Redwall Chronicles

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People achieve more success by cooperation than by competition. This is because people who cooperate share a myriad of aspects that can be applied to their work. Those in competition impede on others success and deny themselves the opportunities to embellish the opportunities of others.
When people cooperate they bring together a plethora of personal talents which can be used to achieve a common goal. In the Redwall Chronicles by Brian Jacques the animals of redwall were able to achieve freedom from their masters by working together. They all brought together special talents such as the moles ability to dig holes and the rabbits ability to jump walls. They were also able to settle their differences (such as the competition for berries and between the fox and the raccoon), and they eventually, though cooperation were vindicated.
Another reason why cooperation is more efficient method of achieving ones means than competition is because people work better in benevolent setting, which is a usual component of cooperation. Last fall my high school was rehearsing for the theatre production of Seussical and I entered with a competitive attitude which hindered the shows progress by making my fellow cast members uncomfortable. However, when I started to work as a team with everyone, the fellow cast calmed down, and together we were able to think straight and achieve our common goal of creating art.
A major reason why cooperation is a preference to competition is because competition induces civil struggle at a time of crisis while cooperation reduces tension. In the 1930’s, American businesses were locked in a fierce economic competition with Russian merchants for fear that their communist philosophies would dominate American markets. As a result, American competition drove the country into an economic depression and the only way to pull them out of it was through civil cooperation. American president Franklin Delenor Roosevelt advocated for civil unity despite the communist threat of success by quoting ‘the only thing we need to fear is itself,’ which desdained competition as an alternative to cooperation for success. In the end, the American economy pulled out of the depression and succeeded communism.
Because of the spirit of unity it induces, cooperation is the key to success. People unified work as a larger and stronger than those separated by competition, allowing utmost success to transpire.

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