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Deadline: March 22, 2013


The Family Business Award of ExcellenceTM application form for 2013 can be completed and submitted to: Beverly Eha, Ernst & Young, Suite 1200, 401 E. Jackson Street, Tampa, FL 33602,,
+1 813 225 4893, +1 866 607 5684 (fax).


The Family Business Award of Excellence recognizes leaders of outstanding entrepreneurial families with a culture and tradition of successfully balancing business and family issues, growing the business through innovation, and contributions through philanthropic or social engagement. The families support these traditions with sustainable, long-term strategies that include effective and transparent corporate governance. The business must have 20% or greater family ownership, and there must be a plan to carry the business forward with family management.

Candidates for the Family Business Award of Excellence can also compete for the Entrepreneur Of The Year® regional award by submitting a separate application.

panels and

The independent panels of judges are comprised of community business leaders. The judging criteria include a thorough assessment of recent financial performance, strategic direction, product or service innovation, company leadership including personal integrity and risk-taking, values and key employee initiatives, and community involvement (philanthropic activities, etc.).

Print or type

only please
(if more than one nominee, attach
sheet with his or her information)

Please write the
name of the nominee
and company name
exactly as the nominee would like them to appear on press releases, trophies, etc.

Nominee’s name: Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr.      


Company name:      

General company phone:      

Business address:      

City:       State:       Zip:      

Nominee’s phone:       Nominee’s email:      

Years nominee has been with company       Years in this position      

Assistant’s name:      

Phone:       Email:      

Company URL:      

*Primary contact for nominee:       Company:      

Phone:       Email:      

Has nominee previously been nominated for consideration?: Yes No Year(s):      

Status achieved: nominee/semifinalist/regional finalist/regional award winner/national finalist/national award winner

*For any questions or follow-up related to this nomination, please designate a contact or confirm nominee or assistant as primary contact.

General information

Provide a brief description of the nominee’s company business (250 characters, including spaces):      

Industry type:

Agriculture Health Care Services Retail and Consumer Products

Automotive Hospitality and Leisure Services

Biotech/Med Tech/Pharma Media, Arts and Entertainment Technology

Cleantech Mining and Metals Telecommunications

Distribution and Manufacturing Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities Other

Financial Services Real Estate and Construction

  • Does the nominee’s company subscribe to Dun & Bradstreet and have a D-U-N-S® number? Yes No

  • If so, fill in number:             ―                   ―                        

  • In what year was the company founded?           

  • Is the company publicly held? Yes No
    If yes, what year did the company go public?           
    Please indicate the nominee’s stock ticker symbol:           
    Is the founder still actively involved in top management? Yes No

  • Is the company a family-owned business? Yes No
    (Family-owned is determined by second or more generation leadership and 20% or more ownership.)

  • Has the company raised or received investment from a: venture capital fund? private equity fund?
    If yes, what year did the company receive the first investment?           
    Please list venture capital or private equity investors:      

  • Has the nominee or nominee’s company been the subject of any investigation by a governmental body or a civil or criminal complaint? Yes No
    If yes, attach a statement describing the investigation and/or complaint and the current status.

Financial data
This information
is considered

Financial information is an important quantifiable indicator of success available to the panels of judges; therefore, it is required that the financial data section be completed in full. This information is required for all award categories.

  • Has the company merged with another company within the past three years? Yes No
    If yes, what year?            If yes, what percentage of the growth reflected in the financial data below is attributable to the merger?      %

  • Is the company profitable? Yes No

Fiscal year-end (actual) — this information is considered confidential.

Most recent year-end

Second most recent year-end

Third most recent year-end

Fiscal year-end

     /     /     

     /     /     

     /     /     

Total employees




Annual sales

Please select one range that best represents your company’s revenue size

If necessary, please provide sufficient information to explain any unusual trends in the information provided as well as the significant

components of the company’s revenue streams and an analysis of the changes thereto from fiscal year to fiscal year in an attached narrative.

Attach an essay covering the four topics listed below. Each topic should be approximately 250 words. The financial information and the narratives are critical evaluation tools for the independent panels of judges. Take this opportunity to “tell the story” behind the nominee. Information for each question may be readily available on the nominee’s company website or marketing collateral materials. Submit any relevant promotional company information that will add to the nominee’s story.

About the nominee (approximately 250 words)

• Discuss the nominee’s high standards relating to himself or herself, the business, and his or her determination to be successful.

• How does the nominee demonstrate perseverance in the face of adversity and overcome obstacles?

• Describe how the nominee is an independent thinker and is willing to take risks in the face of uncertainty.

Type of business and current activity (approximately 250 words)

• What is the history of the company?

• Include the source of the idea for the original business strategy and/or the evolution of the business.

• If the nominee is the founder, explain the difficulty of launching and building the business, including the personal and financial risk involved.

• If the nominee is not the founder, describe the challenges involved in assuming the entrepreneurial role, including risk-taking, financial investment or other personal sacrifice.

• Please describe the generational history and succession plan to carry the company forward.

• Discuss any significant obstacles overcome within the industry.

Innovative approaches and future plans (approximately 250 words)

• Explain how the nominee created a business model that demonstrates a clear and sustained capacity for creativity and innovation in the development and implementation of major products and/or services.

• Highlight any competitive points of differentiation.

• What is the nominee’s vision or plan for the future growth of the business?

Company initiative/culture (approximately 250 words)

• What is the nominee’s contribution to philanthropic organizations? How does the nominee give back
to the community?

• Has the nominee created or sponsored any key people initiatives within the company?

• How have these initiatives changed the company’s culture and helped to empower and retain employees?

External advisors
and references

Please list below the individuals who have assisted the nominee in his or her entrepreneurial effort and who may serve as references:


Name/Title       Company:      


Phone:       Email:      


Name/Title       Company:      


Phone:       Email:      


Name/Title       Company:      


Phone:       Email:      

Board member/advisor

Name/Title       Company:      


Phone:       Email:      

PR firm

Name/Title       Company:      


Phone:       Email:      


(If other than nominee)

Name: Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr.      



Business address:      

City:       State:       Zip:      

Phone:       Email:      
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