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Storytelling: Imagination and Faith William J. Bausch

The author taps a treasured wellspring of stories from masters of antiquity to anonymous authors of more recent days, within many religious and secular traditions. He celebrates the power of stories to capture and pass on from one generation to the next the wisdom, imagination, and faith of a people. 34.BAUS

Telling Compelling Stories William J. Bausch

A collection of 35 wonderful stories that illuminate Scripture. Bausch demonstrates in these stories that God=s grace is not a quality given only to a select few. This idea-packed volume can be used as a springboard for homilies, and provides lively material for adult and teen religious formation. 34.BAUS

Belief and Belonging Bishops of Belgium

A compact overview of the Catholic faith, a summary that responds to the contemporary issues of modern society. Readers will find themselves challenged to examine their hearts and to enter more deeply into the Church=s life of prayer and sacrament. As a permanent reference guide and study text, this book will prove invaluable to families, parishes and groups devoted to spirituality or social action. 34.BISH

This Tremendous Lover

M. Eugene Boylan The Mercier Press, 1964

This is a book that takes the question of personal sanctity and relates it to a Pauline vision of the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ. It is a spiritual reading experience that is very old, ever new, a book which, when read again, remains remarkably fresh and inspiring. 34.BOYL
Why Catholics Are Right

Michael Coren McLelland & Stewart, 2011

In this perceptive and thought-provoking book, the author goes behind the headlines to explore some of Catholicism=s essential questions and the controversies surrounding the Church. 34.COREN
Divine Healing: The Power of Faith Timothy J. Dailey

This book will show you how belief can help defeat illness. It is full of true stories about ordinary people whose lives were transformed by their own faith and the prayers of others. It offers solid scientific proof that faith promotes health. 34.DAIL

Distinctively Catholic

Daniel Donovan Paulist Press, 1997

In this highly readable introduction to Catholicism, the author focuses on characteristic features of the Catholic experience of Christianity, on things that make being Catholic distinctive. This book explores Catholicism in light of such themes as community, history, the sacraments and liturgy, doctrine, and church structure. 34.DONO
Happy Are You Poor

Thomas Dubay Ignatius Press, 2003

This book explains the meaning of this beatitude lived and taught by Jesus himself. This book explains how material things are like extensions of our persons and thus of our love. 34.DUBAY
The New World of Faith

Avery Dulles, S.J. Our Sunday Visitor, 2000

In this confident, unified and unflinching assessment of the key elements of the Catholic Faith, the author illuminates the darkness of skepticism and unbelief that plague modern life, truly presenting apologetics without apology. 34.DULL
A Companion to the Summa Walter Farrell, O.P., S.T.D., S.T.M.

These books serve as an introduction of the series of lectures on the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas and a defence of the truths, natural and divine, by which human life is lived. 34.FARR (bottom cupboard, 4 volumes)

The Virtue Driven Life

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R. Our Sunday Visitor, 2006

Rediscover virtue as it should be understood in our lives. With wit, warmth, and wisdom Fr. Groeschel reintroduces the seven virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope and charity. One by one he makes them meaningful for modern men and women, shaking off the dusty mantle of pretentiousness and demonstrating how each has a real role in a whole and holy life. 34.GROE
Reasons to Believe

Scott Hahn Doubleday, 2007

This book unravels mysteries, corrects misunderstandings and offers thoughtful, straightforward responses to common objections about the Catholic faith. 34.HAHN
Living Like Jesus: Becoming everything God wants you to be

Ken Horn Onward Books, Inc., 2001

This book will inspire you to follow closely after our leader, Jesus Christ. 34.HORN
Mountains of Spices Hannah Hurnard

An allegorical comparison of the nine spices mentioned in Canticles and the nine fruits of the Spirit. The author skilfully shows that the characteristics and weaknesses of temperament which seem to be the greatest hindrances to the Christian life can be transformed into virtues when they are surrendered to the Saviour. 34.HURN

Discover Your Divine Investment: The path to spiritual joy

Stan Chu Ilo

A book of joy and hope to help us discover our divine investment and unravel God’s unique plan for each of us, the key to true happiness. 34.ILO
Crossing the Threshold of Hope John Paul II

On the eve of the millennium, Pope John Paul II brings to an accessible level the profoundest theological concerns of our lives. He goes tot he heart of his personal beliefs and speaks with passion about the existence of God; about the dignity of man; about pain, suffering and evil; about eternal life and the meaning of salvation; about hope; about the relationship of Christianity to other faiths and that of Catholicism to other branches of the Christian faith. 34.JOHN

Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit

Thomas Keating Lantern Books, 2000

The author has spent over fifty years in sustained practice and devotion to the spiritual life. The results of this creative, humble activity are now summarized in this remarkable book. 34.KEAT
Rediscover Catholicism

Matthew Kelly Beacon Publishing 2010

The author reveals the essence of authentic Catholic spirituality while addressing some of the most important questions we face today both as individuals and as a Church. 34.KELLY
The Art of Theological Reflection

Patricia O’Connell Killen and John De Beer

This book provides a way for all of us to experience greater meaning in life and a more tangible sense of God’s creative presence. 34.KILLE
The Journey: A Spiritual Roadmap for Modern Pilgrims

