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Oregon Youth Practice Army Values at North Dakota Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous
“President Thomas Jefferson” kicked off the beginning of the 2006 Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous, Sunday evening in Bismarck, North Dakota. Also among the presenters were Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and, of course, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.
The presenters were volunteers, who dressed in traditional garb and addressed the crowd atop a hill in Fort Lincoln State Park overlooking the very bend in the Missouri River, navigated by Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery.
The next morning, students got a chance to cross the Missouri River with the help of North Dakota Army National Guard engineers, who built a makeshift bridge in less than fifteen minutes.
“The bridge is looking really great and it’s practical engineering that you rarely get to see so it’s a great experience,” said Beaverton High School student, Eric Starke. When asked if his essay topic, “duty”, mirrors the National Guard, he agreed. “These people [National Guard soldiers] are signing themselves away and defending their nation and I think it’s a great thing.”
Students from all over the nation submitted essays describing which Army value best described the journey of Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery.

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