Selected Solo Exhibitions

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Selected Solo Exhibitions

  1. Monsters, Universal Concepts Unlimited, New York, New York

The Toy Show, Bitforms Gallery, New York, New York

  1. Project Room Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York, New York

ten, Universal Concepts Unlimited, New York, New York

2000 Artificial Sculpture v.5, The Henry Block Art Space, Kansas City, Missouri

1999 Artificial Sculpture, Forum For Contemporary Art, St. Louis, Missouri,

NEA Grant Awarded (CD Rom catalogue)

1998 The Ecstatic Body, Grand Arts, Kansas City, Missouri

From Ear to Ear, Central Fine Arts, New York, New York

Solo show, Galerie Simone Stern, New Orleans, Louisiana

1997 Digital Psyche, Kemper Museum of Contemporary

Art, Kansas City, Missouri. Curated by Dana Self

1995 Homo Noeticus, Basilico Fine Arts, New York, New York

1993 Solo show, Basilico Fine Arts, New York, New York

  1. Solo show, 303 Gallery, New York, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions (back to 1997)

  1. FORWARD/4WORDS, Curated by Guido Bartorelli and Alfredo Sigolo @

Rovigo, Cen.Ser Provincia di Rovigo, Italy

“Nown”: In the action of the animated person, place, thing, and quality,

Woods Street Gallery, Pittsburgh.

“In Media Res”, Exit Art, New York New York

2002 Media Art, Daejeon-New York, Special Effects , Daejeon Municipal Museum

of Art, Dae Jeon, South Korea, curated by Lawrence Rinder.

Fetish Human Fantastic, Boursein Gallery, Istanbull Turkey,

curated by Michelle Thursz.

  1. BitStreams, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York, curated

by Lawrence Rinder.

Best of Season, Aldrich Museum of Art, Ridgefield, Connecticut,

2000 Photasm, Hunter College Gallery of Art, New York, New York, curated by

Peter Dudek, reviewed in the New York Times

Foreign Bodies, Untitled Space, New Haven, Connecticut

No Web Sites Please, (exhibited in two places), the University of Connecticut

at Storrs, and at The University of Connecticut in Hartford

Curated by Saul Ostrow, reviewed in New York Arts

Through the Looking Glass, Technology and Creativity at the Beginning of the

New Millennium, Beachwood Center for the Arts, Beachwood, Ohio.:

Ancient Snake is exhibited in the Science Museum in London, England as part

of its inaugural exhibition

1999 Digital Hybrids, Mcdonough Museum of Art, Youngstown, Ohio

Curated by Richard Krueger

N01se, an exhibition of Science and Art at Kettles Yard in the

Whipple Science Museum, Cambridge, England

  1. Pop Surrealism, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Connecticut

Curated by Richard Klein, Dominique Nahsas, Ingrid Schaffner

(re)Mediation: The Digital in Contemporary American Printmaking,

University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum

curated by Margaret A. Miller and Jade Dellinger

The Spatial Qualities of the Digital Print: from Printmaking to Sculpture

Calcografica Nacional, Madrid, Spain

Curated by Adam Lowe

1997 Dead Fit Beauty, Hunter College Gallery of Art, New York, New York.

Curated by Peter Dudek, catalogue, essay

A Natural Selection, Central Fine Arts, New York, New York.

Curated by Dominique Nahas, catalogue, essay


2001 Blume, Harvey, Unifinished Work, The American Prospect, June 18

Pollack, Barbara, Back to the Future with “BitStreams”, Art In America

September 2001. pages 60-63.

The New Yorker, May 28, pages 32-33, advertisement for Bitstreams.

Rinder, Larry, BitSteams, catalogue essay, The Whitney Museum of American

Art, March 22-June10.

Cunningham, Bill, Evening Hours, The New York Times, Sunday March 25.

Jana, Reena, STREETCRED/BOOK, Wired, September. Page 164

  1. Unger, Miles, Taking Over the Joystick of Natural Selection, New York Times,

April 25

The Next Thing: Rees’ Pieces, Time Digital, Digital Arts and Media section, April


Computer Sculpture, Popular Mechanics, January

Weiland, Scott, Digital Drama, NYArts, February

Review, Cover Magazine, February

Mind Into Matter Art New England, April-May

  1. Thorson, Alice, Michael Rees At Grand Arts, Art In America, October 1998

Tyrka, Katherine, Sculpting New Forms, Computer Graphics World, December

Johnson, Ken, Review Michael Rees, The New York Times, December 18, 1998

Kushner, David, Hands Free Sculpting, Wired News, Online

Murphy, Jay, ProtoPsyches, World Art, Fall

Nahas, Dominique, Michael Rees, New Art Examiner, April 1998

Fifield, George, Printing in 3D: Digital Sculpture, Sculpture, May/June 1998

Nahas, Dominique, Above & Beyond Surreal, Review, January 15.

