Resources for Grading Papers and Final Exam Essays

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Resources for Grading Papers and Final Exam Essays
In addition to having students come to the FHSS Writing Lab for help with papers, there are some useful websites for both professors and students. is a website to address formatting, construction of a paper, documentation styles, grammar, punctuation, etc.

FHSS Lab handouts

All OWL resources

Essay Exam preparation




APA Style

APA Sample Paper – Anno’d

Chicago Style

Turabian Sample Author/Date style

Turabian Sample Note/Bibliography style

BYU Writing Center handouts


Other Writing Sources
  • LEO: Literacy Education Online at St. Cloud State University:

  • University of Western Florida (grammar tips and examples):

  • Documentation Style Manuals:

In ALL cases, a clear written assignment prompt and a corresponding rubric should be given to students early in the semester.

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