Peter Kreeft InterVarsity Press, 1996

Enjoy a delightful and imaginative allegory of timeless wisdom ad you journey along the pathway of true knowledge. Socrates will accompany you much of the way with sharp questions and canny wit he will coach you past the winsome, the wily and the half-wise spin-doctors of error posted along these ancient byways. Every tempting path will be exposed as a road best not taken. 34.KREE
Why I am Still A Christian Hans Kung

With remarkable clarity and insight, Kung reveals the extraordinary power of the Christian faith to give meaning and the deepest spiritual nourishment to human life. 34.KUNG
Traveling Mercies: Some thoughts on Faith

Anne Lamott

With sharp and bittersweet humor, the author recounts a past full of bad relationships with men, with food, with drugs, with alcohol, and worst of all, with herself. She battles her demons thanks to the love of her friends and family and her "lurch of faith" to embrace religion, that "puzzling thing inside me that had begun to tug on my sleeve from time to time, trying to get my attention." 34.LAMO
A Gentle Thunder Max Lucado

God will touch. He will tug. He will whisper and shout. He will take away our burdens. He=ll even take away our blessings. With pictures and parables from everyday life, Max Lucado call us to trust in tough times. God=s goal is to get us home safely. God=s thunder is gentle. And his gentleness never ends. 34.LUCA

We Believe...A Survey of the Catholic Faith Oscar Lukefahr, C.M.

The author provides an overview of the Catholic faith in an easy-to-understand format that touches on the important elements of belief and practice. Catholics and non-Catholics alike can learn how to be more faithful to Christ. 34.LUKE

Adult Faith Education Mary Malone

This booklet will explore the parish task of adult faith education, a task of supporting and guiding adults along the journey of faith. 34.MALO

Traces of God Peter Malone

Where can we look to find the traces of God? The author takes this question and reflects on the many aspects of life where we may be touched by this presence. This is a book that will truly inspire and uplift all those searching for >traces of God= using anecdotal material, recounting personal experience, drawing on scripture and the wisdom of writers and artists. 34.MALO

The Urgency of the New Evangelization: Answering the Call

Ralph Martin Our Sunday Visitor Inc., 2013

With the encouragement of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and now Pope Francis, discover a renewed urgency and growing enthusiasm for sharing the Gospel with those in your life, including both nonbelievers and those who are no longer practicing their faith. 34.MART
Trust in God ... but tie your camel

Sylvia McDonald, C.N.D.

A book that attempts to treat the subject of creative aging with a lightness that makes it both readable and stimulating. 34.MCDO
The Ten(der) Commandments

Ron Mehl Multnomah Publishers, Inc., 1998

Rediscover the Ten Commandments as a tender message of love from a protective and affectionate Father God. Devoting a chapter to each Commandment, Ron shows how God uses them to remove the confusion about right and wrong in today=s relativistic culture, protect us from the consequences of our own moral weakness, and guide our thinking and actions in every situation. 34.MEHL
The Seven Story Mountain Thomas Merton, 1976

One of the most famous books ever written on a man=s search for faith and peace. Thomas Merton wrote this extraordinary testament in a Trappist monastery - a unique spiritual document of a man who withdrew from the world only after he had fully immersed himself in it. 34.MERT

BE HOLY: A Catholic=s Guide to the Spiritual Life

Father Thomas G. Morrow Servant Books, 2009

This handy manual not only presents all the elements of a successful life, it also helps you incorporate those elements into everyday practice. 34.MORR
Tomorrow's Catholic Michael Morwood, MSC

This book offers a fascinating outline of contemporary cosmology that connects the message of Jesus and the Spirituality of Pentecost tot he world we live in today. The suggested questions for discussion, the extensive bibliography and comprehensive index make this a valuable adult faith development resource. More importantly, it is a book that will inspire and give hope to readers because of its positive presentation of a religious world view and spirituality relevant to a new millennium. 34.MORW
The Spirituality of Fasting

Charles M. Murphy Ave Maria Press, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI has placed great emphasis on Athe value and meaning of fasting,@ observing that Athis practice needs to be rediscovered and encouraged again in our day.@ This book draws on sources ancient and current - from Augustine to Michael Pollan - to consider anew how fasting informs the relationship between creator/creature, body/soul, and rich/poor. 34.MURP

The Question of God

Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, Jr. Free Press, 2002

The arguments of Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis on the subject of belief and disbelief are placed side by side for the very first time. They both consider the problem of pain and suffering, the nature of love and sex, and the ultimate meaning of life and death. 34.NICH

The Inner Voice of Love

Henri Nouwen Random House Inc, 1996

This is Henri Nouwen=s Asecret journal.@ It was written during the most difficult period of his life, when he suddenly lost his self-esteem, his energy to live and work, his sense of being loved, even his hope in God. Although he experienced excruciating anguish and despair, he was still able to keep a journal in which he wrote each day a spiritual imperative to himself, which emerged from his conversations with friends and supporters. Four countless men and women who suffer from the loss of a loved one, this book offers new courage, new hope, even new life. 34.NOUW
Letters to Marc About Jesus

Henri J.M. Nouwen Darton, Longman and Todd, Ltd., 1989

In this book the author writes from the conviction that Jesus is the centre of his own life. From that perspective he shares the joys and sufferings of his own spiritual journey with his nineteen year old nephew in Holland. The letters deal with deep questions of the twentieth century in the light of the Gospel message, and with the spiritual search as experienced by a young adult today. 34.NOUW
With Burning Hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life

