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Caught in the Zombie Apocalypse
The world is in ruins, the dead have returned to unlife and are bent on feasting on any living flesh they can find. You are a living survivor, one of the minority, struggling to survive. Perhaps you are in a big city, surrounded by hungry zombies. Maybe you are on a farm, secluded, alone, or with a few other survivors, trying to barricade your new fortress. Or on the road, behind the wheel, staying on the constant move in hopes of staying a step ahead of the undead until you can find refuge. In any case, the zombies are everywhere.

In this essay you need to detail some key and essential facts about your struggle to survive against the undead hordes. Introduce the scenario: how did you end up here? Then provide information about some of your survival techniques, and the tools you have and need to survive. What items do you have, how did you get them, and what are they used for; how are they beneficial to your survival? Finally, you will conclude your essay, restating briefly some of the information you detailed, and hypothesizing what you feel your chance of survival in this situation would be.


  • Surroundings – where is your survival efforts taking place? Survival in a big, deserted city will be much different than on a farm. What is the weather like, which could be a big factor to food supplies. Google earth could be a good resource for scouting a location and getting ideas.

  • Survival Items – plan out what items you are going to discuss in your essay and look up how they are used, how you would get them or make them in this situation, and their potential cost.


  • Zombie Survival Guide – Book by Max Brooks detail some essential information on how to survive the zombie uprising.

  • Zombie Haiku – Book by Ryan Mecum poetically recounting the zombie apocalypse.

  • Dawn of a Zombie Haiku – Book by Ryan Mecum and a sequel to Zombie Haiku.

  • Para Norman – Movie rated PG about a boy fighting zombies.

  • Zombie Chasers – Book about a group of kids trying to survive the apocalypse.

  • The Walking Dead – Series rated TV14 about people trying to rebuild their lives and struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse.

  • Warm Bodies – Movie rated PG-13 about a zombie who falls in love with a living girl.

  • The Walking Dead – Comic Book detailing a group of people’s lives after the zombies rise and their attempt to survive.

  • I Am Legend – Movie rated PG-13 about a man trying to survive the apocalypse alone.


  • 6 Paragraph Minimum

    • Introduction – explain the scenario, what happened, how you ended up in that survival situation, and some of the tools you will need.

    • 4 Body Paragraphs (minimum) – each detailing a different item, tool, or skill required for survival in your situation, how it is used, how is is obtained, etc.

    • Conclusion – Restating the information, situation and tools described, in order to bring the essay to an end.

  • Expository/Informational Format – this is not a story, you are giving information about how you would survive and the tools you will need/use


  • Other project ideas are accepted

    • Video Project

    • Presentation via PowerPoint/Prezi/Other Presentation Media

    • Audio Recordings

    • Etc.

  • Students are encouraged to be creative and to have fun with this project, the goal is to inform, to learn how to utilize research to inform and audience on a topic.

  • Expository/Informational Format – this is not a story, you are giving information about how to survive and the tools will be needed/used

  • For specific requirements for non-essay project, come talk with Mr. Zumbrun or Mrs. Kiesig to explain your plan and goals for the project and to work out requirements

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