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Music Tech




You are going to do a one-page review of the sound editing procedure of a modern (within the last 100 years) artist of your choice. Your goal is to understand the method that they use to record, the style they use to record and the way they came about that style. Do they use a professional recording studio? Do they work from home in their own studio? Do they have producers or do they produce for themselves? This presents an interesting question when looking at music artists: how much recording is actually theirs? Find this out about your favorite artist/

Student Guide

Learning Target

Write a one page, three paragraph (at least 4 sentences per paragraph, double spaced). article about your favorite artist, why he or she is your favorite, and the recording method they use (studio, electronic, live music or computer, collaboration or individual). Explain if this changes your opinion of your artist in any way. Do not forget to check for spelling and grammar before you submit!

Success Criteria

  • Paragraph one – Who is your favorite artist and why? Use a YouTube or website link to show me who it is so that I can see more about this artist.

  • Paragraph two – what is the recording method of the artist? How did you find this out? Use a YouTube recording or website and include the link in your essay for me to see. Does this person collaborate with other artists? Find out exactly how much of this artist is original.

  • Does this change or influence your view of this artist? How does it change your opinion? Why does it change your opinion? Search and see if there has ever been an article, YouTube or resources that also talks about how the artist is viewed by other people as authentic or not.




  • Youtube

  • Wikipedia

  • Google

  • Microsoft word

  • Mircosoft Outlook


By the end of class end of class Tuesday, 9/27/16

Export as a word doc, label as “YourLastNameYourFirstNameartist.doc”

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