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(Sample 5 Paragraph Essay)

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August 15, 2014

According to the True Colors Personality Quiz, my true colors are green, blue, orange and gold. My personality appears to be mostly green and blue, but I have a little bit of orange and a little bit of gold. Now I need to explain what characteristics I possess that qualify me to be considered a rainbow personality. (This paragraph was the Introduction).

During the quiz, I suddenly realized my personality is very green. This was painfully obvious when I read the symptoms of a bad day for an individual with a green personality. This was extremely obvious because I am notorious for giving people the silent treatment when I am upset with them or a situation they created. (This paragraph was the 1st body paragraph).

Blue was another color of my personality which stood out during the course of the quiz.

My blue qualities include peaceful, spiritual and personal. My friends and family members always tell me that I am a very peaceful, spiritual person. (This paragraph was the 2nd body paragraph).

Gold and orange are my secondary personality colors. The gold and orange characteristics I possess are loyalty, generosity, boldness and organization. For example, if someone needs something, I am the type person that will give it to them if at all possible. (This paragraph was the 3rd body paragraph).

Apparently the True Colors Personality Quiz results for my individual personality were accurate because I am truly a rainbow personality. Individuals with rainbow personalities are known to be epic human beings. It is my personal philosophy that if we understand our own personality and the personalities of others; then we will make the world a better place. (This paragraph was the Conclusion).

*Please remember to write about the results of your true colors personality quiz as it relates to you personally.

*Your graphic organizer, rough draft and final copy (typed) are due on Friday, August 15, 2014.

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