Colman, David, Art and Architecture, Elle Decor, December/January.

Jones, Bill, I think therefore it is: Interview Michael Rees, Artbyte, March 1998

Nahas, Dominique, Michael Rees, The New Art Examiner, April 1998

Lawson, Jonathon, Art Versus Technology, Prototyping

Technology International, January/March

1997 Thorson, Alice, They’re Alive, The Kansas City Star, Sunday Dec 14.

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Cotter, Holland, Art In Review: Dead Fit Beauty, The New York Times

Friday, Feb 28.

Nahas, Dominique, Review; Dead Fit Beauty, Review, February.

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1996 Lord, Roberta, The Architecture of Dreams, New Times, KC, MO, June 96.

Hart, Jane, A Vital Matrix, catalogue Domestic Settings, Los Angeles, CA.

1995 Print Collectors Newsletter

Kertess, Klaus, 1995 Biennial Exhibition, Catalogue of the Whitney Biennial.

1994 Salz, Jerry, Michael Rees at Basilico Fine Arts, Art in America, March.

  1. Weil, Benjamin, Displace, Cohen Gallery, Art In America, New York, NY.

1991 Smith, Roberta, Michael Rees, The New York Times, Friday, June 21.

Denson, G Roger, Spotlight Michael Rees, Flash Art, October/November.

Ritchie, Matthew, Review Michael Rees, Flash Art, January.

Dechter, Joshua, Michael Rees, Arts Magazine, October 1991.

Meyers, Terry R, Michael Rees, Tema Celeste, autumn, 1991.

Chico, Beth, Four Site at Spaces, Dialogue, November/December, 1991.

Sparks Amy, Four Site At Spaces, The Cleveland Edition, October 3-9.

Litt, Steven, Art Watch, The Plain Dealer, Sunday, September 15.

1988 Schindler, Richard, Madison Gallery: Michael Rees, Greg Spiggle, Sef Peters, Art New England, October.

Kirby, Sam, Material World, New Haven Advocate, October 24 1988.

1983 Kare, Antero, Rodeo ja Video miten Kansas City, T’jaide 1983.

Public Collections

The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York.

Edelman Foundation, Lauzanne, Switzerland

The Science Museum, London, England

Lectures and Papers

  1. Keynote paper for Teaching Sculpture, Columbia University, December.

“The Sculptural User Interface and other beautiful Fictions”, The Wexner Center, Columbus Ohio.

“Digital Practice” at the Philadelphia Sculptor’s Guild

“Upgrade”, hosted by the Eyebeam Aetelier, curated by Yael Kanarek

2001 Art Science Collaborations Incorporated, New York, Ny.

Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Il.

University for the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.

School of Visual Arts, New York, Ny.

Intersculpt, Digital Sculpture, New York, Ny.

Intersculpt, Technology and Art, New York, Ny.

International Sculpture Conference, Philadelphia, Pa.

Prior to 2001 (selected)

Cranbrook Academy, Detroit, Mi.

University of New York at Buffalo, Ny.

The French Senate, Paris, France.

International Sculpture Conference, Chicago, Il

The Society for Manufacturing Engineers, Detroit, Mi.

Cal Arts, Valencia, Ca.

Awards and Grants

  1. Creative Capital Grant

1999 National Endowment for the Arts for the exhibition Artificial Sculpture

1992 Research and Development Grant, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio.

1991 Research and Development Grant, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

1989 Schickle Collingswood Award, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

1983/4 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), Dusseldorf, Germany


Rees, Michael, Chair of the Online conference “Rapid Prototyping and Art” and co-chair of the

Conference “Color in Rapid Prototyping”, hosted by the MCB University Press at Proceedings to be published in the

Rapid Prototyping Journal.

Rees, Michael, Rapid Prototyping and Art, conference proceedings of the Rapid Prototyping Conference hosted by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Dearborn, MI,

May 1998.

Rees Michael, Facets and Fingerprints: Contemplating the Computer and Sculpture, Paper given

at The International Sculpture Conference, Chicago, Ill, May 1998.

Rees, Michael, Yale Sculpture, Flash Art, May/June 1993.

Rees, Michael, Rapid Prototyping: Realizing Convoluted Form and Nesting in Sculpture, Protopazione and Produzione Rapida, February 1997

Rees, Michael, Concept Modelers, Prototyping Technology International, Summer 1997, 1.

Rees, Michael, That’s a Print: Various uses of 3d Printing in the Film Industry,

Prototyping Technology International, October 1997, issue 2.

Rees, Michael, Shape Displacement Shading,

Prototyping Technology International, March 1998, issue 3.

Rees, Michael, Rage Against the Machine, Prototyping Technology International,

Special edition.

Rees, Michael, Color: Completing Rapid Prototyping as a Mature Communications Media,

Prototyping Technology International, May 1998.

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