you think Joseph Campbell would say about the movie.

The rest of the entries are entirely up to you-- they need to, of course, be centered around the class. I would like to read some reference to J. Campbell!!!

For the next four weeks of class we will watch Two Towers this week and The Princess Bride Dec. 17 and 18--Please keep in mind I do know the difference between both novels and the movies, especially The Princess Bride! The following two weeks we will be discussing all the characters and mythology according Joseph Campbell.

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