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Grade 5

ELA - Performance Task Assessment

Service Animals Lend a Hand


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People with disabilities often face challenges as they strive to perform the tasks of daily living. With the help of a service animal that is trained to perform specific tasks, disabled people can enjoy more independence and participate more fully in everyday activities in their home, school, workplace, and community.

For this task you will be writing an opinion article related to the topic of service animals. Before you write your article, you will review three sources (a video and two articles) that provide information about different types of service animals and a new law regarding service animals.

After you have reviewed these sources, you will answer some questions about them.

Part 1
Your assignment:

You will watch a video about monkeys being trained to help people with disabilities and read two articles about service animals

In Part 2 you will write an opinion article on a topic related to the sources.
Steps you will be following:

In order to plan and compose your article in Part 2, you will do all of the following:

1. Watch the video “Monkey College
2. Read two articles titled Animals Helping People and Service Animal Laws.
3. Answer three questions about the sources.

Step 1: Watch Video: “Monkey College”
Step 2: Read the articles Animals Helping People and Service Animal Laws.

Source #1 – Animals Helping People

From Click Magazine’s November/December 2002 issue.

Seeing eye dogs are trained to be the eyes for people who cannot see. All over the world, seeing-eye dogs are hard at work—guiding, protecting, and loving their blind masters.

A monkey who helps you drink out of a straw? A dog who opens the refrigerator door when you want a snack? A pony gentle enough to ride even if you cannot see? When people need extra care, special animals are there to help!

Horseback riding is good exercise. It also helps people feel happy and confident. Even riders who cannot see, or who have trouble moving their muscles, can have fun on a quiet, gentle, well-trained horse.

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