Henri J.M. Nouwen Orbus Books, 1994

This book seeks a fuller understanding of Eucharist through the story of the disciples on their way to Emmaus from Jerusalem after the crucifixion. The author shows us how the eucharistic event is intensely human, from mourning to discernment, from invitation to intimacy, this book calls us to experience all of the journey, to know that what we celebrate and what we are called to live are one and the same. 34.NOUW
The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming

Henri J.M. Nouwen

The authors shares the deeply personal and resonant meditation that led him to discover the place within where God has chosen to dwell. 34.NOUW
Poverty, Celibacy, and Obedience

Diarmuid O’Murchu

The author offers a very different understanding of the vows, based on a much more ancient tradition. 34.OMUR
Light, Happiness & Peace

Fr. John Pasquini Alba House

This book summarizes and explains the tried and true in Roman Catholic tradition in the areas of prayer and spiritual development. It is a blueprint in which everyday Catholics can find their way to the sanctity for which we should all aspire. 34.PASQ
The Essential Catholic Handbook Redemptorist Publications, 1997

A compact guide to the basic tenets of the Catholic faith. This book covers fundamental Catholic doctrine, details the Church=s practices including the commandments and Precepts of the Church, confession of sins, the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and an outline of the liturgical seasons of the year. Also covered are significant prayers, living the Catholic faith in the spirit of Vatican II and an overview of the documents of Vatican II. Included is a dictionary of essential Catholic terms and a daily calendar of Catholic saints. 34.REDE
Why Be Catholic? Understanding Our Experience and Tradition

Richard Rohr and Joseph Martos

What does it mean to be Catholic in a world of numerous competing and contradictory beliefs? After reading this book, you will appreciate more fully the unique heritage of the Catholic Church and understand how its magnificent tradition enriches the lives of Catholic today and propels the ever-changing Church into the 21st century and third millennium. 34.ROHR
Fresh Bread and other Gifts of Spiritual Nourishment

Joyce Rupp

Every day is an opportunity to turn to the pages of this book and find refreshment and solace for the spirit. 34.RUPP
Introduction to the Devout Life

Francis de Sales (Translated by John K. Ryan) Doubleday, 2003

Revised for Christians in every walk of life and for every age, Francis de Sales=s compassionate message transcends secular lines and provides a unique handbook of spiritual reflection for people throughout the world. 34.SALES
The Legend of the Bells John Shea

This book contains 25 of John Shea=s favorite stories. Drawn from religious traditions, spiritual legends, and everyday experience, each story speaks directly to the seeker=s heart and mind and is followed by a thought-provoking, heartfelt explanation which gives a practical, personal relevance to the story. 34.SHEA

Peace of Soul Fulton Sheen

Bishop Sheen asks readers to stop blaming their subconscious for their ills and examine instead their conscience, to turn away from the psychoanalyst and turn to God. He shows readers that peace of soul cannot come from humankind, but must come through Divine help. 34.SHEEN

The God of All Comfort

Hannah Whitall Smith Moody Press, 1997

The object of this book is to reveal the secret of an abundant life and victory over defeat; to bring genuine and enduring joy into the lives of troubled Christians; to show that everything Christ promised is available today to all believers; to put within reach of every Christian that deep and lasting peace and comfort of soul that nothing earthly can disturb. 34.SMIT
Chosen: How Christ Sent Twenty-three Surprised Converts to Replant His Vineyard

Edited by Donna Steichen Ignatius Press, 2009

The twenty-three men and women who tell their conversion stories were not drawn to the Church by sound evangelization programs, beautiful buildings and liturgies, or saintly witnesses among the clergy. On the contrary, many of them were attracted to Catholicism in spite of a now decades-long stretch of deficient catechesis, mediocre Masses, and uninspiring leadership. Christ himself led these souls to his Church and it is the Lord who set them to work replanting his devastated vineyard. 34.STEI
Faith is a Verb Kenneth Stokes

This book vibrantly illustrates that faith should not be static, rigid, or inflexible, but rather an emerging and continually developing process. It is written for those involved in ministry and the helping professions, and for all thoughtful persons seeking a more meaningful spiritual life. 34.STOK

Basic Christianity

John R.W. Stott Inter-Varsity Press, 1971

Examine the historical facts on which Christianity stands and discover what Jesus Christ can mean to you. 34.STOTT
The Jesus Path: 7 Steps to a Cosmic Awakening

Vicky Thompson Red Wheel, 2003

The author shares the wisdom revealed to her about Jesus= own 7-step divine model of awakening, by releasing fear and doubt and reconnecting with the wisdom of the higher spirit-self. Divinely inspired exercises, meditations and affirmations provide us with ways to reawaken our connection with God and practice divine living every day of our lives. 34.THOM
Eruption to Hope Jean Vanier

In this book, Jean Vanier pleads for the poor, the lonely and the retarded - for all who are shut away and forgotten. He asks Man to give of his substance and not merely from his abundance of Aextras.@ 34.VANI

At That Time Various

Cycles and seasons in the life of a Christian presented by various authors. 34.VARI

Will Our Children Have Faith? John Westerhoff III

The author attempts to surface afresh the issue of faith and suggests implications for educational ministry. 34.WEST

