Starbucks Coffee and True Coffee

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Starbucks Coffee and True Coffee
Coffee is a must for most people for decades because of its ability of caffeine to fix their morning, boost their energy, and sharpen their mind. That is why coffeehouses now are prevailing everywhere. I think the two most common coffeehouses I have seen in Thailand are Starbucks and True Coffee. If we look superficially, these two brands may seem similar because both of them offer a variety of beverages and nice place to take a rest. Yet, there are noticeable differences between Starbucks and True Coffee in their products, services, and prices.

The first difference is their products, foods and drinks that seem alike but are totally different. Starbucks offer more various choices on beverages, foods, and bakery. Starbucks Coffees have many drink menus that are unique, sound interesting and attack a lot of customers, such as Peppermint Mocha Frappucino, Pumpkin Spice Crème Frappucino, or Gingerbread Latte. Compare with True Coffee, Starbucks also have much more bottled drink menus available. Even though Starbucks gives customer more choices than True Coffee does, True Coffee create their uniqueness by offering Thai healthy beverage menus like Longan juice, Kra-jiab (Roselle) juice, Kek-huay (Chrysanthemum) juice, and Ma-toom (Bael) juice that can never be found at Starbucks. About foods, if you want to have some nice breakfast, Starbucks is probably chosen more often than True Coffee because the same reason that it has more menus available. Starbucks can serve hot breakfast menu and is well-known for bakery like muffins and scones; on contrary, True coffee isn’t unique in their bakery but it offers meals in a style of chilled and frozen foods which give you more convenience and save your time to go find something to eat anywhere else if you are busy with your work and in hurry to get it done right there.

Comparing both brands of coffeehouses, we notice the second difference that is their services. Starbucks’s service focuses more on businessmen than on teenagers or college students while True Coffee emphasizes its being knowledge society which provide combination of Information Technology and coffee. If we look around Starbucks Coffee we will find out that most of customers there are businessmen or working-age adults wearing some nice suit sitting with their colleague or partners. In contrast, True Coffee is crowded by teenagers including middle school students, high school students, or university students. Some people go to True Coffee to buy their favorite cup of coffee and take a rest there alone. Some go there with their group after finishing school in order to study for exams or tutor. In addition, True Coffee’s service covers the lifestyles of IT, it provide many computers ready to use and free wi-fi internet and 3g for those who use True’s network, so it is unquestionable that many people sit here having their favorite drinks and have iPhones, iPads, or laptops next to them.

Another difference between these two brands of coffeehouses is the cost. Products from Starbucks are more expensive those from True Coffee. Starbucks price can reach to over 200 baht per a cup of coffee while True Coffee’s highest price is only 150 baht per a cup. It is because Starbucks is a coffeehouse from the United States that provides a premium quality of coffee and has existed longer than True. Yet, True Coffee is founded by Thai people and applies a concept of Thai Coffee so, the price level has to be set lower to be able to fit more of Thai people’s demand. Lower price also get more attention especially from teenagers.

Despite these three differences between Starbucks and True Coffee, both places share the same purposes, to offer customers their favorite drinks at a nice place to stay and relax.

Both Starbucks and True Coffee share the similarity in their ability to provide people favorite drinks and favorite time to do their favorite things like relaxing after work or school, meeting friends, and exchanging conversation. It is because both brands aim to grab customers’ attention by offering them satisfying places. There are nice sofas and armchairs at both places. Plus, one obvious thing is that we will always see a group of people sitting, sipping coffee, and talking together. For example, there are college students tutoring and studying together or working-age adults talking about their project at both Starbucks and True Coffee. Because they are such nice places surrounded with a pleasing smell of coffee, there is no doubt to see a crowd of people at both places.

To sum up, if we look closer at these two popular brands of coffeehouses, Starbucks and True Coffee are dissimilar in products, service, and price but they are alike in their purpose to offer customers desirable drinks and pleasant place to relax or work. Both places give you good feelings and can relief your stress when you go there and buy a cup of coffee, thus it is up to your decision where to go!

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