Priority Management Essay

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Priority Management Essay

Priorities are basically, our destination and mission; mission further, is struggle to gratify needs and prerequisites. So, effective time management, prioritization of work and setting goals and aim to reach at destination is foundation for becoming a successful person. Similarly, in order to be more productive, one should have to prioritize activities and manage time accordingly, so that one will not feel overwhelmed. This will improve the chances of success and also prevent stress from life.

Charting of time:- I had collected data of 3 consecutive school days during week 5 & 6 and then, 9 & 10, from the moment I wake, went to school & work, dinner etc. Afterwards, I had compared the results of both. I found that I had spent most of the time in preparing assignments and sleeping during week 5 & 6. I didn't spend even a single moment with my family and never participated in extra-curricular activities.

Then, I realized that I had to trim down my study time and relaxation time, in order to make time for my family and of course for myself. Then, till week 9 & 10, I started prioritizing my work and managing my time. During these weeks, I found myself more balanced and relaxed as I developed time strategy for every task.

Impact on personal well-being:- As, in earlier weeks, I was so busy with my school work, assignments etc. and felt too much tiredness due to overburden of study. That happened, because I was so worried about my online subjects, that was entirely new learning for me. I was struggling to score good grades in online subjects. But, during that time, I hadn't given time to myself, my family and friends, that led to conflicts in my interpersonal relationships. Along with that, imbalanced sleeping and dietary pattern also influenced my health.

List of priorities:- The top priorities of my life are as following;

  • Study and career

  • Family and friends

  • Myself (health, recreation, happiness)

  • Wealth to live comfortably (job)

Time management for my priorities:- It is consistent and balanced. As, I used my personal strengths and always used to prepare 'To do list', which helps me to achieve goals. It has great significance, as it protects from stress and procrastination.

Strengths:- It is extremely important to know about our strengths and weaknesses, while prioritizing and managing time for all activities. This can be achieved through "SWOT analysis", which gives clear understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, along with opportunities and threats, that we can face. My strengths are as following; motivation, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, curiosity to novelty, ingenuity, creativity, and strategic. Strengths providing me ability to self-help and achieve wisdom, which motivates me to bring desirable changes.

Priority Management is excellent skill to arrange and organize daily activities according to their urgency and importance. It is also considered to be 'ladder' towards success. It provides motivation to accomplish task and achieve goal within allocated time. It will also improve quality of life and make us familiar with the value of time.

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