Source Cards and Note Cards

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Source Cards and Note Cards:

Why use source cards?

  • Source cards are a convenient way to keep up with sources from which you got info for your research paper.
  • They will make doing the Works Cited page & in text citations much easier.

Why use note cards?

  • Note cards help you organize your information when writing the actual essay.

Source #

Source # Topic of Note

Source 1

  • Bryson, Laura. “Worth behind the Mask of Oppression and Stereotypes: An Interpretation of Claude McKay’s ‘The Harlem Dancer.’” American Literature. (2006): 1-6.
  • SWU Library (Bryson 4-5)

Source 1 Labeling People

  • “When this form of labeling occurs, the people who have been branded faultily learn to separate themselves from their alleged negative image in order to maintain their sense of personal dignity.”
  • Page 1

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