Sriram Krishnan's Personal Statement

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Sriram Krishnan's Personal Statement
I am a Senior Analyst at PHOTON Consulting, a global strategy consulting and market intelligence firm serving the solar energy industry. In this role, my main responsibilities are:

1. Develop detailed 5-year forecasts for the solar energy industry based on the economics of supply and demand

2. Benchmark the cost of manufacturing for solar PV companies based on publicly available information about different manufacturing processes and their viability

3. Advise senior executives at leading solar PV companies on their strategy, business intelligence about competitors and share insights to help them navigate the solar energy industry

Solar energy industry has seen tremendous growth worldwide with nearly two-thirds of the current global installations having been installed during the past 5 years. Within the United States, solar energy industry has grown by over ten-fold during the past 5 years, from nearly 500MW installations in 2009 to nearly 5GW of installations in 2013. There is excitement around solar for both economic and environmental reasons. President Obama often has stressed the importance of the solar industry to job creation in the US and to our energy security as a nation.
My day-to-day work is important for the solar industry in the US and I work confidentially with a broad range of companies among manufacturers, financiers and project developers. Success or failure in the current dynamic solar energy market depends on how viable a company's business model is. Business executives utilize my forecasts and analyses to plan their business initiatives better and shape their business models to suit the evolving market trends.
I am a co-author of two industry reports published by PHOTON Consulting - Solar Annual 2013 and the True Cost of Solar Power 2014. These reports have been referred widely by several hundred companies in the solar energy industry.
I have been recognized as an expert in the solar energy industry -- both relating to technology development as well as for strategy. I was invited as an academic peer reviewer for research published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in prestigious scientific journals such as the Journal of Energy & Environmental Science (Among the highest impact factor journals at 11.5) and IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. I was also invited as a mentor for teams participating in the MIT Clean Energy prize in 2012. In particular, the team I mentored Beejli won the renewable energy track prize.
My future goals are three-fold:

1) Help businesses in the United States and around the world continue to grow and thrive in the solar energy industry

2) Continue to grow our strategy consulting firm in order to shape the new energy infrastructure in US brought forth by the adoption of solar

3) Review and guide academic research related to solar PV such that new technologies are more impactful and are brought to market adoption sooner

I look forward to continuing my contributions within the solar energy industry for the foreseeable future

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