Project #1: it’s all about me task

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Using “The Big Picture” worksheet, write an essay in which you discuss who you are, where you’re heading, and how you plan to get there. You will present your “story” to the class in an informal speech.
Your purpose in writing this essay is to introduce yourself to your readers by detailing your hopes and dreams, career goals, and your plans for accomplishing them.
Your audience (readers) for this essay includes your classmates and me.
Minimum length:—1½ pages

Multi-paragraph format:

- Introductory paragraph

- “Hook”

- Clear thesis or focus sentence

- 3 or more body paragraphs

- Concluding paragraph

- Refer to the “hook”

- Wrap up the essay without repeating the exact sentences you wrote before


- 12 pt. font

- Double spaced

- MLA Format

- First line of each paragraph indented one Tab

- No extra spaces before paragraphs—should be a double space

Organize your essay around a theme of some sort.
Create a thesis or focus sentence for your introductory paragraph.
As a guiding outline for the paper, make a list the topics you will be discussing in your body paragraphs.
Decide in what order to discuss these topics in the essay.
Create an opening sentence for each paragraph that will help link it to the paragraph before it, as well as to create the focus for all of the sentences that are in the paragraph.
Finish the essay with a concluding paragraph that wraps up your discussion.

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