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Screen and Cloth function as strainer and filtrations to have efficient removal and retention of small solid particles.

Sintra Board

Sintra is a lightweight moderately expanded PVC extruded in a homogenous sheet with a low gloss matte finish. It can be used in various purposes. It serves as the surface that divides the processes happening above ground and under.


Serves as the base and supports the prototype in keeping them in place.

4 Plastic Containers

Serves as containers for filtering processes, container for the reservoir, and container for the filtered water.

Plastic Tubes

The smaller plastic tube connects from the reservoir to the water pump. The larger plastic tube connects from the water pump up to the storage for clean water.


Guides the floodwater in going to the next container.

Suretite PVC Glue

Single component glue which is used to bond materials of ABS, AS, polystyrene, etc

1   ...   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   ...   18

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