Review for The Atom

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Review for The Atom Exam

Exam Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What to do to prepare for the exam?

  1. Review Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. Try the practice problems and the problems in assessment section at the end of each chapter. The answers to the odd problems are in the back of the textbook.

  2. What to review: Flippy book pertaining to the scientists that helped to develop the model of the atom, Rutherford computer activity, isotope packet, isotope lab, calculating atom mass problems, electron configuration packet, light and energy packet

  3. Exam layout:

    1. Multiple choice questions focusing on the following topics: characteristics of the atom, isotopes, shorthand for elements, electron configuration, characteristics of s and p sublevels, calculations of isotopes and wavelengths and energy, orbitals, electromagnetic spectrum, history of the atom, parts of a wave, and calculating number of neutrons, electrons, and protons in an atom.

    2. Matching section pertaining to the scientists that developed the atom.

    3. Matching section pertaining to electron configuration. Both the long version and the abbreviated version of electron configuration will be present.

    4. There will be a short response section where you will be given an orbital diagram and you will need to explain what is wrong with it in terms of Pauli’s exclusion principle, Hund’s Rule, and Aufbau Principle.

    5. There will be an essay section where you will pick two essays to complete on the following topics: calculating atomic mass, a scientist that helped to develop the model of the atom, including which experiments were completed, Dalton’s atomic theory, isotopes, electron configuration, and the atomic spectrum.

    6. Non-graphing calculators and a periodic table can be used during the exam. Remember you cannot share calculators with another peer in the class. A periodic table will be supplied to you.

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