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Submitted to Reading Teacher Mrs. Avezzie, Room 236, Classical Magnet

Weather Essays:

My Hottest Day

By Jasmin L

When I was nine, I experienced the hottest day of my life. It was so sizzling hot that July day. At first, it was so hot that I just wanted to go straight to the beach. When I asked my family if we could take a drive to the Rhode Island beach, they said okay. Then, when we got to Rhode Island, we jumped in the water. It was so cold that it was refreshing. I was swimming with my older brother, having a great time, jumping in waves. After that, I took my towel and went to change. Then, I felt so thirsty! I drank some lemonade with plenty of ice. It tasted great! Finally, we sat together on a beach blanket eating lunch and drinking soda. To protect ourselves from the blazing hot sun, we used a beach umbrella. When our hot beach day was over, we headed back to Hartford. Back at home, we turned the AC on high, took a shower, and went to bed early. I was happy that I had cooled off at the beach with my family.

My Hottest Day!

By Jasmine R

When I was thirteen, I experienced the hottest day. I was in Florida and the sun was blazing hot! At first, I woke up and got dressed. My skin was burning. I wore my bathing suit under my shorts and my shirt. Then, I went outside with my brother and I went in the pool. Josh and I made sure that we were the first ones there! We spent two hours enjoying this pool. After that, my family went to Ihop to eat breakfast. Then we went to Disney World! IT was so hot, I thought I was going to faint. Finally, we went back to the hotel were Josh and I went swimming again for the last time. Looking back, I have happy memories of my hot day in Florida.

My Unforgettable Experience with Storm Alfred

By De’Ajhane M

The weather changed so suddenly on October 15, 2011 when ice storm Alfred was about to hit my street in Hartford. IT all began in the evening my family and I heard this big BOOM! My Grandfather said, “I think this is someone’s generator.” My younger brother then asked: “Why did the lights go off?” We told him that it was a problem with a generator. At first, everyone in my family thought that the power was going to come back on, but we spoke too soon. The power went off, leaving us with no lights, heat, or stove. Then, we decided to eat the food that my Grandmother had prepared, but it had turned cold. When there was no easy to heat it, we decided to call it a night. We all went to bed early, without having had supper. After that, In the middle of the night we heard another big boom and we all ran towards the living room to see what had happened in the living room. Guess what? It was a huge oak tree that had fallen into the back yard damaging half of it. “Oh my gosh” I cried! “We had just deck last summer.” Finally, we decided to leave my Grandmother‘s house in Enfield and instead we went to my Uncle’s house in Hartford. We knew how fortunate we were that only our deck was damaged and that we didn’t have a loss of life. We were grateful when the storm passed after six days. This summer, we will repair our broken deck so we can enjoy it for our summer cookouts.

My Experiences with Storm Alfred

By Lindsay R

When I was eleven years old, in October of 2011, I experienced a severe ice storm called Alfred. My Mom called me on the phone and said “You have to sleep over your Grandparents house because the roads are very bad!” At first, I was mad, and scared, but I had no choice. The next day, my Mom called on the phone again to say that our power was out so she had to sleep at my Grandparents’ house, too. Before long, there was at least five inches of snow on the ground. It was icy, and therefore dangerous! After that, I noticed that trees were falling because of all the ice on them. Next, all of a sudden, my Grandparents lights went out so we had to use the fireplace for light. Next, we used the fireplace to prepare a warm dinner. Once the storm was over, we replaced all our food and picked up all the fallen tree limbs on our property. Finally, after ten days of Storm Alfred, our lives were back to normal again. All in all, I decided that Storm Alfred was both scary and fun.

Memories of a Freezing, Cold Day

By Anesha J

When I was five years old, I was at my Grandmother’s house and I looked out the window and it was snowing outside and it was so beautiful, it looked like a rectangular Birthday Cake. At first, I was mad because it was freezing cold outside, and it makes me sick, because I get sick easily. But then I got happy because I could go outside and play. Then, I saw how people were driving on it and making it messy. I got so mad because it looked so beautiful before and then the people messed it up. After that, I went outside with my sister and we played in it and we threw snowballs at each other until we got too tired and cold and then we went back inside and drank hot cocoa and watched a movie. Finally, people stopped driving on it and the snow became beautiful again, just like a rectangular Birthday Cake.

