Prof Julie Pesano January 20, 2016

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Tsz Ching Chan

EWRT 211
Prof Julie Pesano

January 20, 2016

Don’t You Know that Binge Drinking Harms, College Students?

Consuming too much content of a certain kind of food and drink is always a bad idea and there is no exception for alcohol too. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, they define binge drinking as 4 drinks for women and 5 drinks for men in about 2 hours. I saw severe binge drinking problems among college students when I spent my first 2 quarters in UC Davis and this common practice should be avoidant in college town. College students should avoid the habit of binge drinking because ingesting excess alcohol and getting drunk will affect your long term health, and increase the likelihood of drunk driving and the risk of sexual assault in campus.

Getting excessive amount of alcohol can permanently damage our body parts such as the liver, the heart, and the brain. Without the care of parents or guardians, students are more than likely to neglect their health. When it comes to binge drinking, many college students do not realize the effects until they are already profoundly impacting their body organs. I met Thomas at a freshman orientation and we have become friends after that event. He told me that he got admitted to UC Davis because he plays badminton very well and he had already recruited into the school badminton team and club. Thomas was a nondrinker before joining the club; however, he developed drinking habit after going to those private meetings organized by club members. He told me that he could drink 5 bottles of beer every other night during peak period. Thomas looked so differently after second midterm. His face turned to yellowish and he looked tired all the time and he could not concentrate in the calculus class. The doctor diagnosed that Thomas’s liver was 40% damaged and he had to quit both drinking and badminton team. From Thomas’s experience, one can see that college students do not know how to control the amount of alcohol they drink and this could cause serious health effects eventually. It is also believed that some health effects that caused by binge drinking such as liver cirrhosis and cardiovascular disease are more likely to be found in college students because they consume alcohol without abstinence. Therefore, college students have to avoid binge drinking since it can directly affect your health and cause tremendous outcomes.

The incident of drunk driving in young drivers is increasing throughout the United States. Many students believe that it is safe to drive after 1 to 2 hours of drinking; however, this is not true. Even though many students think that they are sober enough to go behind the wheel, they still cannot tell their blood alcohol content excesses the legal limit or not. Also, driving requires a high level of concentration. This could not be done by people who are under the influence. Although fatal vehicle accidents do not happen much in Davis, I know many students would still choose to drive after drinking. Those drunken students cause dangers to all road users since they are more likely to speed and change lanes unsafety. One of the reasons why drunk driving is persisting in college town is because school administrators do not try hard to strike it down. According to Rob Waldron’s article, “Students Are Dying: Colleges Can Do More,” in which he states that “Administrators have not wanted to abolish social houses and fraternities for fear that ending such beloved college traditions would lower alumni donations.” Waldron explains that drunk driving happened in college town because schools have to allow those social activities in order to receive financial support. As a result, the likelihood of drunk driving is increasing because schools do not try hard to combat drinking and driving.

Finally, sexual assault committed by drunken students has increased on campus. Many students become irrational after drinking. They could commit a lot of things to violate the norms. Many girls in Davis have reported to the campus police that they experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault by drunken boys in campus. My church is near a fraternity house and whenever we leave church on a Friday night, we could meet a lot of drunken college males coming out from the fraternity house. They usually talk dirty jokes and try to approach us. There was one time that some of the girls from my church reported to the campus police that a drunk male student had followed behind them for 5 minutes. Therefore, it is hard to imagine what would happen if a girl walks alone on Friday night without any companion.

Overall, binge drinking problem has become very common among college students. However, many of them have ignored the impacts that caused by it , for example, long term health effects and the car accidents and sexual assaults that caused by drunken students. In order to minimize those serious and dangerous impacts and to become responsible adults, college students should avoid the habit of binge drinking.

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