Student Sample for Essay on a Biography or Autobiography Focus of essay

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Student Sample for Essay on a Biography or Autobiography

Focus of essay: To tell about the person, their personality, accomplishments, influences, and how they impacted others. How did they change the world or affect others? Why are they a positive role model? How are you inspired by this person?
Michelle Kwan’s Character
Michelle Kwan is also known as Michelle Wing Kwan. She is Asian American and was born in July, 1980 in Torrance, California. Influenced by ?Add personality trait. The reason she inspired many was because she never gave up on her dreams and just kept working hard. Her importance is that she was the first female to make figure skating history.
Michelle Kwan was influenced to try figure skating at the age of five when she saw her two older siblings in the ring, Karen and Ron. At the age of six she entered her first competition. Michelle won! Then she decided to take it seriously. Her parents hired a coach, Frank Carroll, to work with her daughters in 1990. Both Karen and Michelle went to Ice Castle for training, which is located in Lake Arrowhead, California. They were sad to leave home. Even though they are sisters, they like competing against each other. This competition affected how hard Michelle practiced at her skating.
Michelle was an outgoing person. For example, in order to go to the 1994 Olympics Michelle had to qualify for a test, but in order to take the test, she had to be in senior level. Michelle talked to her coach to see if she could try to qualify, but the coach said, “No!” Michelle didn’t listen to him and took the test. She qualified. Once her coach found out, he became furious. When the Olympics came, she entered the woman’s single competition and she won. Michelle became the youngest Champion in history due to her aggressive approach at qualifying to compete.

Michelle was less mature about handling pressure. For instance, once in a competition, Michelle stated, “Under a lot of pressure, I forgot my routine. From that experience I learned not to pressure myself on a lot of things.” In January 1994 at the U.S. Olympics, Nancy Kerrigan had a knee injury which allowed Michelle to be in 2nd place. Since Nancy recovered before the Olympics, Michelle couldn’t compete at the Olympics. Instead Michelle had to watch from the sidelines. Michelle was disappointed, but she learned by observing others about maturity and good sportsmanship. This helped her become more mature when participating in competitions.

Michelle is a great skater and role model for other people who think of training for this sport. She displays sportsmanship, honesty, respect, and accomplished skill in the sport. With her outgoing personality, she is willing to meet the public and sign autographs, even before performances. She inspires me to become a hard working person who can and will stick up for what I believe about my own abilities and potential.
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