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During this course you will complete a Senior Book which will consist of your memories, thoughts, and reflections of your whole life.

The Senior Book is due May 7th.

  • You will begin on your book now and consistently work on your book throughout the course.

  • If you put your heart and soul into this assignment, you will have a keepsake that you, your parents, and your children will treasure for a lifetime.

  • You will enjoy this assignment if you jump into it trying to create the best book you can that is all about you.

REQUIREMENTS: Each essay assignment must be:

  • at least one typed page

  • 12 pt Times New Roman font

  • 1-inch margins top, bottom, and sides

  • Double-spaced

  • title typed on top 1-inch margin line

  • typed –------------ handwritten will not be accepted

  • written in essay form (indented paragraphs with a beginning, middle, and end)

  • revised and edited and presented as a final copy.

You will receive a test grade and a daily grade each essay.



  • If you do not have a computer, printer, you are expected to make plans to type each entry either here at school or somewhere near your home.

  • You will have adequate assignment time to get this done if you do not wait until the last minute.

  • You must save these files somewhere YOU can find them: on the computer, a flash drive, the cloud (or all of the above). IF you lose one, you will have to rewrite it! They must be edited and revised for the final book.

Dates for Assignments:

1. Who Am I? Essay- January 10

2. I Believe…. Essay– January 24 ( for ideas)

3. Choice Essay 1 (your choice from suggested topics)- February 7

4. Choice Essay 2 (your choice from topics)- February 21

5. Choice Essay 3 (your choice from suggested topics) –March 7

6. Choice Essay 4 (your choice from suggested topics) –March 21

7. Choice Essay 5 (your choice from suggested topics) –April 11

8. At Last I’m Out of Here Essay- April 25

9. Bucket List- (due with scrapbook May 7th)

10. Quotes Page –(due with scrapbook May 7th)

Choice Essays #1-5:

CHOOSE ANY FIVE OF THESE WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS FOR CHOICE ESSAYS. If you have something else you want to write about, it must be cleared through the teacher first.

  • Before I was, There were …… (Your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings etc.)

  • Suddenly I Became Me (Earliest memories: people, places. Events, all the cute things you did or said when you were tiny that Mom tells you about)

  • School Bells - The Early Years (K – 3 ---- special teachers, friends, learning to read, games played…)

  • My First Boyfriend/Girlfriend - That first crush in elementary school

  • Middle School Grades 4 -6 (Any special memories that you have)

  • I Wish I Could See _________ Again… Someone you really miss and would enjoying seeing again. (Living or dead)

  • The Best Time of My Life - A Time that you will always want to remember.

  • Memories of Grades 7 – 8 (This may be a time you want to forget!)

  • High School, the Early Years (Grades 9 – 11)

  • If I Could Live My Life Over Again I Would………….

  • The Mistakes I’ve Made and Learned From

  • A favorite trip, Christmas, or birthday.

  • A pet or pets you want to remember

  • The Person Who Has Had the Most Influence on Me

  • I’m Really in Love This Time, Mom - Your first serious romance

Reminder: Each of these entries is an ESSAY and must be fully developed in paragraph form with a beginning, middle, and end! These should be revised and edited before turning in to me.

Final Book Requirements:

  1. Introduction/ Dedication

  2. Table of Contents (save for last)

  3. 8 typed essays in any format (Who Am I?, I Believe, 5 Choice Essays, and At Last)

  4. Quotes Page (at least 5 quotes that are meaningful to you)

  5. Bucket List

  6. 5 Pages of Photographs and/or Memoribilia (concert tickets, movie tickets, programs, awards, etc.)

  7. Letter- at least one signed and dated note or letter from a family member or friend (can have as many as you want of these)

  8. Bound with a hard cover (binder or scrapbook)

  9. Express your personality!!

  10. Due by May 7th--points off if late (.20 a day) NOT ACCEPTED AFTER May 9

  11. Final book counts as two test grades

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