The Wild One/Ice Storm Alfred

By Luis S

When I was thirteen, I experienced Ice Storm Alfred. While I was watching T.V., I looked out the window. I saw that the sky had turned green with snow and lightening. At first, my power went out so I went to the kitchen to get some candles. When I turned the candles on, I was worried about my family. Then, I went upstairs to see if my family was okay, which they were, but my smaller siblings were crying because they were afraid of the dark. After that, Father and I went to the garage to get some wood and flashlights so my little brother and sister wouldn’t be scared. It was so cold from the heater not being on that I took my mattress near the fire and slept. The next morning, I realized how much damage Ice Storm Alfred had caused.

My Hottest Day!

By Leslie P

When I was in Parkville Community School in fifth grade, I experienced a very hot day. IT was the summer of 2011, and it was sizzling! At first, it was so sweltering that the weather forecaster announced that it was going to be over 100 degrees! Then, I went to the water fountain because I was thirsty. Next, when I looked at my classmates, I noticed they were quiet than usual, putting their heads on the desk and asking to go home. After that, the principal announced that we were all going to leave early because there was a heat wave. I went to my Aunt’s pool where I cooled off. Actually, I really didn’t mind the heat wave because it allowed me to spend time having fun with my family in the refreshing pool.

A Sizzling Hot Summer Day

By Tamara S

It was a very hot summer day. I looked at the news forecast, and they said it was going to be steaming HOT! At first, I was happy, but then I thought about it and said, “It’s good that it’s hot, but I don’t want it to be steaming.” Then, I tried to stay in my house and get a cool breeze. I wanted to go to the pool or the beach. Instead, I went to the park to cool off. After that, I went home and realized with my family, keeping the AC on high. Next, my Mom gave me some ice cold soda. Finally, the summer heat wave was over. IT got cooler, and cooler, so I was happy. The next day I missed the hot weather a little.

My Experience with Storm Alfred

By Mekan I

The worst weather I ever saw was when storm Alfred hit Connecticut. The first thing I saw was when I went outside was that it had started snowing. Before long, an hour or two passed. There was a lot of snow outside. Suddenly, while it was snowing, it got windy as well. On the news, I saw buildings falling. Next, my family and I decided to stay inside where we slept and shared meals together. Once the storm was over, I felt elated because I didn’t want to miss any more days at Classical Magnet School.

The Hottest Weather I Ever Experienced

By Naia J

When I was twelve, my siblings, my Mom, my three cousins and I went to Lake Compounce in Bristol for my Sister’s birthday. That day, we experienced sizzling hot weather. At first, it was extremely hot, so we kept drinking soda so that we wouldn’t get dehydrated. We were sweating. The next thing I knew, my Mom passed out and needed water. We gave her a tall glass of ice water. Because she felt better afterward, we kept going on rides, despite the sweltering heat. After that, we went in the pool. Once we came out, we didn’t have any shoes on, so the sizzling ground burned our feet. In the end, we realized that despite the blazing heat, we had fun. Once we went home, my Mom went to bed, and we talked about the enjoyable day we had experienced at Lake Compounce. We were glad that we didn’t allow the heat to ruin our day!

Storm Alfred Brought My Relatives to Me.

By Malik B

The worst weather I ever experienced was Storm Alfred. It hit Hartford, CT, in October 2011, and caused some people to be without power for eight days! At first, I heard on the news about how bad the storm was going to be. Then, I decided to stay at home, watching movies and waiting for the snow and ice to come. I wondered how big the storm was going to be. After that, the power in Hartford shut down so there was no school at all for three days. Finally, it was over, and we had school once again! Many trees and some buildings had fallen down. The damage from the storm was evident. What I learned from Storm Alfred was that storms can leave damage but they can also bring your relatives to you! I enjoyed being with my Uncle Victor, Sascha Vashawna, and My Auntie Nee, and my two sisters and my cousins’ boyfriend.

A Hot Summer Day Created Severe Weather for Me

By Makayla E

The worst weather I ever experienced was in the Summer when the day was sizzling. Temperatures were over 95°. At first, I was outside playing with my sisters when I noticed that people were fanning themselves because of the heat. I felt so hot; I could sense that I was sweating a lot. My sisters were sweating too. Then, I noticed how people were staying inside to keep cool. They didn’t want to be out in sweltering heat. After that, my Mom, my Sisters, and I went to the park to cool off under the sprinkler. We had fun at Pope Park! We left our bathing suits on all day long! Next, we knew that our skin felt as though it was burning so we had to get out of the sun. When we got back home, my Mom ran to the air conditioner to quickly put it on.

