Psy1101-Online Workload Checklist

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PSY1101-Online Workload Checklist
For each chapter you will need to complete several activities. This checklist can assist you in keeping up (or ahead) of the work for each chapter. (Note: please keep in mind that, particularly at the beginning and the end of the class, there are assignments not directly tied to your text that you are responsible for but are not part of this checklist. You show view the student resource web page to see those tasks)

  • Read Chapter, outlining key terms and concepts.

  • Download blank answer sheet from Student Resource/Assignment Page for the "Fill-in-the Blank" (FIB) Exercises.

  • Begin the FIB exercise- "Blanks and Blues"

REVIEW BLANKS ONLINE: Review the FIB Slides (online or on your computer, if you have Powerpoint) and enter the correct responses on the blank answer sheet.

WRITE DOWN BLUE TERMS: While reviewing the PowerPoint slides, write down, not only the terms that are appropriate for the blanks, but also any term with a light blue color (do not write down paragraphs in a blue font however..

  • Take the FIB quiz on “Desire2Learn” (WATCH THE DEADLINE!!)

  • Go to the chapter's DB and pick 1 concept question with 1 or fewer essay responses to them.

BE THE EARLY BIRD !: The earlier you do this, the greater the likelihood you can choose the concept question you want to do.

WARNING: You will be penalized points for posting an essay to a DB essay question IF there are ESSAYS QUESTIONS WITH 1 OR FEWER essays attached to it!!! YOU MUST POST TO THE OPEN ESSAY IF ONE IS THERE! If someone posts just before you, that is your problem. Work Ahead to avoid the problem.

  • Post 1 "essay" that answers a concept question posted on chapter's discussion board.

SUGGESTION 1: For essays, it may be easier to compose them in your word processor first then cut n' paste to the DB.

  • Post 2 thoughtful (non-BS) responses to others essay posts. (WATCH THE DEADLINE!!)

WHAT IS A THOUGHTFUL POST? Make posts that are useful for other students. You may want to clarify a point, add information, and even post a helpful link.

WHAT IS B.S.?: While you may be complementary or critical of a post, responses of this nature that are not backed up with evidence, or critical thought are seen as B.S. by the professor and will be graded accordingly. (for example, if you post "I really like your essay, good job" you must also say why and how that liking relates to the course material or it is considered BS).

  • Compile your study information for the test

COLLECT YOUR "BLANK & BLUES": Get a list of the "blank & blue" terms from the FIB exercise

COLLECT YOUR "BEST OF" CONCEPT ESSAYS: Compile a collection of the best student essay responses to the concept questions.

If no essay (or a bad essay) was posted under a question, you are still responsible for knowing this information for the test.

  • Ask any questions on the "Helping Each Other" Discussion Board (HEO-DB).

UNSURE OF ANYTHING ABOUT THE CLASS OR TEST? Post you questions/comments on the HEO-DB. Be sure to allow enough time for people to respond!!

  • Take the Thursday Test (WATCH THE DEADLINE!!!)

PREPARE YOUR COMPUTER AND AVOID TECHNOLOGY GLITCHES DURING TESTING. Make sure you have carefully followed the instructions for preparation of your computer prior to testing found off the Student Resource/Assignment Page. This applies to all students, but those with "dial-up" connections are particularly vulnerable to testing problems if they have not prepared their computer for testing.

STUDY THE RIGHT CHAPTERS: See the Student Resource/Assignment Page to make sure you are aware the chapters being covered for the Thursday Examinations.

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