Rachel Conway, Sam Konieczka, Ashley Ruemmler

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Rachel Conway, Sam Konieczka, Ashley Ruemmler
5th hour
February 9, 2011

Persuasive Essay

Random acts of kindness are performed every day whether it is in the form of someone opening the door for a person in front of them, or a stranger’s smile at the grocery store. It is human nature to be selfish and sometimes think of your needs over the needs of others. Our goal is to perform random acts of kindness in the hopes that it will inspire people to pass the love on to others in the community. We believe that you do not have to perform an over the top heroic act to make a difference in someone’s life.

The movie “Pay It Forward” was one of our inspirations for this project. It focused on a boy who planned to help three people and then encouraged them to go out and help three more people. His hope was to have the kindness spread so far that soon enough the world would become a better place. This little boy’s simple idea turned into a huge movement of people “paying it forward” across the country. The movie is inspiring because it defends our opinions on simple acts of kindness and how they can have huge impacts. Paying for another’s meal at a restaurant, hanging up inspirational quotes around town, and donating clothes to the Salvation Army; none of these actions are necessarily world-changing but we are hoping that they will make a big enough impact to inspire others to continue spreading the kindness.

It has been proven that a simple act of kindness can positively impact someone’s life. The organization To Write Love on Her Arms is a great example of kindness saving people’s lives. The organization began with a few people desperate to help their friend recover from drugs and depression. Renee was a nineteen year old suffering with depression and a drug addiction. She was on the verge of killing herself when a few friends stepped in and helped her find the help she needed. They published her story on MySpace and sold t-shirts to raise enough money to send her to a rehab facility. What started out as a few people helping one friend has now turned into a worldwide organization that helps spread hope and love. The organization gives people hope and they are there to help those who need it. They stress that everyone is meant to love and be loved. The organization is a great example of a chain of kindness and how a little kindness can be life changing in a person’s life.

These two examples, along with a few other texts and ideas, are what motivated us to use simple random acts of kindness for our project. The sum of these small actions could potentially add up to a big change in our community, and even bigger, our world. Our actions won’t change things right away, but we hope to inspire others to be motivated and happy with their lives. The more people that are ready to make changes, the faster our world will become a better place. We plan on volunteering at animal shelters, working with a children’s after school program, leaving encouraging and inspirational notes in public places, donating to the Salvation Army, and more. We hope to inspire others and change the world. It needs to start somewhere, so why not start somewhere you least expect it?

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