Strands of Disclosure Introduction

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Strands of Disclosure


  • In this presentation, we will look at a number of strands or “threads” of disclosure and try to get an overall impression of the “tapestry” that they are part of, even though it is very large.
  • We will look at:
    • Overall areas of Disclosure.
    • Recent apparent “acceleration” of disclosure.
    • Disclosure and “Limited Hangout” with regards to other matters related to ET disclosure – primarily 9/11 (i.e. some people won’t talk about 9/11 or aspects of it).

Areas of Disclosure

  • Academia on ET’s / Alien Beings in the Universe
  • Visitation of the Earth by Those Beings / Craft (1 or 2 videos)
  • Contact between Humans and those beings.
  • Involvement of those beings in our history/genetics/development
  • Evidence of non-human (or maybe ancient human activities in the solar system)
  • The Abduction “Problem”
  • Deep Underground Military Bases - DUMBS
  • Cattle Mutilation
  • Sequestered Advanced Technologies
  • Consciousness
  • Crop Circles
  • “Official Reticence” on these matters
  • The Amoco Alien
  • Anthony Woods Images - 2004

Academia on ET

  • Drake Equation
  • Carl Sagan
  • Francis Crick and Orgel’s 1973 Paper on “Panspermia”
  • Seth Shostak and SETI
  • SETI at home

Subliminal Disclosure? Predictive Programming?

  • Entertainment, TV, Films,
  • Movies, Adverts…

Bugs Bunny – 1st Abductee?

  • Someone pointed this out to me not too long ago.
  • From “Hasty Hare” - 1952
  • One could argue that this is an example of “predictive programming” – i.e. “planting something” in mass consciousness so that it can be “used” later.

Good/Bad Aliens In The Movies

  • Since the 1950’s we have had a mixture of films and TV Shows about or featuring aliens.
  • In the 50’s and 60’s, they were predominantly (though not exclusively) portrayed as rather evil – perhaps this was meant reflect the “Cold War mentality” of the times.

Good/Bad Aliens In The Movies - 2

  • In the 1977 we had the extraordinary “CE3K” – and some have suggested the final sequence was based on the Holoman Airbase landing/interaction.
  • In 1981 we had “ET” – a love story. In 2009, Grant Cameron reported that it had been confirmed that, after a private showing in the Whitehouse, Ronald Regan leaned over, clapped Spielberg on the shoulder, and quietly commented, "You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know how true this really is."

Good/Bad Aliens In The Movies - 3

  • The 1990’s saw another raft of clichéd movies, such as Independence Day, Star Ship Troopers and Mars Attacks
  • However, “Contact” seemed to break the mould and arguably introduced the notion of consciousness and “dimensional travel”.
  • 1993 also saw the release of “A Fire in the Sky” about Travis Walton’s incredible experience – more on that later…

Good/Bad Aliens In The Movies - 4

  • 2002 - Signs – Colin Andrews acted as consultant
  • 2005 - War of the Worlds
  • 2011 – Battle of Los Angeles
  • 2011 - “Paul” is sort of like ET for adults and is very well done. Touches on themes of consciousness and healing.

Significant UFO Disclosure Attempts

Significant UFO Disclosure Attempts

  • 1999 – COMETA Report (rarely quoted or referred to even though it was produced by a strongly qualified group).
  • Disclosure Project – main event in May 2001 – again, not much media coverage after the event itself.
  • Document releases by UK, France, New Zealand and other countries – which seem to contain little of real interest – or documents which have previously already been analysed and written about anyway.

Disclosure Project

  • Disclosure Project is a movement to try and disclose the truth, as told in 1st-hand witness testimony, about the UFO phenomenon.
  • 1993, Dr Steven Greer, formerly an ER doctor, started to identify first-hand military and government witnesses to UFO related events and projects.
  • By 2000, he had transcripts of testimonies from over 400 of these witnesses – he had videotaped about 100 of them.
  • Over the next year, he compiled all this into a “usable” form.
  • Wide range of testimony covers significant sightings, and other areas of the controversy, such as involvement in covert projects, mainly in the USA.
  • The documents, in many cases, are used to directly support the validity of the testimony.

