Research Paper, Spring 2017: Genius Hour

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Research Paper, Spring 2017: Genius Hour
Genius Hour is based on an idea that started at Google.  Google allows their employees to use 20% of their at work time to work on a project that inspires them (imagine homework in only your favorite class). Somepretty awesome things have been invented through 

Google’s 20% time... things like Gmail.  

Essay Topic: This research paper and project is based on personalized learning. You will have the opportunity to research anything that interests you and then make something out of the information. There are not many perimeters set for this assignment and that is because I want you to go beyond my wildest dreams in your ideas and innovation. We will have 5 elements to this unit: Researching, Reflecting, Planning, Formatting, and Presenting. The topic of the essay is open ended. It may not be written in first person. First, you will determine how you can implement positive changes or motivation to help a person, small group, community, or the world. You must provide information about your topic in the essay. After all, you have done the hard work and research to become an expert in the field. The other part of the essay must provide a solution or conclusion to a way that you, or anyone for that matter, can make a difference or a positive impact to an individual or in the community. Remember
Pick YOUR OWN TOPIC on something that provides the individual and/or society with knowledge, convenience, or support. Devise an argument to why we need to invest or inquire more in this area.
You choose! For this research paper, you will develop your own argument that addresses the essay topic.
Pick a Topic—Consider your interests. Create a plan to implement support for today’s increasingly changing society. You may wish to examine ideas related to one or more of the following:





Scientific Exploration








Research: After choosing your topic, please do some basic research. A great place to start is at NSCHS Media Center page

Please avoid Wikipedia. The most reliable websites for research are the online databases and websites ending in .edu, .org, and .gov
Devise Argument: Why is it important to become knowledgeable or involved in your topic? This could be personal or just based on interest. Make a list: Determine ways to help an individual or a community.
Create a Thesis Statement: For example- Cancer is spreading rapidly which is why schools should have a national Stand Up to Cancer campaign every year to raise funds and awareness.
Paper Requirements: Overall, the paper must be 5-6 pages long, PLUS the works cited page. It will be in MLA format, double-spaced and typed. It also must be based on RESEARCH and application.

You may include:

Academic Books, Peer Reviewed Articles, Reputable Websites, Science and/or Technology and/or Medical Articles from authoritative sources, Documentaries, Magazines and/or newspapers, Interviews
**The paper must have at least 6 sources used (including 1 peer reviewed article) with at least 2 pieces of information quoted in the paper per source.
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