Stephen Caldwell, mpp, Essay #2

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Stephen Caldwell, MPP, Essay #2

My performance in coursework relevant to the MPP program illustrates my potential for success at KSG—especially given my intended concentration in Environment and Natural Resources.

At Harvard College, I earned A or A- grades in Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, Introduction to Quantitative Methods (statistics), and Multivariable Calculus; moreover, my undergraduate concentration in Chemistry & Physics will prove useful in understanding the science behind environmental policies.

My post-undergraduate coursework further demonstrates my aptitude for policy studies. I received an A in my Methods of Policy Analysis class at MIT (Special Student, Spring 2005). I earned the only A awarded in the Intermediate Microeconomic Theory course at Harvard Summer School (2005). Finally, as of the midterm exam in the Introduction to Sustainable Development course at Harvard Extension School (Fall 2005), I have the highest grade in the class.

My undergraduate and post-undergraduate academic performances in economics, mathematics, statistics, political science, and environmental studies courses indicate a strong aptitude for public policy studies.


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