Sarah McGeehan Reproduction Essay Questions

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Sarah McGeehan

Reproduction Essay Questions:

  1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction for the species that practice them. Use specific examples for each method of reproduction to support your ideas.

The advantages of sexual reproduction is that the organism has a mate, so it does not have to reproduce by itself. An advantage of asexual reproduction is that it is rapid reproduction, the organism makes an exact copy of itself, and does not need to find a mate to reproduce. The disadvantages of asexual reproduction are the offspring gets genes from both parents, The risk of catching disease during the process of reproduction is greater. The disadvantages of sexual reproduction are that the organism that is reproducing may have a disease and that will be passed on to the offspring, and since there is only 1 parent, if they have something like “bad health” the offspring automatically receives that gene because they don’t have any other traits.

  1. Explain in what ways you think offspring born from one parent might differ from those born from two parents. Use specific examples to support your ideas.

An offspring born from one parent can differ those born by two in many ways. For example, an organism born by two parents receive some of each of the parents traits. An offspring born by one parent only receives the traits given to them by the one organism (parent). In some cases if a (1) parent has a disease, its offspring will most likely be born with that same disease. I think the chance of disease is greater during asexual reproduction.

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