A Search for the Spiritual

James Every White Baker Books, 1998

For those who seek God and are willing to come to that search with an open mind and a listen heart, A Search for the Spiritual will prove to be an invaluable traveller=s companion for the journey that includes an exploration of the Christian faith. 34.WHITE
Stories for the Journey William White

This book offers delightful material for >converting the imagination= of listeners today. The author provides Christian storytellers with re-tellings of more than 80 folktales in this practical sourcebook. 34.WHIT

Christ Among Us

A Modern Presentation of the Catholic Faith for Adults

Anthony Wilhelm Harper Collins Publishers, 1990

Newly revised and updated, this edition offers the clearest, most broadly based and accessible presentation of Roman Catholic faith and life available. This book addresses the questions of doctrine, traditions and contemporary practice that are of concern to all adult inquirers - including those re-examining their Catholic faith. 34.WILH

The Good Enough Catholic Paul Wilkes, 1996

In this book the author addresses the basic dilemma of how Catholics can at once be faithful to their traditions - drawing upon the wellspring of Catholic teaching, spirituality, and practice - yet still remain open to new discoveries about Catholicism and themselves as well. 34.WILK

The Life of the Mind

Clifford Williams Baker Academic, 2002

What purpose do purely intellectual pursuits have in the lives of Christians? Why should Christians study subjects that have little bearing on their future careers and ministry? Veteran professor of philosophy Clifford Williams addresses these issues and more in this succinct and accessible examination of the life of the mind. Christians cultivating the life of the mind actively pursue situations and discussions that require experimentation, reflection, and perseverance. They are interested in the acquisition of knowledge that is both unrelated and directly related to their faith. Williams answers common Christian objections to such activities, describes the virtues of the person who engages in the life of the mind, and asserts that the life of the mind is justifiably a Christian calling. 34.WILL

SEE ALSO SECTIONS ON: ABUSE, GRIEF, MORALITY for more resources on Human Development.


SPEAKER: James Crossen PUBLISHED: Canadian Learning Company (1989)

Establishes rules for the co-dependent in denial which provide the information and motivation for their first real opportunity to sort out and prioritize their own goals and lives. Level: adult. LENGTH: 45 min VID#: 24.702


SPEAKER: James Crossen PUBLISHED: Canadian Learning Company (1989)

Dr. Crossen presents specific skills and strategies that can be used to create a successful recovery for the dependent. The tape emphasizes the goal of a "happy, joyous, free" and continuing recovery. Level: adult. LENGTH: 45 min. VID#: 24.703


PRODUCER: Motivational Media Inc. PUBLISHED: Canadian Learning Company (1989)

This program will help identify sexual addiction as it interferes with recovery, and offers a means for the sexual addict to find an answer to his or her compulsion with the parameters of existing Twelve Step therapy. LENGTH: 45 min VID#: 24.704


PRODUCER: Human Relations Media PUBLISHED: Canadian Learning Company (1989)

A validation of Twelve Step theory and practice, showing its scientific origins and roots in psychotherapy. This video will give the 12 step therapist a new level of scientific knowledge. Level: adult. LENGTH: 45 min VID#: 24.705


SPEAKER: Dr. James Crossen PUBLISHED: Canadian Learning Company (1989)

Dr. Crossen leaves no doubt for the necessity for continued attendance in a 12-Step Program. The patient or client will learn how the denial system is reinforced by the ego defense mechanism's attack on the memory system. They will learn the mast skills and time tested practices of recovery which can be used to fight the strong denial system's interference with the "clean and sober" goal. LENGTH: 45 min VID#: 24.706


SPEAKER: Bob Anastas PUBLISHED: Liguori Publications (1989)

This video contains an unforgettable presentation by Bob Anastas, the founder and director of S.A.D.D. In it, he explains how the S.A.D.D. program opens lines of communication between teens and their parents. S.A.D.D. program encourages teens to band together and reverse peer pressure -- to stop their friends from driving drunk. LENGTH: 30 min. VID#: 24.708


SPEAKER: Bernard Selling PUBLISHED: Franciscan Communications

Alcoholism: Drama dealing with effects of alcoholism on family relationships. The father, recently a very heavy drinker, is late coming home from work. The mother anxiously telephones home from her job, and the daughter, waiting to show off a prize won at school, mutely communicates by her unspoken anxiety and suspicion, the pain of this family's recent past. Flashbacks of the past closeness and companionship between father and daughter illustrate family covenant, a covenant that once broken, requires skill, love, patience, and trust to re-establish. Level: intermediate - adult. LENGTH: 13 min. VID#: 24.709

TEENAGE SUICIDE PUBLISHED:Don Bosco Multimedia (1989)

Too many young lives are destroyed by suicide. Often, this could be avoided with proper attention to warning signals. This video presentation explores the signs indicative of potential suicide victim. Religion is emphasized as a stabilizing influence in young lives. Level: highschool - adult. LENGTH: 30 min. VID#: 24.710


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHED: Franciscan Communications (1988)

Our ways of thinking, feeling, and being are constantly changing. Change can also be very threatening because of fear of the unknown. Clayton guides us through the process of change and offers stories and strategies for healthy personal growth. Level: high school - adult. LENGTH: 30 min. VID#: 24.715


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHED: Franciscan Communications (1989)