Visitation of the Earth – Landings/Crashes

  • Let’s just pick a few…
  • Aurora Texas (1897)
  • Roswell, Socorro (1947)
  • Kecksburg (1965)
  • Shag Harbour, Canada (1967)


  • December - 1980
  • Multiple Military Witnesses
  • One of the most significant cases of all
  • Either involved ET craft or Advanced Secret Technology
  • There have been recent revelations regarding a binary coded message that Jim Penniston received.

Visitation of the Earth – NASA Films

  • Let’s just pick a few…
  • STS 48 (1998) footage of something that looks like a weapons discharge.
  • NASA Footage – Tether incident (STS-75) 1996
  • STS-80 – Bright circular objects observed and filmed for some time.

More Recent Significant Sightings

  • Belgium Triangle Craft - 1989
  • Mexico City During 1991 Eclipse
  • Phoenix Lights (Arizona) 1997
  • More Recent Films from Mexico

Involvement of those beings in our history/genetics/development

  • Zechariah Sitchin – Earth Chronicles Series
  • Michael Tellinger – “Slave Species of God”
  • Lloyd Pye connects this to the “bigfoot”/sasquatch mystery. Could they could be related to the Neanderthal's?
  • Pye also concludes our DNA has been engineered – by “someone else”.

In Our Own Solar System?

  • What are we not being shown??

Evidence of Intelligent Activities in the Solar System

  • Researchers/Speakers
    • David Percy
    • Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara
    • Joseph Farrell
    • John Lear
  • There seems to be a story in the solar system – and some people seem to know more about it than we do.
  • Mars and Iapetus are, to me, the most interesting.
  • Richard Hoagland
  • Joseph Farrell
  • David Percy
  • John Lear

Cydonia and… Avebury (UK)

  • David Percy notes the significant correspondence between Spiral Mound/Silbury Hill and the Cydonia crater/Avebury Circle – see

“Inca City” - 1

  • From the MSSS Web site:
  • Mariner 9 image DAS 8044333
  • “‘Inca City’ is the informal name given by Mariner 9 scientists in 1972 to a set of intersecting, rectilinear ridges that are located among the layered materials of the south polar region of Mars. Their origin has never been understood; most investigators thought they might be sand dunes, either modern dunes or, more likely, dunes that were buried, hardened, then exhumed.”

“T” Structure / Channel

  • MGS Image SP243004 (South east of Olympus Mons)
  • Natural channels rarely end in a perpendicular 'T'-shape for obvious reasons.
  • I could find no other references to this image which attempted to explain its origin.

So now, let’s…

  • …have a “fly over” of
  • image strip
  • M1501228
  • (google it!)

New 2008 Images of Dome - (PSP_007230_2170) - 1

  • 10 Feb 2008 -

New 2008 Images of Dome - (PSP_007230_2170) - 2

  • By about May 2011 -
  • Had changed to show this, though the title was the same:

Cassini at Iapetus

  • December 31st 2004, Cassini had a much closer encounter – passing at a distance of 40,000 miles.
  • Discovered a topographic ridge that coincides almost exactly with the geographic equator. The ridge is conspicuous in the picture as an approximately 20-kilometer wide (12 miles)
  • 1,300 kilometres (800 miles) long!
  • Equatorial Ridge - Cassini Image Jan 2005

Iapetus – The Wall!


Check those Craters!!

  • Unusual Crater Features on Iapetus
  • 24 Miles!
  • Umm….
  • Hexagonal Craters?

Crater Line – Parallel with Wall?

  • From Richard C Hoagland:

More Hexagonal Craters!!

  • From Richard C Hoagland:

A New Angle on Iapetus??

  • From Richard C Hoagland:

Darker Strands…

  • Abductions, DUMBs and Animal Mutilations

The Abduction “Problem”

  • John Mack
  • Melinda Leslie
  • David Jacobs
  • Budd Hopkins
  • Some prominent cases:
    • Betty and Barney Hill (1961)
    • Travis Walton (1975)
    • Stan Romanek (2000-??)
    • MILABs – Leah Haley
  • All of the above have some type of associated physical evidence.
  • Some of the most oft-quoted researchers
  • Leah Haley
  • Travis Walton
  • Melinda Leslie

Cattle Mutilation

  • Sheep, Cattle, Horses, Goats and even Cats and Dogs have been mysteriously mutilated
  • Seems to be becoming more widespread in the UK
  • Richard Hall’s documentary “Silent Killers” documents in detail disturbing evidence of this phenomenon.
  • In total, there are large volumes of physical evidence
  • Documented incidents in police records in the USA and UK at the very least.
  • Lynda Moulton Howe has collected some evidence in the USA too.
  • Included in Nick Cook’s 1999 documentary “Billion Dollar Secret”.

