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Rain Forest

The Amazon rain forest is one of the richest areas of the world in plant and animal life. Unfortunately, we are rapidly losing the forests. The forests are being destroyed by people who cut down trees for wood and clear the land for farming. After reading three articles on the Amazon, I have learned how vital it is for us to save the Amazon rain forests. Join me as I share with you what I have learned.

Brazil Today

The Amazon River and Basin
Many animals and plants call the Amazon home. In Brazil, there are over 1,500 kinds of birds and 581 types of amphibians living in the Amazon. Loggers and farmers are destroying their habitats. Consequently, the rainforests are quickly disappearing. Why should we be concerned? When fires are set, they release lots of dangerous gasses in the atmosphere. As a result, the ozone layer is being affected which will cause an increase in global warming. According to the article, “The disappearance of the rainforests in Brazil may have a negative consequence for the whole world.” This means that what happens in the rainforest of Brazil will affect us too.
Cause for Concern
Why should we care? Let me tell you why. If loggers and farmers continue to destroy the forests, existing animals and plants and even those not yet discovered may become extinct. Many of the foods, spices, and medicines that we need are obtained from the rain forests. The very air we breathe is cleaned by the plants and trees of the rain forests. They take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen that we need. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. As I learned from the article, “greenhouse gasses trap the sun’s heat close to Earth. Without the trees in the rain forests, Earth’s climate would be much hotter.” Now do you understand why we need to save the rain forests?
Paradise Lost

Can the Amazon Rain Forest Be Saved from Destruction?
In this article, the writer informed me that many animals call the rain forest home. Some of these animals are endangered. Deforestation is the reason for the rapid destruction of this lush landscape. I find it sad to think that if deforestation continues at the rate it is going that we may have the rain forests for only another 40 to 50 years. This means my grandchildren may only read about the rain forests or see pictures of what they looked like. Something needs to be done urgently!
According to the text, “Solutions need to involve the very people who destroy the forest.” I believe if we all thought about how important the rain forests are to our existence then we would do whatever it takes to ensure that they will be around for a very long time.
In closing, as you can see, the destruction of the Amazon rain forests is devastating not only for plants and animals but also for humans. Our global environment is dependent on the Amazon. We, humans, are the primary cause of this destruction and we need to focus on solutions before it is too late.

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