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Arno Leicht. [includes English notes] Portuguese EMI C071-40565. A- 10.00

934.*BORODIN: Symphony #3; Petite Suite. Svetlanov/USSR Sym. Melodiya C10-28437 008. A- 6.00

935. BRAHMS: Double Concerto (Stern; Rose). WAGNER: Siegfried Idyll. Walter/NYP. Odyssey Y-34621. A- 7.00

936.*BRIAN: Gothic Symphony. Boult/Unidentified Orchestra. [in fact, Boult with soloists, choruses & BBC Symphony from Albert Hall, 1966] Aries LP-2601(2). A- 12.00

937.*BRIAN: Symphony # 6 & #16. Fredman/LPO. Lyrita SRCS-67. A- 11.00

938.*BRIAN: Symphony # 8 & #9. Groves/Royal Liverpool Phil. EMI ED-29 0869 1. A- to A 10.00

939.*BRITTEN: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra; Simple Symphony; Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge. Composer/LSO; ECO. [drm] London 517 509-1. FS(c/c) 6.00

940.*BRITTEN: A Concert in Memory of Benjamin Britten on the first anniversary of his death; December 4, 1977. Fanfare; Hymn to St. Cecilia; Missa Brevis; Voices for Today; Two Hymns from St. Nicolas; Hymn from Noyes Fludde; Prelude & Fugue on a Theme of Vittoria; Sacred & Profane; Choral Dances from Gloriana. Misc artists including Yale Concert Choir; Manhattan Chorus. [Sponsored by American Friends ofthe Aldeburgh Festival; St. Thomas Church, New York] Hessound S-1001/1002(2). A- 18.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
941. BUSONI: Violin Concerto (Borries; Rother/Berlin Radio). WOLF-FERRARI: String Serenade (Lange/Berlin Radio). Urania URLP-7043. A- 11.00

942.*CARLOS: (Wendy): Switched-On Brandenburgs. All six of Bach's Brandenburg Concerti in virtuoso synthesizer performances. Col PG-31234(2). A- 15.00

943.*CHAUSSON: Symphony in B-flat; Soir de Fete; The Tempest. Serebrier/Belgian Radio Orch. [dig] Chandos ABRD-1135. A- to A 8.00

944. CHAVEZ: Sifonia #5 for String Orch. PAUL BEN-HAIM: Concerto for Strings. Solomon/MGM String Orch. [original jacket - excellent photo of Solomon] MGM E-3423. A-(superb copy!) 12.00

945. COATES: "The Music of Eric Coates." Twenty-two works rec 1910 - 1937, fourteen conducted by the composer; other artists include John McCormack, Alfred Piccaver, De Groot Trio; also includes a track of Coates speaking. The Vintage Light Music Society no number(2). FS 16.00

946.*COPLAND: Saga of the Prairies; An Outdoor Overture. BARBER: Capricorn Concerto. Clark/Pacific Sym. [dig] Andante AD-72406. A- 7.00

947. COPLAND: The Red Pony - soundtrack from the film, taken from 78-rpm masters made at the recording sessions in 1948. Composer conducts. Sarabande STV-81259. A- to A 12.00

948.*COPLAND: 75th Birthday Album - Appalachian Spring Suite; Fanfare for the Common Man; Lincoln Portrait (Fonda); Billy the Kid Suite; 4 Dances from Rodeo; Our Town; Dance Panels; El Salon Mexico. Composer/ LSO; NPO. Col D3M-33720(3). A-(minor box scuffs) 12.00

949.*CORDERO: (Roque): Symphony #2. LEONARDO BALADA: Homage a Sarasate. HENRY BRANT: On the Nature of Things. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-765. A- 12.00

950.*CORIGLIANO: Tournaments Overture; Elegy. MARTINU: Oboe Concerto. Gibson, oboe; Harth/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-771. A- 8.00

951.*COWELL: Sinfonietta. SURINACH: Melorhythmic Dramas. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-681. A-(in blank jacket; includes notes) 8.00