Deep Underground Military Bases -DUMBs

  • Mostly spoken of as being in the USA – Dulce, Dugway Proving Grounds, Under Denver Airport, Tonopah Test Range.
  • John Rhodes has suggested a link between the Dulce Base and Mutilations (“UFO Hunters” programme - 2009)
  • Also places like Pine Gap (Australia).
  • UK
    • Rudloe Manor (Near Bath)
    • Todmorden (Lancs)?
    • Peasemore (Barry King)

Astronauts and Disclosure

  • Some unusual statements…

At least 3 Apollo Astronauts Have Publicly Commented on UFO Subjects

  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Edgar Mitchell
  • Gordon Cooper
  • These are all very interesting for different reasons.

Neil Armstrong

  • On July 20th, 1994, the 25th Anniversary of the supposed Moon Landings, Armstrong addressed the crowd and said.
  • "Today we have with us a group of students, among America's best. To you we say we have only completed a beginning. We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief...“

Buzz Aldrin

  • It is worth seeing Buzz Aldrin in the Bart Sibrel documentary “Astronauts Gone Wild”.
  • His behaviour in that film may explain why he has “flip-flopped” over the UFO/ET issue, as illustrated here.
  • This sort of behaviour is very useful in the UFO/ET muddle up – far more effective than a basic cover up.

Edgar Mitchell

  • Mitchell first mentioned in his 1996 book “Way of the Explorer” that he had spoken to people he trusted and they said they knew of crashed craft and bodies being recovered.
  • He went on camera to say this in 2003 in a documentary called “Out of the Blue”
  • However, compare this with earlier remarks to David Sereda, which are included in Sereda’s own documentary “Evidence – The Case for NASA UFO’s”

Keeping Tabs on Free Energy Research and Tech – How It is Done...

  • Bruce De Palma’s words from the clip before...
  • “The CIA operates through various innocent looking fronts – to find out what people are thinking and what they’re inventing. Now, what’s more innocent than a benign institute – founded on transcendental principles to help New Age inventors bring free energy into the world?”
  • NOTE: If free energy technology was not real, these operations would NOT be needed!

Gordon Cooper

  • The most significant, in my view, is Gordon Cooper.
  • He started speaking out as early as 1978.
  • In 2003, in a documentary called “Out of the Blue” he described his team FILMING the landing of a craft LANDING at Edwards Air Force Base.

Summary of Astronauts Disclosure

  • Aldrin has “flip-flopped” – he has switched between apparent disclosure and denial
  • Mitchell is adopting a limited hangout – stating he knows/knew (unnamed) sources who “told him stuff” and he believes that, but he denies NASA’s own video footage shows intelligently controlled objects.
  • Cooper’s disclosures seemed to get greater over the years – with his disclosure of seeing film of a landing coming only 1 or 2 years before he died (in Oct 2004).
  • Cooper was dropped from the Apollo Programme in favour of Alan Shepherd, though he was scheduled to head up a Mars programme, according to a 1996 interview with Michael Lindeman.

Civilian Disclosure

  • One of the most significant cases ever.

Travis Walton

  • “If I had to do it over again I wouldn't get out of the truck.”
  • What is of particular note for me is that Travis Walton’s Abduction sequence was changed completely in “A Fire in the Sky” to an extremely negative and harrowing version.
  • A still from the Hollywood Version

UFO Releases Spheres Mexico May 2009

  • This astounding film was aired on Mexican TV in May 2009.
  • Later, a 2nd film, from a different angle was discovered.
  • Here, we see them side by side.
  • The UK press preferred to discuss the MoD releasing some dull documents and Nick Pope talked about those, rather than this film – or any of the evidence we have discussed here…
  • Much of discussion of the MoD etc releasing dull documents occupies many of the UFO pundits and groups – and the media.
  • Go figure…

Jerusalem Video - 2011

  • 4 or even 5 independent videos of this surfaced, but many considered it an elaborate hoax (who has the time to hoax 3-5 videos like this?)
  • It received some media attention, being shown on ITN, for example.
  • Whether it was a hoax or real, the “choice of location” was interesting!

