Select a topic of personal interest

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  • Ms. April Geltch
  • CJUSD Librarian
  • February 14, 2013 (Revisions from February 11, 2010 & January 26, 2013)

Select a topic of personal interest

  • Select a topic of personal interest
  • Helpful Online Resources to Get You Started:
  • I Debate Org
  • Multnomah County: Homework Center Social Topics
  • Pro Con Org
  • Santa Ana College Controversial Issues
  • San Bernardino County Library Gale Opposing Viewpoints (need library card)

Print Resources

  • Print Resources
  • Social Issues (Dewey 300, 360)
  • Newspaper & Magazine Articles
  • Encyclopedia (Reference Section)
  • Other Online Resources
  • *Online news sources- CNN, LA Times, New York Times, etc.-use search engines
  • *Special Interest Groups-both sides (ie. NRA, National Organization for Women, La Raza, etc.)


  • Questions
  • Questions supporters will want you to ask
  • Questions you must answer for opponents of your position
  • Thesis
  • Purdue OWL-Creating a thesis statement
  • Indiana University Thesis Statement
  • University of Washington Guide to Thesis

Logical (Logos)

  • Logical (Logos)
  • Clearly stated position
  • Sensible reasons
  • Supporting evidence strengthens position
  • Examples:
  • Definitions
  • Examples
  • Expert Opinions
  • Facts
  • Statistics

Emotion (Pathos)

  • Emotion (Pathos)
  • Appeal to individual’s feelings
  • Appeal to individual’s basic needs
  • Appeal to individual’s need for acceptance
  • Appeal to individual’s desire for superiority

Ethos (Credibility of the Writer)

  • Ethos (Credibility of the Writer)
  • Clear & well informed on issue
  • Use of reliable & respected resources (expert opinion)
  • Respect for opposing points of view
  • Avoid “excessive” use of emotional appeals & derogatory language

Persuasive Essay (directions from teacher)

  • Persuasive Essay (directions from teacher)
  • Persuasive Speech (directions from teacher)
  • Include Citations & Works Cited
  • Resources
  • Bib Me
  • Easy Bib
  • Purdue OWL

I clearly stated my position with a defined thesis

  • I clearly stated my position with a defined thesis
  • I included reliable & up-to-date print & online resources
  • I addressed both sides of the issue while making my position clear
  • I included logical, emotional, & ethical appeals
  • I cited all my resources within the essay & included a Works Cited page in MLA or another appropriate format
  • I complied with all copyright laws
  • My work is neat, well-written, and with minimal spelling & grammatical errors
  • I will be proud to submit my work & give my speech

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