952. COWELL: Symphony #11. ALEXANDER TCHEREPNIN - Suite, Op.87. BERNARD WAGENAAR: Concert Overture. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; notes included] Louisville LOU-545-2. A- 12.00

953. COWELL: Symphony #11. IBERT: A Louisville Concerto. CRESTON: Invocation and Dance. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Col KL-5039. A-("6-eyes" labels) 14.00

954.*DALLAPICCOLA: Piccola Musica Notturna. GUNTHUR SCHULLER: Five Bagatelles for Orchestra. LEONARDO BALADA (b.1933): Guernica. Mester/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LS-686. A- 8.00

955. DE BANFIELD: The Combat. ANTHEIL: Capital of the World. Levine/Ballet Theatre Orch. [deleted April 1960] Capitol P-8278. A- 15.00

956. DE GREEF: (Arthur; 1862-1940): Four Old Flemish Folksongs. FRANCK - Psyche. Andre/Belgian Radio Orch. Telefunken LGX-66024. A-(very fine) 10.00

957. DELIUS: Concerto for Piano (Moiseiwitsch; Lambert/PO; 1946); Concerto for Violin (Sammons; Sargent/Liverpool Phil; 1944); Caprice & Elegy for Cello & Orch (Harrison; Fenby/Orch; 1930). [Anthony Griffith transfers] World Record Club SH-224. A- 14.00

958. DELIUS: Paris; Eventyr; Koanga (Closing Scene). Beecham/RPO; Cho. Odyssey Y-33284. A- 7.00

959. DELIUS: Sea Drift (Boyce, baritone; BBC Cho); Paris. Beecham/RPO. Col ML-5079. A-("2-eyes" labels) 7.00

960. DELIUS: Early Recordings, 1927-38; 1948. BEECHAM conducts Paris, Summer Night on the River, Sea Drift, Appalachia, Eventyr, Over the Hills & Far Away, In a Summer Garden, Brigg Fair, On Hearing the First Cuckoo in the Spring, Irmelin Prelude, Walk to the Paradise Garden, Songs(16), Excerpts from Florida Suite, Koanga, Hassan, Fennimore & Gerda, A Mass of Life. Labbette, soprano; Nash, tenor; Moore, piano; LPO; RPO. [Two items unpublished before this issue; also two Beecham interviews on Delius; LP transfers by the legendary A.C.Griffith] World Rec Cl SHB-32(5). A- to A(appears unplayed) 40.00

961. DELIUS: Post-War Recordings, 1946-52. BEECHAM conducts A Village Romeo & Juliet (Dowling; Sharp; Ritchie; Avis); Piano Concerto (Betty Humby Beecham); Violin Concerto (Pougnet); Songs of Sunset (Evans; Llewellyn; BBC Cho); Song of the High Hills (Hart; Jones; Luton Cho Soc); Dance Rhapsodies #1 & 2; Marche Caprice; Brigg Fair; On Hearing the First Cuckoo in the Spring; Summer Night on the River; Summer Evening; Song before Sunrise; Hassan Intermezzo & Serenade; Irmelin Prelude; Songs(5; Thomas; Suddaby). All with RPO. [three selections published here for the first time ever; transfers by A.C.Griffith] World Rec Cl SHB-54(6). A- to A(appears unplayed) 40.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
962. DVORAK: The Wood Dove; The Golden Spinning Wheel. Chalabala/CPO. [The Chalabala/CPO recordings of Dvorak's tone poems make everyone else's sound pallid!] Artia ALP-7200. A- 8.00

963.*EGGE: Violin Concerto (Wicks; Fjeldstad/Oslo Philharmonic); Piano Sonata #2; Two Fantasies (Baekkelund, piano). Philips PHS-900-210. A-(c/c) 11.00

964. ELGAR: Enigma Variations (Royal Albert Hall Orch; recorded 1926); Falstaff (LSO; recorded 1932). Composer conducts both. [transfers by A.C.Griffith] World Record Club SH-162. A- 13.00

