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Section XV Middle School Pg. 40

Section XVI Upper School Pg. 43

Section XVII Standardized Testing Pg. 50

Mission Statement

Fostering a culture of respect, high expectations, and shared experiences, The Calverton School instills in students intellectual curiosity, personal responsibility, and a strong work ethic to prepare them for higher education and responsible citizenship in a democratic and global community.
-- February 2012

Philosophy of Honor
The Calverton School is a community of respect, tolerance, and learning. In this community honor is of paramount importance, for only with honor do we prosper. All members of The Calverton School live and learn in an environment of trust. With this trust comes relief and freedom: there are no locks on lockers; there are neither hall monitors nor school bells signaling the beginnings and ends of classes. Here, each member assumes responsibility and, with this responsibility, we all enjoy shared independence. Tension will always be present in any environment that fosters independence; yet through healthy, constructive tension, we only improve and prosper.
At The Calverton School, there is no external edict that delineates for us right or wrong; instead, our expectation is that each member of our community assumes a personal obligation to act honorably. Here, honor is synonymous with the Golden Rule: it is acting selflessly, respecting guests, faculty, staff, students, and oneself. To act honorably is to uphold integrity, trust, and civility. Honor is valuing each other. Never condoned are lying, cheating, stealing, discrimination, or violence, because when one commits acts that hurt or otherwise dishonor someone else, the entire community suffers. Understandably, in order to protect itself and its honor, the Calverton community will take action should this philosophy be violated.
Everyone will make mistakes—but honor, growth, and learning are the taking of responsibility for these mistakes, making any necessary corrections, and continuing forward.
Be it known that we will uphold this understanding of honor, responsibility, and respect on behalf of all who enter The Calverton School.
National Honor Society – June 2001
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