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Publications for Daniel Anlezark

Publications for Daniel Anlezark


Anlezark, D. (2018). Of Boys and Men: Anglo-Saxon Literary Adaptations of the Book of Daniel. In Susan Irvine and Winfried Rudolf (Eds.), Childhood and Adolescence in Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture, (pp. 259-280). Toronto: University of Toronto Press. [More Information]

Anlezark, D. (2018). The Trilingual titulus crucis Tradition in Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hatton 20. In Lorenzo DiTommaso, Matthias Henze and William Adler (Eds.), The Embroidered Bible: Studies in Biblical Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha in Honour of Michael E. Stone, (pp. 64-78). Boston: Brill. [More Information]


Anlezark, D. (2017). Alfred the Great. Kalamazoo: Arc Humanities Press. [More Information]

Anlezark, D. (2017). An Unnoticed Medical Charm in Manuscript Oxford, Bodleian Library Hatton 20. Notes and Queries, 64, 3-5. [More Information]

Anlezark, D. (2017). Praying the Psalms in the Ancrene Wisse. English Studies, 98(1), 84-95. [More Information]

Anlezark, D. (2017). The Old English Genesis B and Irenaeus of Lyon. Medium Aevum, 86(1), 1-21.

Anlezark, D. (2017). The Psalms in the Old English Office of Prime. In Tamara Atkin, Francis Leneghan (Eds.), The Psalms and Medieval English Literature: From the Conversion to the Reformation, (pp. 198-217). Cambridge: Boydell & Brewer Ltd. [More Information]

Anlezark, D. (2017). The Reception of John Chrysostom in Early Medieval England. In Doru Costache, Mario Baghos (Eds.), John Chrysostom: Past, Present, Future, (pp. 71-85). Sydney: AIOCS Press.

Anlezark, D. (2017). The Soul in the Old English Soliloquies and Ninth-Century Neoplatonism. In Anders Ahlqvist, Pamela ONeill (Eds.), Germano-Celtica: A Festschrift for Brian Taylor, (pp. 35-60). Sydney: The Celtic Studies Foundation, University of Sydney.

Anlezark, D. (2017). Which books are "most necessary" to know? The Old English Pastoral Care Preface and King Alfred�s Educational Reform. English Studies, 98(8), 759-780. [More Information]


Anlezark, D. (2016). Abraham's Children: Jewish Promise and Christian Fulfillment. In Samantha Zacher (Eds.), Imagining the Jew in Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture, (pp. 131-155). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Anlezark, D. (2016). Is Beowulf Science Fiction? In Carl Kears, James Paz (Eds.), Medieval Science Fiction, (pp. 39-57). Martlesham: Boydell & Brewer Ltd.


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Anlezark, D. (2015). Old English Exodus 487 'werbeamas'. Notes and Queries, 62(4), 497-508. [More Information]


Anlezark, D. (2014). Cyril of Alexandria's Reputation in the Early Medieval West: From Bede to Alcuin. Phronema, 29(2), 67-88.

Anlezark, D. (2014). Lay Reading, Patronage, and Power in Bodleian Library, Junius II. In Giles E. M. Gasper, John McKinnell (Eds.), Ambition and Anxiety: Courts and Courtly Discourse c. 700-1600, (pp. 76-97). Durham, UK: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.


Anlezark, D. (2013). Shapeshifting in Old English Literature and Early Irish Influence. In Pamela ONeill (Eds.), The Land beneath the Sea: Essays in Honour of Anders Ahlqvists Contribution to Celtic Studies in Australia, (pp. 9-31). Sydney, Australia: The Celtic Studies Foundation, University of Sydney.

Anlezark, D. (2013). The Anglo-Saxon world view. In Malcolm Godden, Michael Lapidge (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Old English Literature (2nd Ed.), (pp. 66-81). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [More Information]


Anlezark, D. (2012). Gregory the Great: Reader, Writer and Read. In Peter Clarke and Charlotte Methuen (Eds.), The Church and Literature, (pp. 12-34). Suffolk, UK: Boydell Press.

Anlezark, D. (2012). Monstrous Birds and Marvellous Mountains: Vasa mortis and Early Irish Influence in the Old English Dialogues of Solomon and Saturn. Australian Celtic Journal, 10, 29-56.


Anlezark, D. (2011). All at Sea: Beowulf's Marvellous Swimming. In Daniel Anlezark (Eds.), Myths, Legends, and Heroes: Essays on Old Norse and Old English Literature in Honour of John McKinnell, (pp. 225-241). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Anlezark, D. (2011). Old Testament Narratives. United States: Harvard University Press.

Anlezark, D. (2011). The stray ending in the Solomonic anthology in

Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 422. Medium Aevum, 80 (LXXX)(2), 201-216.


Anlezark, D. (2010). Book Review: Catholic Collecting, Catholic Reflection 1538-1850: Objects as a Measure of Reflection on a Catholic Past and the Construction of a Recusant Identity in England and America, ed. V.C. Raguin. Journal of Religious History, 34, 75-76.

Anlezark, D. (2010). Old English biblical and devotional poetry. In Saunders, Corrinne (Eds.), A Companion to Medieval Poetry, (pp. 101-124). West Sussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. [More Information]

Anlezark, D. (2010). Old English epic poetry: Beowulf. In Saunders, Corrinne (Eds.), A Companion to Medieval Poetry, (pp. 141-160). West Sussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. [More Information]

Anlezark, D. (2010). Understanding numbers in London, British Library, Harley 3271. Anglo-Saxon England, 38, 137-155. [More Information]


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Anlezark, D. (2009). The Old English Dialogues of Solomon and Saturn. United Kindom: D.S. Brewer.


Anlezark, D. (2008). Review of "Literary landscapes and the idea of England, 700–1400". The Review of English Studies, 58(236), 554-555.

Anlezark, D. (2008). Review of "Old English poetics: the aesthetics of the familiar in Anglo-Saxon England" by Elizabeth M. Tyler. Early Medieval Europe, 16(2), 247-248.

Anlezark, D. (2008). Review of "Ritual and the Rood: liturgical images and the Old English poems of 'The Dream of the Rood' tradition" by Eamonn O Carragain. Medium Aevum, 77(1), 125-126.

Anlezark, D. (2008). Review of "Ælfric and the cult of saints in late Anglo-Saxon England" by Mechthild Gretsch. Medium Aevum, 77(1), 127-127.


Anlezark, D. (2007). Charters of Malmesbury Abbey. Medium Aevum, 76(2), 378-379.

Anlezark, D. (2007). King Alfred’s Old English Translation of Pope Gregory the Great’s Regula pastoralis and its Cultural Context: A Study and Partial Edition According to All Surviving Manuscripts Based on Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 12. Medium Aevum, 76(2), 378-379.

Anlezark, D. (2007). Poisoned places: the Avernian tradition in Old

English poetry. Anglo-Saxon England, 36, 103-126.

Anlezark, D. (2007). Ruling Women: Queenship and Gender in Anglo-Saxon Literature. Medium Aevum, 76(2), 339-349.

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Anlezark, D. (2006). Framing the Middle Ages (Book Review). Medium Aevum, 75(2), 379-379.

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Anlezark, D. (2001), The Sources of Exodus (Cameron A.1.2).

Anlezark, D. (2001), The Sources of Pharaoh (Cameron A.3.28).

Anlezark, D. (2001), The Sources of The Order of the World (Cameron A.3.14).


Anlezark, D. (2000). An Ideal Marriage: Abraham and Sarah in Old English Literature. Medium Aevum, 69(2), 187-210.

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