Corporate Secrets – e.g. Douglas Aircraft and the “Boys in the Back Room”

  • (AKA Project BITBR)
  • Keeping a low Profile!

McDonnell Douglas and UFOs - 1

  • These documents pertain to the research of small team of people in the Mc Donnell Douglas Aircraft corporation in 1967 - 1969.
  • They show that some people there took the UFO phenomenon seriously - and regarded them as real, physical objects - worth studying in detail, with a view to developing a new method of propulsion - based on a new theory of physics.
  • This research was, of course, secret.
  • In total, there are about 200 pages of documents, although some of these are just cover sheets.

McDonnell Douglas and UFOs - 2

  • The documents were left in a barn which may have belonged to a Douglas employee who died or moved. The new owner of the place found the files, and sold them on Ebay for $31.00.
  • In March 2005, someone made contact with Grant Cameron and the documents were uploaded to my computer for internet publishing.
  • The gathering of information from contactees is described as the second main avenue of deriving useful data on UFO propulsion
  • The documents were written between March 1967 and Dec 1969.
  • J M Brown, Bob Wood, W.P. Wilson, D.B. Harmon

McDonnell Douglas and UFOs - 3

  • Their rationale for the use of contactee data can best be derived from the so-called "ADVANCED VEHICLE CONCEPTS RESEARCH" presentation dated May 2nd, 1968

McDonnell Douglas and UFOs - 4

  • I sent electronic copies of these documents to Nick Cook, a defense journalist (Jane's Defence Weekly), and they were featured in “UFO's - Secret Evidence” - a documentary broadcast on Channel 4, 13 Oct 2005.

Sequestered Advanced Technologies

  • Area 51 – the size of Switzerland – What is there?
  • Other mysterious areas include:
    • Dugway Proving Grounds (Utah, USA)
    • Dulce, New Mexico
    • Pine Gap (Australia)
  • Colonel Corso’s Book “The Day After Roswell” suggests certain technologies were “given” to certain companies
  • Anti-gravity, free energy and advanced space travel technology all seem to have been developed.
  • The evidence from 9/11 proves the first two are indeed real – no question.
  • An example William Pawlec’s testimony from year 2000 – only released last year by Steven Greer under the Disclosure Project umbrella.

SAIC-Science Applications International Corporation

  • Mentioned by a number of Disclosure Project Witnesses as significant benefactors of Black Budget Programs
  • Named as a party in Dr Judy Wood’s Qui Tam case (science fraud) as they were paid for contributions to the NIST reports (helped including equations in some of the documents.
  • Manufacturers of Directed Energy Weapons Systems/Components
  • In charge of ground zero security from 13.11.01
  • Another Specialty is Psychological Operations…
  • This brings us to…

The 9/11 Connection – Weaponisation

  • See
  • (No one wants to talk about it…)

Links between NIST and Contractors that Do Directed Energy R & D

  • The National Institute for Standards in Technology produced about 10,000 pages of reports regarding the destruction of the WTC.
  • They used several big Defence Contractors such as SAIC, ARA and Boeing.
  • NIST should have known that Applied Research Associates (ARA) is a ‘significant manufacturer of directed energy weapons and/or components thereof’
  • SAIC – Science Applications International Corp.
  • Boeing – Manufacturer of Aircraft used in ABL

Kirtland AFB Responds to Wood / Leaphart

  • “You report phenomena that we cannot explain here, either because we don't have enough data or because the phenomena are not within our area of expertise.”
  • Kirtland AFB did not say “Al Qaida dunnit”.

What Technology Can do this?

  • Steel turns to dust….

What Technology Can Do This?

  • 80-90% of 2 if the worlds tallest buildings disappeared in 20 seconds… Where is the rubble?

Levitation Effects on 9/11

  • Dr Judy Wood has shown that an undisclosed type of Directed Energy Weapon was used to destroy most of the World Trade Centre Complex on 9/11.
  • John Hutchison Levitation Demonstration 01 Nov 2008 – at his Vancouver Apartment
  • Shortly after 9/11 (How did the NYPD car get inverted?)

