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(Sample) Essay Outline
Title: Have you Ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight: Why the Caped Crusader is the Greatest Superhero
Working Thesis: Although many superheroes have super powers that allow them to fight crime in extraordinary ways, Batman’s use of his intelligence, his physicality and his gadgets make him the most effective superhero.

  1. Batman’s intellect sets him apart from other superheroes

  1. Brilliant scientist

    • Knowledge of technology and chemistry shows...

  2. Gadgets he makes help him fight crime

    • Ability to create gadgets demonstrates...

  3. Acting skills make sure no one suspects Bruce Wayne = Batman

    • Being able to act illustrates...

  1. Batman uses his natural athletic ability to help him fight crime

  1. Knows martial arts

    • Learning martial arts has helped Batman...

  2. Escape artistry

  3. Strength

    • Being able to physically battle with his foes allows Batman to...

  4. Acrobatics

  1. The tools Batman has developed allow him to excel where his mental and physical abilities fail

  1. Utility belt and gadgets

    • The multitude of gadgets Batman has created demonstrates...

  2. Bat-themed vehicles

  3. Bat Signal

  4. By allowing the Gotham police force to “call” for Batman using the Bat Signal illustrates...

Conclusion: Despite the fact that Batman lacks superpowers in the traditional sense, the use of his intelligence, physiology and gadgets truly make him the best super hero.

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