Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik Spring Term 2008 Hauptseminar Henry James´ Short Fiction Monday 16-18, Raum 1, Sedanstraße 6 Texts

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Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik

Spring Term 2008
Hauptseminar Henry James´ Short Fiction
Monday 16-18, Raum 1, Sedanstraße 6


Henry James, Selected Tales. Ed. John Lyon. Penguin Classics. 2001.

contains, among others: „Four Meetings“, „Daisy Miller“, „The Lesson of the Master“, „The Pupil“, „The Real Thing“, „The Figure in the Carpet“, „In the Cage“, „Broken Wings“, „The Beast in the Jungle“, „The Jolly Corner“
Henry James, The Turn of the Screw and The Aspern Papers. Penguin Classics. 2003.

This seminar will discuss Henry James´s short fiction. James´s short stories and novellas range from suspense tales such as The Turn of the Screw and The Aspern Papers or „The Figure in the Carpet“ to analyses of personal merit and narratorial unreliability (Daisy Miller, „The Lesson of the Master“, „The Pupil“, „The Real Thing“, „In the Cage“, „The Beast in the Jungle“). Henry James is considered to be one of the Modernist masters. Reading his short fiction is a good way to start before one turns to his novels. James is considered to be a difficult author, but his short fiction is short enough for readers to appreciate its complexity. Each tale should be read at least twice before we discuss it in the session. It is therefore strongly recommended to get the texts early on and to start reading them during the term break.

This course is open to all BA, MA, Magister and Staatsexamen candidates.
Course Requirements:

5 minute oral report in class; participation in the discussion; minutes once for one session; term paper of 15 pages text minimum (excluding title page, table of contents and Works Cited) in departmental style sheet (see my homepage).

Paper due 1 October, 2008

    1. Office hours: mostly Wednesday 10-12, but see list on secretary´s door (room 4207) and sign up for office hour. (Secretary´s telephone 203 3310);

    2. email:

BA and MA candidates: Please make sure that I get your Matrikelnummer plus the information whether you are doing this course as a Studienleistung or Prüfungsleistung and for which module. BA and MA candidates should talk to me about the timing of their seminar papers within a month of the start of classes.

Candidates who are willing to do an oral report on April 21 and April 28 are requested to get in touch with me as soon as possible.
Preliminary Schedule

21 April 2008 Introductory Session

OR: Life of Henry James

OR: The Work of Henry James

28 April „The Pupil“

OR: Henry James´ homosexuality

OR: Essay on „The Pupil“
5 May no session Staatexamens-Prüfungswoche

Whitsun vacation

19 May The Turn of the Screw

OR: unreliable narration (Nünning)

OR: frame narrative
26 May The Turn of the Screw

OR: essay

OR: essay
2 June „The Real Thing“

OR: essay

OR: essay
9 June „In the Cage“

OR: essay

OR: essay
16 June The Aspern Papers

OR: essay

OR: essay
23 June „The Lesson of the Master“

OR: essay

OR: essay
30 June „The Figure in the Carpet“

OR: essay

OR: essay
7 July „Four Meetings“ and „The Beast in the Jungle“

OR essay

OR essay
14 July Daisy Miller

OR essay

OR essay
21 July „Broken Wings“ and „The Jolly Corner“

OR essay

OR essay
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