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A. Choose the correct answer by crossing a , b , c or d !
1.   The three ….. are very clever.

      a. a students                    b. a student                c. student                   d. students

2.   Thera are many ….. in the class.

      a. student                         b. a student                c. students                 d. some students

3.   Deyana ….. a short hair.

      a. does                               b. have                         c. has                           d. do

4.   It has ….. a song.

      a. large                              b. fat                           c. thick                       d. beautiful

5.   Its ….. teeth makes his smile nice.

      a. many                            b. fat                           c. white                        d. little

6.   I ….. a  nice cat.

      a. has                                b. am                           c. do                            d. have

7.   Its ….. have are red.

      a. the wings                      b. wing                        c. wings                      d. a wing

8.   There ….. many flower plants in my garden.

      a. was                                b. am                           c. is                             d. are

9.   Robin ….. my bird.

      a. were                               b. am                           c. is                             d. are

10. Its ….. is very soft.

      a. little                              b. fast                          c. white                        d. white feather

Text for number 11 until 15.
            Mr.Johan is a soldier.He is very tall.He is not fat.His wife is a teacher.She is thin and not tall.Her hair is black and wavy.She wears glasses.Mr.Johan has two children.The are Elly and Ridwan.Elly is thin like her mother , but her hair is not wavy.It is straight like her fathers.Ridwan , Elly brother is very tall.He is fat .His skin is black like his father.Mr.Johan , his wife and his children like sports.They usually do sports in Sunday morning.
11. According to the text , we know that Mr.Johan ‘s hair is …..

      a. wavy                             b. straight                   c. black and wavy     d. curly

12. They usually …..

      They word they here refers to …..

      a. Elly and Ridwan                                            c. Mr.Johan and his children

b. Mr and Mrs. Johan                                           d. Mr.Johan , his wife and his children

13. How many people are there in the text ? There are ….. people in the text.

      a. one                                b. two                           c. three                                    d. four

14. What is Ridwan like ?

      a. he is smaal                   b. he is fat                   c. he is short               d. he is thin

15. What is Mr.Johan like ?

      a. She is slim and talla                                      c. She is thin and not tall

      b. She is thin and has a straight hair                d. She is talk and thin
Text for number 16 until 20
            Last month we had a long holiday.My family went to Mount Bromo.It’s so beautiful.We really had an unforgettable experience.We went there by car.We reached Cemoro Lawang in the evening.Then , we took a rest in an inn.We decided to see the sunrise in the next morning.Seeing the sunrise from the peale of a mountain is annusual event.It was more wonderful.
16. When did the writer have a long holiday ? They have a long holiday …..

      a. last year                       b. last holiday                        c. last week                 d. last month

17. Where did they do ? They  went to …..

      a. mount Bromo  b. mount Tidar           c. mount Tangkuban Perahu           d. mount Rinjani

18. How did they go there ? They went there by …..

      a. motorcycle                   b. plane                                   c. car                           d. train

19.When did they see the sunrise ? They saw the sunrise …..

      a. in the next week           b. in the next month              c. in the next day       d. in the next morning

20. We really had and unforgrttable experience.

      The bold italicized word mean …..

      a. pengalaman indah                                                      c. pengalaman tak terlupakan

      b. pengalaman pertama                                                  d. pengalaman tak terjadi

Text for number 21 until 25
            On Saturday night , my friends and I camped on a hill nearby .We chose a feat land to set up a tent.It was on the bank of a lake.We found that the lake was not so deep , but the water was clear and fresh.We saw many fish in it , so we fished there .After setting up the tent , we look our picnic jar and had a meal together.We rolled out a mat to sit on the ground.It was nice having meals in the open air.
21. When did the story happen ? The story happened …..

      a. last holiday                  b. last week                             c. on Saturday night            d. on Sunday

22. What did the writer do ? They …..

      a. found                            b. chased                                 c. rolled                                   d. camped

23. How was the lake ?

      a. It was so narrow           b. it was not so narrow          c. It was so deep          d. It was not so deep

24.      What did they see in the lake ? They saw …..

      a. shell                              b. sea weed                              c. fish                                      d. shrimp

25. Was it nice having meals in the open air ?

      a. yes , it is                       b. no , it isn’t                         c. yes , it was                          d. no , it wasn’t



            Yesterday afternoon Frank Hawkins was telling me about his experiences as a young man. Frank is now the head of a small shop.It was his job to repair bicycle and at that time he used to work fourteen hours a day.He saved money for years and in 1938 he bought a small work-shop of his own.During the war Frank made spare parts for aeroplanes.At the time he had two helpers.By the end of the war , the small work shop had become a large factory which employed seven hundred and twenty eight people , Frank smiled when he remembered his hard early years and the long road to success.
Answer the questions based on the text above !
1.    What is the title of the text above ?
2.   When was Frank Hawkins telling?
3.   Where did he work when he was a child ?
4.   What did he buy in 1938 ?
5.   Really , what was Hawkins job ?
Translate in English !
6.   Jadilah seorang anak yang pintar !
7.   Jadilah seorang teman yang setia !
Translate in Indonesian !
8.   Don’t be a lazy boy !
9.   Don’t’t be a cruel girl !
10.  Be a responsible friend !

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