“Race in America” Essay General Guidelines & Approaching the Assignment Essay Structure

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“Race in America” Essay

Essay Structure

  • Introduction
  • Conclusion
  • Thesis & Method
  • Restated “Thesis”
  • Introduction: hook + transition + thesis + method
  • Conclusion: essay summary + significance (so what?)

Building Your Thesis & Method

  • THESIS: Present a clear, decisive, connotatively rich statement that SYNTHESIZES the pieces. You are not analyzing or evaluating the pieces separately; you are bringing them together to build a common statement about them.
  • METHOD: Determine the 3 topics you will discuss in order to prove your thesis.

Body Paragraph Structure

  • Body Thesis providing a clear connection to the thesis
  • 2+ Quotations (evidence), all integrated or framed, reflecting the diversity of passages
  • More Commentary than evidence, but the sentence “order” is your choice
  • Concluding Sentence explaining how the paragraph as a whole connects to the essay’s thesis (How does it support the thesis?)

Structuring Your Essay

  • DO NOT
  • Write one body paragraph per selection.
  • Focus on time period or your own ideas about the subject.
  • Craft an obvious, feeble thesis (“racism is a problem…”).

MLA Format

  • Attention to detail is a must!
  • Use the provided models to match up formatting of
  • PARAGRAPH SPACING (inc. indent)

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