965. ELGAR: Enigma Variations (Royal Albert Hall Orch; 1926); Serenade for Strings (LPO; 1933); Cockaigne Overture (BBC Sym; 1933). Composer conducts all. EMI ALP-1464. A- 6.00

966. ELGAR: Symphony #1 (Composer/LSO; recorded 1930); Prelude to The Kingdom (Composer/BBC Sym; rec 1933). [LP transfers by A.C.Griffith] World Rec Cl SH-139. A- 10.00

967. ELGAR: Symphony #2. Composer/LSO. [recorded 1927; includes rehearsal segment] [LP transfers by A.C.Griffith] World Record Club SH-163. A- 10.00

968. ELGAR: 3 Bavarian Dances; Chansons de Matin & Nuit; Pomp & Circumstance #1-#5; Salut d'Amour; Mazurka. Composer/Misc Orchs. [rec 1926-33; A.C.Griffith transfers] EMI HLM-7005. A- 9.00

969. ELGAR: Images of Elgar: Limited Edition boxed set includes five LP's with the composer conducting Symphonies #1 & #2; Enigma Variations; Falstaff; Violin Concerto (Menuhin); Cello Concerto (Beatrice Harrison) and choral works recorded at 1927 Hereford Festival. Also includes Jerrold Northop Moore's 1972 book (softcover), ELGAR: A Life in Photographs. It lives up to its name: 100 pages long and profusely illustrated! EMI RLS-708(5). A- to A(apparently unplayed; very slight box flaws) 45.00

970.*ENESCO: Orchestral Suites #1 & #2. Foster/Monte Carlo Phil. [dig] Erato NUM-75118. FS 10.00

971.*FRANCK: Psyche. PROKOFIEV: Sinfonietta. Dalgat/Moscow Radio. West WGS-8295. A-(c/c) 4.00

972.*FRICKER: (Peter Racine): Violin Concerto, Op.11. DON BANKS: Violin Concerto. Neaman; Del Mar/RPO. Argo ZRG-715. A- 12.00

973. FURTWANGLER: Symphony #2. Composer/BPO. [rec Dec 1951] DGG 2707 086(2). A- to A 24.00

974.*GADE: Aquarellen, Books I & II; Arabeske. SINDING: 6 Piano Pieces. Ruiz, piano. Genesis GS-1003. A- 8.00

975.*GASCOIGNE: (Brian): The Sly Cormorant and eighteen other stories by Brian Patten, read by Cleo Laine and Brian Patten. Music performed by Instrumental Ensemble including John Williams, guitar. Argo ZSW-607. FS 10.00

976. GERSHWIN: Memorial Concert: Hollywood Bowl - September 8, 1937. Various works but one full side devoted to excerpts from Porgy & Bess. Participating artists include Otto Klemperer, Oscar Levant, Fred Astaire, Al Jolson, Gladys Swarthout, Lily Pons, Ruby Elzy, Todd Duncan, Victor Young & Charles Previn. Citadel C-7025. A- to A 12.00

977. GILLIS: Tulsa - A Symphonic Portrait in Oil (Brown/Vienna Tonkunstler Orch; 1950). DANE RUDHYAR: Sinfonietta; GLANVILLE-HICKS: Three Gymnopedies (Perlea/Berlin Radio; 1953). JOHN FREEMAN: String Quartet (Koeckert Quartet; 1954; 1st issue here). Varese Sarabande VC-81046. A- 25.00

978. GILSON: (Paul): La Mer. Weemaels/Belgian National Orch. LEON JONGEN: Malaisie. Composer/Belgian National Orch. [French-only notes] London TW-91121. A--/A- 14.00

979.*GINASTERA: Concerto for Strings. BARTOK: Divertimento for Strings. Ormandy/Phila. Col M-32874. A-(demo copy; c/c) 12.00

