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Hindus Demonstrate outside BJP Headquarters in New Delhi

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Hindus Demonstrate outside BJP Headquarters in New Delhi

Agitations in New Delhi were held in front of the Head Quarters of BJP. Mr. O. P. Kohali, In-charge of the BJP office accepted the memorandum submitted by the demonstrators and assured them that it will be promptly forwarded to Mr. Rajnath Singh for immediate action. Those who participated in the agitation along with their activists included Mr. Vishnu Gupta of Hindu Sena, Prashant Patel and Mukesh Sharma of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Yuvak Sabha, Manish Manjul of Samarth Sangathana, Krushnakumar Arya of Arya Samiti, Ms. Rajrani Mahur of Ran Ragini, Santosh Shette of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, and Anand Gupta of Sanatan Sanstha. The demonstrators shouted various slogans such as ‘Shivraj Chouhan come to senses!’, ‘Release Naval Kishore !’, ‘Why Namaz in Hindu temple ?’ ‘Down with BJP government !’.

Similarly, agitations against BJP Government in M.P. were carried out today at Kolhapur, Pune, and in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Agitations will be carried out tomorrow in Sangli, Ratnagiri and other districts of Maharashtra. Organisations such as Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Sanatan Sanstha participated in these agitations".

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Sajhi Virasat : Sajha Sankalp

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