Weird Fires

  • See:

Bent Beams

  • See:

Hurricane Erin on 9/11

The Path of Hurricane Erin

  • Why did it travel more or less in a straight line towards New York City after it passed Bermuda?

6 Magnetometers in Alaska and the First “Impact” – What Caused the Readings?

  • 8:46 am WTC 1 Gets Hole

Crop Circles and 911

  • Is there a link?

Other Soil Effects – Iron Spheres

  • Photomicrograph (100 X) of 10-40 micron diameter, spherical, magnetic particles of the type regularly found in crop circle soils. EDS reveals these spheres to be pure iron; the fact that they are magnetized reveals they were formed in a magnetic field.

WTC Dust – Iron Rich Microspheres?

  • Perhaps Steven E Jones et al knew what to cover up? He claims these are signature of the use of Thermite!
  • “Iron-rich spheroid from the USGS Particle Atlas of World Trade Center Dust.”
  • This is about 20 μm in diameter – comparable to Spheres in the Crop Circle Soil Sample found by WC Levengood.

Residual Effects – in Crop Circles and at the WTC.

  • It seems the energy does not dissipate immediately…

Bankers Trust / Deutsche Bank Building – Opposite WTC

  • Why repair a building then dismantle it?
  • Soon after 9/11/01
  • 28 July 06

Hosing Down WTC Site - 17th Jan 2008

“Ghost Formations”

  • 2003 Formations still visible in 2004 early crops (May). Photos by Busty Taylor. (West Stowell and Avebury Avenue, Wiltshire)
  • This seems to be more evidence that board stomping would not cause to appear.

“Crop Circles”, 911 and Nick Pope

  • We have now seen some physical characteristics and evidence connecting the events of 9/11 and, bizarrely, the formation of Crop Circles
  • It is therefore now interesting to ponder a post on Nick Pope’s website from Nov or Dec 2002
  • “I had to refute the bizarre idea that the formations were caused by the testing of space-based laser or directed-energy weapons, and dispel suggestions that media coverage of the issue had been stifled by use of D-Notices. “

Disclosure… and Steven Greer, Nick Pope, Richard Hoagland and Richard Dolan

  • … Free energy and 9/11 are BOTH important.

Seaspower and Aero2012

  • These are Steven Greer’s “Free Energy” initiatives
  • Seas-power (Space Energy Access Systems) started in 2001 following Disclosure Project
  • Sounded great! Use secrets known about UFO tech to find, develop and market energy technologies which were either "fuel-less", "over unity" (i.e. they output more energy than they consume)
  • Website was created in Sept 2001.
  • Contained for example an agreement for inventors to “sign” if they had a device they wanted to develop/market.
  • This agreement was quite comprehensive.

Seaspower and Aero2012 Website Comparison

  • In May 2007, Aero2012 was launched, compare websites...
  • Why AERO? An Overview for Inventors
  • An historical overview of over-unity electric generators and other unconventional energy innovations shows that for at least 75 years, human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine. The fact that such energy breakthroughs are not in use today is ample evidence that the hurdles to the widespread use of such technologies is less about inventing such a system - or even about adequate funding - and primarily about 'something else'. Since the time of Tesla, inventors have been discovering ways to extract energy from the space around us. And yet we all still drive cars using gasoline, and live in homes powered mostly by coal-fired public utilities.
  • Why SEAS? An Overview for Inventors
  • An historical overview of over-unity electric generators and other unconventional energy innovations shows that for at least 75 years, human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine. The fact that such energy breakthroughs are not in use today is ample evidence that the hurdles to the widespread use of such technologies is less about inventing such a system - or even about adequate funding - and primarily about 'something else'. Since the time of Tesla, inventors have been discovering ways to extract energy from the space around us. And yet we all still drive cars using gasoline, and live in homes powered mostly by coal-fired public utilities.