980.*GINASTERA: Estancia & Panambi Ballet Suites. VILLA-LOBOS - Little Train of the Caipira. Goossens/LSO. Everest SDBR-3041. A-(fine late pressing) 9.00

981. GINASTERA: Pampaena #3. BERGSMA: A Carol on Twelfth Night. WARD: Euphony for Orchestra. SAUGUET: Le Trois Lys. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-545-10. A- 8.00

982. GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #1 (Akulov/Moscow Radio Orch); Carnival Overture (Ginsberg/Moscow Radio Orch). Melodiya 026137-8. A- 6.00

984.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #3. Fedoseyev/Moscow Radio Orch. EMI ASD-3993. A- to A 6.00

985.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #4 (Rachlin/Moscow Radio); Poeme Lyrique; Cortege Solinnel (Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio). EMI ASD-3238. A- 6.00

986.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #7 (Fedoseyev/Moscow Radio Sym); Oriental Rhapsody (Dudarova/Moscow Sym). EMI/Odeon ASD-3504. A- 6.00

987.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #8. Svetlanov/Moscow Radio Orch. Melodiya 33C-0437-38. A- 6.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
988.*GLAZOUNOV: The Seasons. Khaikin/Moscow Radio. Mel-Angel SR-40088. A-(s/s) 6.00

989.*GLAZOUNOV: Theme & Variations, Op.72; Piano Sonata #2; Idylle, Op.103. Elena Glazounov, piano (composer's daughter!). [German-only notes] Colosseum SM-615. A- 6.00

990. GOMEZ: (Julio): Suite en La (Composer/Orquesta Sinfonica Espanola). FALLA: Three-Cornered Hat (Argenta/Spanish National Orch). Montilla FM-LD-18. A- 12.00

991. GOULD: (Morton): Piano Works - Pavanne; Prima Donna; Child Prodigy; American Caprice; Tropical; Ballerina; Deserted Ballroom; Gavotte. Composer, piano. [10-inch] Decca DL-5067. B(most is A--, but some light scratches) 12.00

992.*GOULD: Burchfield Gallery; Apple Waltzes. Composer/American Symphony. [dig] RCA ARC1-5019. A- to A(c/c) 12.00

993.*GRUENBERG: (Louis): Five Variations on a Popular Theme (Kohon String Quartet); The Daniel Jazz (text by Vachel Lindsay; William Lewis, tenor; Kohon Ens). Amrex LTG-0100-101. FS 15.00

994. HANSON: Symphony #2. MacDOWELL: Piano Concerto #2 (Sanroma). Hanson/ERSO. Col ML-4638. A-("6-eyes" labels) 12.00

995.*HANSON: Symphony #6. THOMSON: Louisiana Story Suite. Landau/Music for Westchester Sym (Hanson); Westphalian Sym (Thomson). Turnabout TVS-34534. A- 8.00

996. HANUS: (Jan): Concertante Symphony for Organ, Harp & Strings. Ancerl/CPO). EUGEN SUCHON: Balladic Suite for Large Orchestra. Jiracek/CPO. [Musica Nova Bohemica & Slovenica, Volume #3; the Hanus is wonderful!] Supraphon SUA-10046. A- 16.00

997. HARRIS: Fantasy for Piano & Orchestra (Johana Harris, piano; Solomon/MGM Sym); Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight [cantata for mezzo-soprano, violin, cello & piano] (Tangeman; Thaviu; Salzman; J. Harris). MGM E-3210. B/B+(varies) 9.00

998.*HARRIS: Folksong Symphony 1940. Golschmann/American Fest Cho/Orch. Vanguard VSD-2082. A- 9.00

1000.*HARRISON (Lou): Piano Concerto (Jarrett; Otomo/New Japan Philharmonic; live, 1986); Suite for Violin, Piano & Small Orch (L.Stoltzman; Jarrett; Hughes/Ins Ens). New World NW-366. A- to A(c/c) 12.00

