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Mr. Sadil/B08

Prep Periods: 4 & 6, B08 and English Office (B09)
Sophomore English concentrates on reading, writing, and speaking—necessary components of higher order thinking. Assignments and projects are designed based on the state-adopted Common Core standards and scored according to Common Core scoring guides. This course is aimed especially at helping students pass their essential skills requirements for reading and writing, two important steps toward graduation from Hood River Valley High School.


Students will continue in their practice of the writing process, including pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Specific emphasis is placed on these writing traits: ideas and content; organization; sentence fluency; and conventions. Students will also write about literature using the terminology of literature, examining both the author’s craft and the context in which the work was written.


Students will practice a variety of essay forms: imaginative; expository; personal narrative; and persuasive. Students will learn and use the writing process. Speaking experience will include expository, persuasive, and impromptu. Students will read from a variety of fiction and nonfiction works, learning and applying literary elements.

UNITS OF STUDY (Subject to modifications)
Elements of Story

Personal, imaginative narrative

The Ring of General Macias

Expository Essay

Elements of Drama: Antigone

Persuasive Essay

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Prepared Speech: Recitation and analysis

Poetry: Elements of Poetry

Poetry Anthology: Research, Works Cited

The Short Story: Reading for Meaning: Summary, analysis, response

Along with the study of literature and the development of writing skills, we will work the entire year on English grammar and sophomore Roots vocabulary.


Academic Honesty: You are expected to do your own work. Cheating on quizzes or exams will result in zero credit for the assignment in question. For major projects and writing assignments, evidence of academic dishonesty will result in zero credit for the assignment in question. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, presenting someone else’s work (whether from the internet, another student, or any other source) as you own. A second instance of academic dishonesty becomes a disciplinary problem requiring a referral to the principal.

Behavior: You are expected to be responsible and respectful and ready for class.


  • I expect you to demonstrate respect for yourself and others. I expect everyone to demonstrate common courtesy to any student or adult in the classroom.

  • I do not allow food or drinks in my classroom. Water is okay.

  • I do not allow toys, headphones, personal stereos, cell phones, iPods, iPads electronic games, or similar devices to be used in my classroom. I will confiscate any such devices used in my classroom before, during, or after the period. In order to avoid arguments, I adhere to the “If-I-see-it-I-take-it” policy. Put away your devices before entering my classroom.

  • Be ready for class when the bell rings. If you are outside the classroom when the bell begins ringing, you will be marked tardy. After a third tardy, a letter will be sent home. For your fourth tardy, you will be assigned lunch detention. Following a fifth tardy, you will receive a disciplinary referral.

  • If you are more than 20 minutes late for class, you will be marked absent.

  • Unexcused absences are treated as truancy. You will receive a disciplinary referral for any absence that is not excused within 48 hours.

  • I expect students to try new things. I expect them to suspend judgment when necessary in order to give themselves the opportunity to learn.

  • I expect students to use materials and equipment properly, clean up any mess they make, and refrain from bothering other people’s property.

  • I expect students to use restroom facilities on their own time, not during my class period. If I can do it, so can you.


Certain behaviors, such as cursing, stealing, lying, continuous disruption of class, or endangering others will result in immediate referral to the office. For breaking classroom rules, consequences are:

--Conference with teacher

--Phone call to parent/guardian

--Written referral to the principal

--Removal from the classroom


Grades are based on student achievement on assignments designed specifically to measure progress toward the State of Oregon Content Standards. Students receive points for the quality of work produced. Work is assigned daily; students who miss class should come see me before they return to class, so that they can get the work they missed and be prepared for the next class. I do not hand out make-up work during the passing period directly before class begins. The best time to collect work you missed is before school starts on the day you return to school following an absence.

Projects and Essays: Extended projects and writing assignments are part of a required curriculum; as such, these assignments must be completed for a student to pass the course. Excessive absences and failure to turn in work are the cause of student failure.
Danger of failure notices are mailed out midway through each quarter. Students and parents may also request a progress report at any time: pick up a form in the guidance office and hand it to me at the beginning of the class, and I will complete it by the end of the period.
Late work: Late work receives half credit.


Every student will need these materials for my class: flash drive or memory stick; pen (blue or black, please); pencil; paper; book of choice for silent reading.

COMMUNICATIONS: Parents and students can contact me about questions regarding curriculum, assignments, or assessment at 541.386.4500 or I also welcome the opportunity to discuss the success of my students or any other matter regarding their education.
Please read and review this syllabus with your parent or guardian and return to me for credit no later than Friday, September 18.
Your name: __________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian name: _________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian signature: ______________________________________________
Thank you.
Scott Sadil

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