Steven Greer and Aero2012

  • Greer posted a 1 to 2 hour presentation.
  • In this 1 or even 2-hour presentation, Dr. Greer did not even show a video, photos or PowerPoint slides of any research or anything relevant to his earlier projects – it was just a discussion of his experience and ideas for the future. We heard from no one else whom he had met or worked with in the previous 6 years or so. As can be seen if you watch the videos, he merely a has large screen TV with a shot of the Aero2012 website on it.
  • By May 2011, the Aero2012 website was offline…

9/11 and Steven Greer - 1

  • This overview explains how the current risks of environmental global warming, air pollution and public health challenges, energy resource scarcity and competition, global terrorism and current electric grid obsolescence and vulnerability are transformed by these out-of-the-box technologies.
  • Extract from "Forbidden Truth, Hidden Knowledge" and on P157 he says:
  • "At a subtle level of electromagnetism, you can transmute elements, and also transfer something from one place to another - and infect or harm someone electronically. This is a very lethal application of a science that could be used to heal people. Unfortunately, right now, the worst elements of humanity currently possess these technologies.
  • When people worry about these technologies being disclosed, I say: "Forget about it. The worst elements already have them"!

9/11 and Steven Greer - 2

  • Project Camelot interview in 2010
  • SG: … and it is a matter of perspective. I think that’s why I prefer to be cautious, cautiously optimistic, put out a positive view on how we should be interacting with this thing. It is not irresponsible. I am not insidious. I think that these sort of characterizations are highly offensive, as I have never attacked you folks publicly.
  • I found I was attacked on your blog today. It was unfortunate. But my perspective, I want to be very clear…
  • KC: No, no. Your philosophy was attacked. You were not attacked.
  • SG: Yeah, well, whatever.
  • KC: Actually, you were complimented.
  • SG: But I just have to say that that is why we’re wanting to be cautious because it is so easy for humans… I mean, look what happened after 9/11. It is so easy for humans to take shreds of information and then go on a war footing or go on a conflict footing.

9/11 and Richard Hoagland

  • In 2008 on “Coast to Coast” Richard Hoagland promoted the Official “Bin Laden” story whilst talking about new Solar Energy technology (itself a “limited hangout”
  • In April 2010 he gave a presentation in Amsterdam covering the research of Dr Judy Wood.
  • Hoagland said at one point “Judy is wrong” and tried to say that “torsion fields” were at work (Dr Judy Wood has just described the phenomena and mechanism and not really given it a specific name).
  • Hoagland stated John Hutchison was in the Navy (he was not).
  • Hoagland stated John Hutchison was “evicted” from his apartment in Vancouver due to residents complaints. This was also untrue.
  • He omitted discussion of Hurricane Erin
  • He omitted approximately 12 other important pieces of evidence.
  • Richard Hoagland is NOT A QUALIFIED SCIENTIST – Dr Judy Wood IS!
  •

9/11 and Richard Dolan

  • I met Richard Dolan in June 2009 and discussed in some detail Dr Judy Wood’s research – including Hurricane Erin and the Hutchison Effect
  • In Sept 2009, during a 77 minute podcast, he discussed 9/11, but only referred to a “peer reviewed paper” about “nano-thermite”
  • Dolan, who lives in New York state (Rochester) did not mention Hurricane Erin.
  • He did not mention Dr Wood’s 9/11 Court Case, Energy Weapons or SAIC (which has been mentioned by UFO/Disclosure Witnesses as a benefactor of the Black Budget)
  • Richard Dolan did not mention Hutchison Erin.
  • On a Podcast in April or May 2011, Dolan stated he was more interested in Dr Judy Wood’s “hypothesis” even though Richard Hoagland is NOT A QUALIFIED SCIENTIST – Dr Judy Wood IS!
  •

Pattern of Disclosure

  • Where is it taking us?

Disclosure Developments in 2007/2008

  • In 2007 we saw a clear effort to link UFOs to National Security - a "Larry King Live" programme had 2 disclosure project witnesses (Capt. Robert Salas and Dr. Robert Jacobs) talking about their experiences with Nuclear Weapons and UFOs.
  • Dr Robert Jacobs has been talking of his experience since 1982 - so why did CNN pick it up only 26 years later? And why was there now such a flurry over Edgar Mitchell? He's been telling his story for about 12 years!

Disclosure - The Last Card?

  • I contend the “negative disclosure” programme is large - and 9/11 formed part of it in terms of longer term planning.
  • The reason I say this is shown in this video clip.

