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  1. Hiatus hernia

  2. Congenital pyloric stenosis

  3. Hydiatoid cyst

  4. Tropical spleenomegaly

  5. Pseudopancreatic cyst

  6. Meckels Diverticulum

  7. Familial polyposis coli

  8. Carciniod Tumour of appendix

  9. Ischio rectal abscess

  10. Intusussception

Short answers

1) Murphy triad.

2) Surgical complication of entric fever.

3) Predisposing factors for sigmoid volvulus.

4) Courvoisier’s law.

5) Frey’s syndrome.

6) Indications for splenectomy.

7) Causes of upper G-I bleeding.

8) Mention the types of Esophagectomy

9)Felty’s syndrome

10) Investigation of the biliary tree

11) Mention the complications of ulcerative colitis

12) Mention the causes of anal in continence

13) Complications of haemorrhoids

14) Mention The various anatomical positions of the appendix

15) Causes of acute liver failure


Q1. True about splenic abscess is:

  1. Most of the abscess in spleen occur through local spread such as from

kidneys, colon

b) Unilocular splenic abscess has a high mortality rate more than 50%

c) Splenomegaly is typically seen in splenic abscess

d) In one third of adults splenic abscess is multilocular


Q2. Which of the following structures is  not part of  the portal triad in liver

a) Portal Vein

b) Hepatic vein

c) Hepatic Artery

d) Bile Duct


Q3. Which of the following is not true regarding blood  supply of pancreas?

a) Pancreas receives blood supply from coeliac trunk and superior mesenteric artery.

b) Body and tail of pancreas is supplied by Splenic artery

c) Posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal artery is a branch of Superior mesenteric artery.

d) All major pancreatic arteries lie posterior to pancreatic ducts.


Q4. What is not true about blind loop syndrome?

  1. It manifets as diarrhoea, weight loss and deficiency of fat soluble vitamins. b)Megaloblastic anemia is commonly seen.

c)Surgery is almost always required to correct small bowel syndrome.

d) Broad spectrum antibiotics are the treatment of choice.

Q5. Which of the following hormones IS released in STOMACH ?

a) Gastrin

b) Motilin

c) Somatostatin

d) Pancreatic YY


Q6Treatment for bleeding duodenal diverticulum is

a) Diverticulectomy

b) Diverticulopexy

c) Diverticulization

d) Subtotal diverticulectom


Q7. Boundaries of gastrinoma triangle are all except

a)   Cystic duct & CBD junction

b)  Gall Bladder& cystic  duct junction

c)   Junction of Neck of pancreas  & Head of Pancreas

d)   2nd and 3rd part of duodenum


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