Social Sciences Teaching Unit Levels 2 6 Environmental Justice

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Social Sciences Teaching Unit

Levels 2 - 6

Environmental Justice

Why does being rich or poor

make a difference to the way environmental degradation will impact on you?

Cover image: Dipali Goshwamim, a producer from Corr - The Jute Works in Kathalia. She is collecting the fibre from the jute stem.  After harvesting, the bundles of stems are submerged in the water.  They are kept submerged for 20–30 days for retting.  After retting is complete, the fibres are separated from the stalks by loosening them; the stems are then broken off near the root, and the fibre strands are jerked off the stems. The fibres are then washed, dried, sorted and graded for use. This process is organic and free from any sort of chemical fertiliser or insecticide.  Instead of the chemical fertiliser they are using compost fertiliser called Doyancha made from cow dung, water hyacinth, weed, and for insecticide they use neem and rainwater.
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Environmental Justice – Unit plan 5

Lesson 1: Environmental cause and effect 8

1. An introduction to the causes and effects of environmental degradation. 8

Lesson 2: Looking into climate change 10

2. The climate is changing and the effects are already being felt by the poor. 10

Lesson 3: What is the impact on people when resources are affected? 13

3. The poor are more vulnerable than the rich to changes in the environment. 13

Lesson 4: Carbon Footprints 16

4. That the poor have among the lightest carbon footprints in the world. 16

Lesson 5: Connections with our global community 17

5. That what we choose to buy and consume affects our carbon footprint. 17

Lesson 6: Someone like you 18

6. That our behaviour in New Zealand has an impact on our global community. 18

Lesson 7: Environmental responsibility as a global community 20

7. That how we choose to act can have a positive impact on the global community. 20

Attachment 1: Environmental Degradation 22

Attachment 2: Debating "Global Warming" 24

Attachment 3: Your carbon footprint 27

Attachment 4: News article from the BBC on Bangladesh 28

Attachment 5: Northern and Southern countries 31

Attachment 6: Bangladesh case study 32

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