The fear of rejection, for most people, flows out of self-rejection. If we have a low opinion of ourselves and find it hard to accept ourselves, we even expect others to reject us. In this program, Clayton discusses the need to increase our awareness of our strengths. Level: high school - adult. LENGTH: 34 min. VID#: 24.716


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHED: Franciscan Communications (1988)

Clayton talks about the anger and pain that follow a broken relationship. He assures us that the feelings we experience at this time are natural. Broken hearts do mend and when they do, they are often more loving and compassionate. Level: high school - adult. LENGTH: 24 min. VID#: 24.717


SPEAKER: Ann & Bob Faucett PUBLISHED: Daughters of St.Paul (1989)

This video series attempts to help people understand the midlife transition. It encourages the viewer to begin the process with positive attitude to achieve healing and growth. There are six 30-min. segments on two video cassettes:

1) Introduction and Stages of Life

2) Midlife-Separation and Endings

3) Midlife -- Betwixt and Between

4) Reintegration and Midlife

5) A View of the Mountain

6) Healing at Midlife

GUIDE. LENGTH: Six 30-min. segments VID#: 24.718 - 24.719


SPEAKER: Rev. John D. Powers PUBLISHED: Twenty-Third Publications (1989)

In a split screen presentation, an actor portrays the shadow side of our emotion and reacts/responds with the positive side of the self. Thus, our emotions engage in dialogue with our more empathetic, caring natures. The Inner Family utilizes the gift and power of the imagination as a primary tool for knowing and understanding self and God. It offers the opportunity for great emotional and spiritual growth in our lives. The series can be divided into half-hour sessions, for practical application. GUIDE. LENGTH: Three 30-min. segments VID#: 24.722


Women religious and their role in the church as well as the role of lay women.

Part 1: Agents of Change

Part 2: Mothers and Daughters

Part 3: Peacemakers

Part 4: Dreamspeakers LENGTH: Four 30-min. parts VID#: 24.723 - 24.726


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHED: Franciscan Communications (1988)

Clayton helps us come to terms with some signs of depression -- from changes in eating and sleeping habits to inattentiveness, a sense of alienation and even thoughts of suicide. Clayton also offers some practical tactics for survival, all enriched by his use of personal stories and true-life examples. Level: high school - adult. LENGTH: 23 min. VID#: 24.727


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHED: Franciscan Communications (1988)

In this program, Clayton examines loneliness as part of everyone's life, especially in today's competitive society. He then offers many concrete strategies to counteract those moments when we experience loneliness. Level: high school - adult. LENGTH: 25 min. VID#: 24.728


PRODUCER: Motivational Media Inc. PUBLISHED: Canadian Learning Company (1989)

Explores the concepts of "supermom", shame, guilt, and women's self hatred as recovery issues, proposing that the recovering woman deserves the same quality of treatment that men receive. LENGTH: 45 min. VID#: 24.729


SPEAKER: Rev. Martin Padovani PUBLISHED: Twenty-Third Publications (1989)

Fr. Padovani shows us how to face painful times in our lives, and how to let go of the feelings we keep hidden away. The author has found that the one common element emotionally troubled people share is repression. Personal pain takes its toll among those who suffer silently in a vain attempt to avoid dealing with difficult aspects of their lives. He encourages viewers to bring unresolved conflicts to the surface. There is a very helpful question-and-answer period at the end of the program that offers enlightening insights into specific concerns. GUIDE. LENGTH: 30 min. VID#: 24.733


SPEAKER: Rev. Kenneth Czillinger PUBLISHED: Tabor Publishing (1986)

Fr. Czillinger counsels families to discover grief as a path to resurrection. The healing process presented by Fr. Czillinger is highly recommended by Compassionate Friends, Inc. Divided into three 30-min. segments, this video presentation will help families, catechists, bereavement and other pastoral ministers reflect on: the mourning process; being comfortable with the feeling of helplessness; the presence of God in the midst of loss and death. GUIDE. LENGTH: Three 30-min. segments VID#: 24.735


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHED: Franciscan Communications (1989)

Clayton Barbeau helps the viewer to understand the grieving process and to work toward acceptance of the loss of a loved one. Through his own experience of the untimely death of his wife, he suggests not to prolong and nurture grief, but to take one day at a time and make an effort to begin building a future. Level: high school - adult. LENGTH: 24 min. VID#: 24.736


PRODUCER: Motivational Media Inc. PUBLISHED: Canadian Learning Company (1989)

Four practising chemical dependency therapists and educators deal with this problem and present their different approaches to the Spiritual Experience which is a foundation of a successful Twelve Step Program. LENGTH: 45 min. VID#: 24.737


SPEAKER: Sr. Thea Bowman PUBLISHED: Liguori Publications (1989)

In this video, the late Sister Thea Bowman shares her personal experiences of living with the sufferings and uncertainties of a terminal illness. Through Sr. Thea's depth of spirituality and her gift of storytelling, you will discover that the sufferings we encounter and the finiteness of our existence pale in the splendour and power of God's gift of life and his eternal promises to us. Whether you are in good health or poor, whether you are suffering from a transient illness or a terminal one, this program will change your perception of living with suffering and dying. GUIDE. LENGTH: 30 min. VID#: 24.738


SPEAKER: John Powell S.J. and Loretta Brady M.S.W. PUBLISHED: Tabor Publishing (1991)

John Powell's presentations in Segments 2-11 followed by interaction with the audience, which is facilitated by Loretta Brady.