Experiencing Storm Alfred

By Seh S

The most severe weather I ever saw was during storm Alfred last year. This ice storm affected Hartford for eight days! At first, I saw clouds turned gray, and rain, ice, and snow fell from the sky. Then, my father told me that a storm was coming because he had heard about it from the news on our T.V. After that, my Mom went to the store to purchase supplies. She got food, candles, matches, and water. We did not lose electricity, but we did stay in our home. I missed being at school. Finally, I knew the storm was over when the snow stopped and my father said I could go out to play. Outside I saw that a tree had fallen into our driveway! I was glad that the tree did not fall into our house.

Scorching Weather

By Rochelle C

The worst weather I ever had was the heat waves that we experienced a few years ago, because of the sizzling heat. Many people were falling to the ground after fainting. People were wearing shorts and tank tops. People who were dehydrated went to the hospital. In the beginning, people were sweating from everywhere on their bodies. Their clothes were all wet because of the sweat. Then, some men took off their shirts. Next, I saw that many people were wearing tank tops, shorts, and skirts. Some people were just wearing their bathing suits while walking around the neighborhood. After that, I heard that many people were heading to the beach or to the pool. I asked my Mom if we could go to a beach or the pool. I asked my Mom if we could go to a beach in New London, CT. I was so happy when she said yes. I was cooling off at the beach! Finally, we were at the beach. All of us went into the water to cool off. The beach was a nice way to have fun on a sizzling dry day.

Ice Storm Alfred

By Angel D

The worst weather I ever saw was ice storm Alfred. It was the worst weather I ever saw because a lot of cars were slipping and sliding down the street and hitting other cars. At first, a lot of people lost power and many schools were shut down. A lot of people were getting sick, too. I saw people falling down on the sidewalk. People were crashing into other people and cares were crashing into other cars. We head that people were moving to other places before the storm was to hit their area. We decided to get away by going to stay with our relatives in Waterbury where there was power. Next, we were in Waterbury, I slept, and I played with his Xbox. Then, we went outside in the snow. Once it was over, we left and headed back to Hartford.

Hot Cocoa helped me get through a Snowstorm

By Harold A

When I was eleven, I experienced the ice storm Alfred. It was so crazy I didn’t even feel good when the heat stopped working in my apartment building. At first, I was super cold, and I thought I was going to freeze to death. Then, I felt like my toes were freezing off. I thought the rest of my body was going to fall off. I would have felt like it but I tried something. Suddenly, I went to the kitchen with my brother and we made hot cocoa for everyone in the family, and we felt food. Finally, I was glad we felt better. I was so happy it made extras for everybody and it was exciting. We sat around by each other and told stories. All, I actually enjoyed my experience staying indoors with my family during storm Alfred.

Immigration Essays

How Immigration Has Changed My North End Neighborhood

By Genia T

My North End neighborhood has changed a lot because of immigration. The most important change in my neighborhood can be seen in the different types of races. African Americans, Jamaicans, and Latinos are in my neighborhood. In addition, there are different types of food in my neighborhood. For example, people can eat Jamaican beef patties, akee and salt fish with banana, Chinese eggrolls, red fries with chicken wings, and shrimp fried rice with chicken wings. Latinos eat Spanish rice and other Spanish food. Another important change is in the music you can hear on the North End Streets. For instance, Christian, Spanish, Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Reggaethon music are all there. In conclusion, immigrants have had a big influence on my neighborhood. They made it a great place to live.

Immigration Has Changed MY Neighborhood

By Damion M

My neighborhood, the North End of Hartford has changed because of immigration. I support immigration because without it my neighborhood would be much different. One thing that has changed is the type of people. Next, the new choices of food, and finally, the music have changed.

How New Britain’s Neighborhood Has Changed Because Of Immigration

By Trevon J

My neighborhood in New Britain has changed because of the newcomers called immigrants. The most important change is that more people are moving in now on the Eastside. Now, there are blacks, Puerto Ricans, and Whites. Another change is that my neighborhood school has approximately 75% of blacks, who go to that school, with 15% of whites or Puerto Ricans. Back in the 1970’s, there were only whites at Roosevelt School. At third important change is the new restaurants we have now, such as McDonalds, Wendy’s Burger King, and Friendly’s, Chili’s, Pizza restaurants, Chinese food, etc.

My Neighborhood

By Kim G

My neighborhood has changed because of immigration. The most important change in my neighborhood is the food. There are different restaurants including E’Poilin, which serves Peruvian food. On the other hand, there is lots of music passing by the street in cars, like hip-hop, Latin, R &B, and Reggae. Another important change is the people in my neighborhood. There are Blacks, Jamaicans, African Americans, Mexicans, and Latinos. In conclusion, there are a lot of changes in my neighborhood because of the Peruvian restaurants.

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