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L = Lecture T =
Families (Chapter 9)

Definitions (T&L)

Family (T), Socialization (T&L), Synchrony (T&L)

Reciprocal Socialization (T&L)

Developmental Construction of Relationships (T&L)

Families as Systems (T&L)

Cohesive (L), Adaptable (L), Satisfactory (L:)

Static and Dynamic Aspects of Families (L)

Family Structure and Adolescent Behavior (T&L)

Two Wage Earners (T&L) Economic Stress (T&L)

Divorce and Single Parent (T&L)

Gender and Parenting (T&L)

Mothers (T&L), Fathers (T&L), Relationship (T&L)

Culture and Families (T&L)

Parents as Managers (T&L)

Parenting Techniques (T&L)

Problems and Issues (L)

Siblings (T&L)

Birth Order (T&L)

Maturing Adolescents (T&L)

Puberty and Parent-Adolescent Relationships (L)

Maturing Parents (T&L)

Adolescence and the Age of Parents (T&L)

Socio-cultural and Historical Changes (T&L)

Cognition and Emotion in Families (T&L)

Parental Conflict (T&L)

Parallel between Adolescents and Infants (L)

Autonomy & Attachment (T&L)

Larson et al. (1996)

Social Policy (T)

Peers (Chapter 10)

The Paradox (L)

Independence from Parents (L)

Conformity to Peers (T&L)

Families and Peers: Introduction to the Mesosystem (T&L)

Peer Analysis: Individual, Group, & Sub-cultural Levels (L)

Peers Group Functions (T&L)

Peer Statuses (T&L)


Popular, Rejected, Neglected, & Controversial (T&L) Victims of Bullying (T&L)

Psychological Factors (T&L)

Social Cognitive Skills (T&L)

Development of Emotional Regulation (T&L)

Teaching social/emotional skills (T&L)

Friends (T&L)

Development (T&L), Importance (T&L)

Characteristics (T&L)

Mixed Ages (T&L)

Sullivan’s Ideas (T)

Group Function and Formation (pp. 198-200)

Norms & Roles: (T&L)


Textbook R = Reading
Child and Adolescent Groups (T&L)

In-Group vs. Out-Group (L)

Ethnicity (T&L)

Cliques & Crowds (T&L)

Dating (T)

Adolescent Subculture (L)

Material Aspects (L), Nonmaterial Aspects (L)

Ideal Parent-Peer Linkages (L)

Schools (Chapter 11)

School Microsystem and Mesosystem Considerations (T&L)

History and Consequences of High School (T&L&R)

Learning in Schools (T&L)

APA Learning Principles (T)

Size and Climate (T&L)

Teachers (T&L)

Ethnicity (T&L)


Successful Schools (T&L)

Maximizing PEF (Person Environment Fit ) (T&L)

Transitions from Elementary to Middle/Junior High (T&L)

Transitions from High School to College (T)

High School Drop-outs (T&L)

Social Policy (T)

Exceptional Adolescents (T)

Culture (Chapter 13)

Definition (T&L)

Relevance of Culture (T&L)

Cross-cultural Comparisons (T&L)

Achievement (T&L), Sex (T&L), Rites of Passage (T&L)

Socioeconomic Status (T&L)

Nature and Consequences of SES (T&L)

Poverty (T&L)

Ethnicity (T&L)

Ethnicity vs. SES (T&L)

Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Bias (T&L)

Cultural Change (T&L, but not covered)

From Assimilation to Multiculuralism (T&L)

American “melting pot”vs. Canadian “Cultural Mosaic” (L)

Socio-cultural Variations (T&L, but not covered)

African-American (T&L)

Latino (T&L)

Asian (T&L)

Native American (T&L)

Media (T)

ExamS&BS testing center

No time limit in testing center

35 Multiple Choice questions (35 points)

1 Essay (15 points)


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