1) Introduction

2) Self Acceptance

3) Full Responsibility

4) Relaxation, Nourishment, Exercise

5) Acts of Love

6) Stretching

7) Goodfinding

8) Growth, Not Perfection

9) Communication

10) Enjoyment of Life

11) Prayer

12) Conclusion

GUIDE: See book of same title. LENGTH: Twelve 30-min. segments VID#: 24.742-24.744


WILLIAM PUBLISHER: Franciscan Communications

A boy at a large picnic gathering finds himself without playmates. Experiencing rejection in various ways, he finally takes himself off on a nature walk and discovers the marvel and mystery of lief in running water, sunshine on leaves, worms and the track made by a snail. This last discovery accidentally makes William the picnic's hero because the snail is carrying what everyone in the gathering is frantically searching for - a lost diamond. The film-story doesn't end; it stops with William looking out at us as he ponders the choice between a football and a cricket, visual symbols for the two worlds or the two aspects of reality that he has, so deeply and differently, encountered at this picnic. GUIDE. LENGTH: 15 min. VID#: 24.747


PUBLISHER: Twenty-Third Publications, 1996

Anyone who has experienced suffering or tragedy has asked this question. Is it really God's will? Does God hurt us to teach us? Dr. Chesto challenges some of the religious theories we have created to justify pain. In sharing her own struggle with disability and degenerative illness, she questions a society that measures our worth by our productiveness.

This is a video for those dealing with suffering and for their caregivers. It is for parishes that have a real ministry of caring and want to understand the best way to reach out. It is also for priests, ministers and health professionals who regularly minister to hurting people. It offers insight into the mind and heart of the person in pain, the helplessness and rage, but it does not end there. By suggesting that there is no answer to the question, if offers the possibility of accepting life as mystery and discovering healing and hope. GUIDE. LENGTH: 43 min. VID#: 24.748

MY GRANDSON LEW PUBLISHER: Franciscan Communications

A mother and her young son cope with their feelings about Grandpa's death and share their memories of him with each other. This story explores children's feelings about death, separation and relationships. GUIDE. LENGTH: 13 min. VID#: 24.750


PUBLISHER: 24th Century Chinchilla Production, 1996

Dr. Josefina Magno is Director of Hospice Education and R&D at the Henry Ford Health System, and founder of the Academy of Hospice Physicians. A leading exponent of hospice care, here is her moving case for compassionate, loving (often home-based) care for dying and elderly patients as the answer to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Very inspiring for care-givers looking after the aged and the terminally ill. LENGTH: 57 min. VID#: 24.751


Prayer and compassion feed on each other. Without prayer, compassion can lead to an undisciplined form of activism. Without compassion our prayer can become a narrow form of "quietism." In this video, basic elements of healthy caring are reviewed and illustrated. LENGTH: 25 min. VID#: 24.752


PUBLISHED: Atlas Video, Inc., 1992

For the first time on home video, Dr. Harold S. Kushner powerfully presents the thinking and faith behind his best-selling book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, a source of comfort and insight for anyone confronted by tragedy and suffering. Kushner speaks from his own painful experience, the loss of his young son, Aaron, to a rare illness. He recounts his own realization that the traditional words of consolation we so often speak - words that Kushner so often spoke to others - are far from adequate. His search for a better response leads to the Book of Job and that most profound question of faith: If God is all powerful and all good, why do good people suffer? Kushner's answer is as practical as it is theological. It provides a reaffirmation of a belief in God, and offers compassionate direction for those in pain. LENGTH: 1 hour VID#: 24.754

HELLO IN THERE PUBLISHED: Franciscan Communications

A younger woman reaches out to a lonely widow in a retirement home. Through their friendship, the woman discovers the elder's imagination and ingenuity. LENGTH: 21 min. VID#: 24.756

A NEW ROAD TO GRIEF RECOVERY PUBLISHED: Twenty-Third Publications, 1993

Acceptance and sharing are the key concepts spelled out in this new video series that helps Christians make the difficult journey from the death of a loved one to being whole again. It does so by presenting moving, encouraging first-person accounts.

Session One: Keys to Recovery

Rev. Tim Queen discussed realistic recovery expectations and the importance of support environment.

Session Two: The Child's Grief Recovery

Rev. Timothea Lewis focuses on healthy coping skills to aid in children's grief work.

Session Three: Young Widow and Eleven-Month Old Son

Linda Ashley, widow with baby, affirms the importance of caregivers.

Session Four: Young Widower Discusses the Accidental Death of his Wife and Son

Don Andrews, whose wife and son died in an automobile accident, shares the healing value of support groups, reading and reaching out to others.

Session Five: Widow Discusses Fifteen Years as a Single Parent

Margit Giles, widowed, reflects on rearing three young children to adulthood and keeping the home as stable as possible.

Session Six: Widower Discusses the Healing Element of Saying Goodbye

Larry Coker reflects on his wife's terminal illness and emphasizes the healing element in saying goodbye.