Rik Clay and the Olympics / Alien Connection

  • In research that Rik Clay posted in 2008 – in a very brief period, Rik Clay connected in a comprehensive way – aspects of occultist practices manipulating events through history – leaving symbols as markers.
  • The presentation “Transition of Ages” was deleted from Google Video – as was his blog where all his research was posted.
  • Fortunately, people have re-posted both his video and his research – following his death at the age of 26.
  • His research connected occultism, symbolism and a possible “messianic event” to “con” the public in relation to the 2012 Olympics. He contented that there is a plan by some group to hijack consciousness for their own ends. I agree! (This is what 9/11 and similar events have all been part of.)

Rik Clay – The Cosmic Mind, 2012 – Creating Our Reality

  • Only a few days after this presentation, he was reported to have died of something related to “adrenal problems” or “committed suicide”
  • He was apparently buried on Sept 11th 2006.
  • Like myself, his study of Alternative Knowledge such as Crop Circles, 911, ET’s, Lost Civilisations etc lead to a fundamental change of consciousness –an awakening.
  • You reach a KNOWING that there is indeed a “larger reality” around you – a “bigger game” being played – even if you don’t know the exact players, the exact “game” or the exact “rules”.
  • This normally changes the way you see everything and it changes the way you interact with others.
  • Sometimes the changes are more internalised than externalised.
  • For me, it has meant taking hold of my intellectual freedom and pointing out that we all have a right to think for ourselves, if we choose to do so!

Consciousness and the Spiritual Dimension

  • This is what it is probably all about


  • In connection to the UFO issue, it is normally connected through the idea of “spiritually advanced beings trying to guide us”.
  • Often done through “channelling”
  • Wilbert Smith connected this to the UFO issue as early as 1950 (“mental phenomena”).
  • Sites like Wingmakers and Lyricus also make this sort of connection.


  • Thought by some to be an “Elaborate Marketing Scheme”, this site offers some detailed information and distinctive and provocative graphics and music.
  • It talks about a “mythology” and “a central race” who are here to help us discover the “grand portal” – of consciousness.
  • It is a complex and detailed site – containing thousands of pages (and therefore dissimilar to other sites which just want to make money or start a “pyramid” scheme).
  • Personally I think, the skill of presentation of the material, and the depth and eloquence therein is “a level above” what I have seen elsewhere… here’s a sample… see how much you can take in!

Wingmakers – Music, Art and Being

Official Reticence

  • Even with all the available information I have just touched on – some of it being extremely compelling and detailed – official sources still will barely recognise any of it.
  • Similarly, they will not take any kind of action over anything related to any of this.
  • Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex – like most World Leaders, he probably became aware of the network of secrecy which is used to run the world.
  • It is so insidious and so tangled that even whistleblowers who have come forward may not be able to give us accurate information.
  • All countries have a secrecy apparatus – now made more comprehensive since the events of 9/11

Two “Strands” of Disclosure

  • Disclosure is happening – but governments are only doing it a “basic” level. For each individual (who has not had any direct experience), it is more a process of DISCOVERY than disclosure.
  • One “thread” seems to be being controlled by the Western Media and it is generally “fear based”
  • Either they say the ETs/aliens are going to harm us or they give the impression “things are going to be bad” if we know about the aliens.
  • The human abductions and animal mutilations may also be components of a “negative disclosure programme”.
  • Another thread seems to be the events in Mexico and South America - with large scale sightings and quite a bit of video footage. This seems to be part of a “positive disclosure programme”.

Who’s behind these “threads”?

  • I think the people who are running planet Earth – those that “did” 9/11 are behind the “negative disclosure” thread.
  • I think that outside agencies – such as those Wilbert Smith was in communication with – are behind the “positive disclosure” thread.
  • Each person has a choice of which thread to pay more attention to.
  • We shouldn’t be blind to the other “thread” though.


  • I have found, from my own research interaction, that 911 is a or the “Central Blindspot” of almost all speakers and researchers involved in “Disclosure”.
  • Linking secret tech, to the destruction of the WTC is seemingly a “no-no” and there is a comprehensive effort (examples of which are documented in my book 911 finding the truth)
  • I therefore recommend we think of it as DISCOVERY and not DISCLOSURE
  • We cannot look too much to “figureheads” as they seem too often to be more interested in “limited disclosure” and they choose to ignore certain evidence and research to fit their own agenda.

Thank you for listening!

  • Please check and form your own view of this information.

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