Leader's guide for each session help participants progress along the road to recovery by prompting them to share their feelings and experiences. GUIDE. LENGTH: Each segment is approx. 15 min. VID#: 24.757-758


In our search for answers to questions about values, relationships and spirituality, are we listening more to what society says than what God says? We want to fit in. We want to be happy. Society tells us how we should look, what we should do, and where we should go to have it all. But does society really know? This emotional and moving video poignantly explores the lives of several young people, including Rick Stanley, younger brother of Elvis Presley, who bought the lies purveyed on television, movies, music and in print... and suffered the consequences. This video provides a direct and honest approach for young people, showing them how they can distinguish between the world's lies and God's truth. LENGTH: 45 min. VID#: 24.759


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHER: St. Anthony/Franciscan Comm.

Clayton Barbeau is one of America's most popular and entertaining speakers. His perceptions derive from a tremendous sensitivity to his own family's experiences and to his many years of involvement as a family therapist.

Tape One: Coping with Self (Guide/60 min.)

Beginning with stresses surrounding birth, Clayton humourously describes how coping with ourselves depends on our abilities to react creatively to stress. He explains how stress on individuals can bring about either good or bad results.

Tape Two: Coping with Others (Guide/60 min.)

Using a variety of anecdotes from his family experiences and the lives of his counselling clients, therapist Clayton keeps his audience chuckling as he shares insights about coping with others.

Tape Three: Coping with Loss (Guide/60 min.)

No human being escapes coping with loss in life. Failing to cope with loss, both great and small is to wound ourselves. Clayton leads his audience to examine healthy coping from death of a loved one to simple losses in daily living.

Tape Four: Coping with Feelings (Guide/60 min.)

A lively and insightful presentation on just how to cope creatively with personal feelings like anger, fear, disappointment and depression. VID#: 24.761-24.764


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHER: St. Anthony/Franciscan Comm.

In this program, Clayton talks about the different causes of anger and the various guises that anger often takes. He also points out that we face anger from both ourselves and others, and that any number of experiences can trigger it. With the help of anecdotes based in personal experiences, Mr. Barbeau shows how important it is to understand the source and destructiveness of one's anger and to face up to it. He proposes strategies for analysing and dealing with one's own anger and with the anger of others. LENGTH: 32 min. VID#: 24.765


SPEAKER: Clayton Barbeau PUBLISHER: St. Anthony/Franciscan Comm.

In this program, Clayton gives special attention to the problem individuals who can make day to day living difficult at work or at home. He suggests ways to approach people who tend to bully or to criticize constantly, or those who demand inordinate attention or wish to be always in control. And he profiles those who can't make a decision or simply won't communicate. He states that it is very important to realize that one's response to a difficult person is more important than that person's behaviour. LENGTH: 40 min. VID#: 24.766


PUBLISHER: St. Anthony/Franciscan Comm.

The story segment is the true story of a successful professional woman who discovers she has breast cancer. That physical discovery leads her on an inner journey, a journey of the spirit.

The witness segment, real-life witnesses who have walked as caregivers with loved ones in times of suffering or at the approach of death reflect on the view from the outside - how those who give care and love perceive the journey of those facing their own suffering.

The teaching segment explores the questions which the onset of illness and suffering bring. The program concludes with a music video reflection featuring the classic hymn, "Amazing Grace," and images which move us through the limitations of suffering to the freedom offered by Jesus Christ. GUIDE. LENGTH: 33 min VID#: 24.767


Three story segment vignettes provide fictional "case studies" of pastoral visits. Situations include visits to a nursing home and a terminally ill patient and a Communion call to a homebound parishioner. The witness segment - a trio of veteran chaplains offer their critique to the positive and negative aspects of the pastoral visits depicted. The teaching segment provides a grounding for the ministry to the sick, questions to examine the minister's motivation and suggestions for evaluating pastoral visits. The program concludes with a music video reflection that serves as a prayer for ministers to the sick as they set our for their pastoral visits. GUIDE. LENGTH: 41 min. VID#: 24.768


17 Going on Nowhere: A father tries to reconnect with his rebellious son to show him that he is loved. Staring: Emilio Estevez, Ramon Bieri, Ellen Geer. Theme: Communications

Little Miseries: Frankie communicates to the unmarried aunt who has raised him, but who tries to control his life, that the only love worth having is love freely given. Starring: John Ritter, Audra Lindley. Theme: Family Communications

Unfinished Business: An ambitious son who has neglected his father rekindles a relationship with him when the old man becomes ill. Having become closer, the son realizes what he may lose if his father dies. Starring: Jack Bannon, Bill Quinn, Marcia Rodd. Theme: Love of Parents. VID#: 24.769


Suffering... explores the role of caregivers in the light of our faith in Christ, who shepherds and cares for us. Story Segment: ALa Vida,@ family members confront the care needs - physical, spiritual and emotional - of their dying mother, and grow in their relationship with each other through the process. Witness Segment: individuals who know suffering first-hand share their experiences and insights. Teaching Segment Patti Normile sets forth concrete suggestions, grounded in faith, to help caregivers support their loved ones, while caring for themselves. Music Video Reflection illustrates the role of caregiver with vignettes set to the hymn, ABe Though My Vision.@ GUIDE. LENGTH: 33 min. VID#: 24.770


Toward... explores the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the Christian=s journey through death - understood as a part of life - to new life in Christ. Story Segment: allows views to accompany a hospice nurse as she visits three terminally ill patients. Their faith and courage, and her sensitive care, teach us to approach death with hope. Witness Segment Franciscan Father Silas Oleksinski was interviewed shortly before his death from cancer in 1995. He shares his feelings about suffering and dying, suggestions for visitors and his hope in Jesus Christ. Teaching Segment: Patti Normile examines the experience of dying and offers insights to help both the dying and their loved ones. The program concludes with a music video reflection that presents dancer Betsey Beckman in a meditation on death and resurrection. She dances to the song, AThe Story of God.@ GUIDE. LENGTH: 32 min. VID#: 24.771


This video stimulates enthusiasm and commitment to adult faith formation. The story segment retells Luke=s account of the disciples on the road to Emmaus in a contemporary drama. The witness segment shows adult Catholics sharing five approaches to adult faith formation. The teaching segment shows Dr. Matthew J. Hayes talking about the importance of nurturing adult faith and the pivotal role of the parish in this effort. LENGTH: 41 min. VID# 24.772



This program is a general look at what pastoral care is all about. Beginning with the historical connection between care of the sick and religious institutions, it supports the relationship between medical and spiritual healing, and the part pastoral care givers play in bridging the two. VID#: 24.773-1


Topics include: listening, uncovering the meta-story, assessing a person=s spiritual state, knowing when to make referrals and the importance of self-care. VID#: 27.773-2


This program builds on the insights of Building Skills and gives the pastoral care volunteer the skills to be a compassionate presence to a person in need. VID#: 24.773-3


Here is an overview of the 18 year progression of the disease and how its evolution and current drug therapies have changed the focus of pastoral care in North America. This program provides an awareness of some of the sensitive issues people living with HIV/AIDS face everyday, and outlines the do=s and don=t=s of ministering to those infected. VID#: 24.773-4


People with cancer have special needs. This program helps the pastoral care provider understand the experience and how to Abe there@ for someone enduring it. VID#: 24.773-5


There is perhaps no greater challenge to the pastoral care provider than taking part in a person=s journey toward death. This video provides practical insight as well as inspiration to encourage the pastoral care provider to stay in the tension of this time as a person of faith. VID#: 24.773-6

BELONGING PUBLISHER: Windborne Productions

A profound, penetrating and timely essay spoken from the heart of Jean Vanier, a truly inspiring thinker who challenges us all to become Afully alive, fully human.@ Vanier=s prophetic counter-cultural ideas weave together a panorama of humanity in the 21st century. Incorporating stories of real lives, from the Bay Street executive to the refugee, and enriched by comments from leading thinkers and activists in sociology, psychology, education and inter-religious relations, belonging celebrates the dignity and diversity of humanity and identifies that which unites us - our aloneness and our longing to belong. GUIDE. LENGTH: 51 min. VID#: 24.774


This video will raise awareness of the effects of trauma on the human spirit and emphasize that complete healing requires attention to the spiritual concerns which surface in the wake of the experience. While the spiritual struggle may begin almost immediately following the event, the most intense pain of the spiritual conflict is often encountered only many months, or even years, later. GUIDE. LENGTH: 25 min. VID#: 24.775


Walking Through Grief as a Teenager - The death of a loved one is always a difficult experience. But when you are a teenager, walking through grief is particularly poignant. It is punctuated by all the conflicts and questions and realizations of the teen years. This video helps teen understand the grief process through the testimonies of young people who have walked through it, and gives hope that you can heal and grow through this life-changing experience. Topics include: Surviving the first days, weeks, and months after a death; Grieving the relationship lost; Grieving particular types of deaths; Facing your future; Learning to cope; Rebuilding your life. GUIDE. LENGTH: 30 min. VID#: 24.776

AT DEATH=S DOOR PUBLISHER: Paraclete Press, 1999

Facing the Terminal Illness of a Loved One - Death teaches us that we don=t know what the future is going to be. This video gives excellent insight on living life to the fullest with your dying loved one. We must invest each day with as much meaning as possible. GUIDE. LENGTH: 35 min. VID#: 24.777

A CRY FOR HELP PUBLISHER: Paraclete Press, 2001

How to help a friend who is depressed or suicidal - Most suicidal young people don=t really want to die; they just want their pain to end. Teen suicide is often preventable if people know the signs to look for and the steps to take when they suspect a friend is suicidal. A Cry for Help teaches young people to recognize the warning signs and to take specific actions to help a friend. GUIDE. LENGTH: 22 min. VID#: 24.778


The fundamentals of our Catholic faith in four concise, engaging and informative segments. Based entirely on the four pillars of the Catholic Catechism, this program will allow young people who=ve missed out on religious education opportunities to Acatch up@ with their peers, prepare for the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, and to better participate in parish life. Aimed primarily at young persons, the information contained in this program could also be helpful in RCIA. #24.779


Safety instructor and safteyNETkids founder, Glenn Olson leads you through the following lessons, showing exact responses to real threats without ever instilling fear:

Lesson 1: Saying ANO@

Lesson 2: Unwanted Touches

Lesson 3: Strangers and People You Know

Lesson 4: Home Safety

Lesson 5: Passwords

Lesson 6: Easy Defense #24.780


Safety instructor and safteyNETkids founder, Glenn Olson leads you through the following lessons, showing exact responses to real threats without ever instilling fear:

Lesson 1: Be a Builder

Lesson 2: Power in Numbers

Lesson 3: Waling and Talking with Confidence

Lesson 4: Name Calling

Lesson 5: Being Threatened

Lesson 6: Easy Defense #24.781

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