1001. HARRISON: (Lou): Suite for Symphonic Strings. IVES: Decoration Day. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-621. A- 8.00

1002.*HAYDN: Symphony #101 & #102. Davis/ACO. Philips 9500 679. FS 7.00

1003.*HINDEMITH: Kammermusik #2, Op.36, #1. GOFFREDO PETRASSI: Noche Oscura - Cantata for Mixed Chorus & Orchestra. Mester/Louisville Orch; Choruses of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Louisville LS-684. A-(blank cover; includes notes) 8.00

1004.*HINDEMITH: Pittsburgh Symphony (Horvat); Nobilissima Visione (Swarowsky). Austrian Broadcast Sym in both. Classical Excellence CE-11026. A- 9.00

1005. HINDEMITH: The Four Temperaments (Otte, piano); Symphonic Dances. Composer/BPO. [recorded 1954/55; German-only notes] Heliodor 2548 724. A- to A 12.00

1006.*HODDINOTT: Investiture Dances. EDWARD HARPER (b.1941): Bartok Games. ANTHONY STRILKO: The Meditation of Hermes Trismegistis. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-758. A- 8.00

1007.*HOLMBOE: (Vagn; 1909-96): Symphony #7 (Frandsen/Danish Radio Orch). PER NORGARD: "Luna" for Orchestra (Blomstedt/Danish Radio Orch). PELLE GUDMUNDSEN-HOLMGREENZ: Tricolore IV (Schmidt/Danish Radio Orch). Dansk Musik Antologi DGG DMA-018. A- to A 6.00

1008.*HOLST: Ballet Music from The Golden Goose; Capriccio; Double Concerto for Two Violins (Hurwitz; Sillito); Two Songs Without Words. Imogen Holst/ECO. [from Lyrita SRCS-44] MHS 1452. A-(s/s) 4.00

1009.*HOVHANESS: Triptych: Ave Maria, Christmas Ode, Easter Cantata. Valente, soprano; Antonini/Bamberg Symphony Members. KAREL HUSA: Mosaiques (Composer/Stockholm Sym). WILLARD STRAIGHT (b.1930): Development for Orchestra (Stanger/LPO). CRI SD-221. A- 10.00

1010.*IVES: Three Places in New England (Ormandy/Phila); Washington's Birthday (Bernstein/NYP); Robert Browning Ov (Stokowski/American Sym). Col MS-7015. A- 9.00

1011.*JANACEK: Sinfonietta; Taras Bulba. Neumann/CPO. [dig] Supraphon 1110 3400. FS 6.00

1012.*JARRETT: Book of Ways (nineteen pieces for solo keyboard). Keith Jarrett, clavichord. ECM 1344/45(2). FS(c/c) 16.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1013. KALACHEVSKY: Ukrainian Symphony. Rakhlin/USSR Sym. [no notes - apparently as issued] Melodiya 5289-80. A- 12.00

1014. KORN: (Peter Jona; b.1922): Variations on a Tune from The Beggars Opera. LOU HARRISON: Four Strict Songs for Eight Baritones & Orch (Bingham; Members of Southern Baptist Theological Seminar Cho). Whitney/Louisville Orch. [In blank cover; notes included] Louisville LOU-582. A- 8.00

1015. LECUONA: Eighteen short piano works performed by the composer (Malaguena, Andalucia, etc). RCA LPM-1055. A- 10.00

1016.+MAHLER: Symphony # 5 (Walter/NYP); Kindertotenlieder (Ferrier; Walter/VPO). Odyssey 32 26 0016(2). A- 16.00

1017. MALIPIERO: Fantasie di Ogni Giorno. VITTORIO RIETI: Introduzione e Gioco Delle Ore. ERNEST BACON: The Enchanted Island. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-545-11. A-(in blank jacket; includes notes insert) 8.00

1018. MARQUIS DE CUEVAS: Musiques des Ballets, Vol 1 - L'Aigrette; L'Oiseau Bleu. Cloez/Grand Orch du Marquis de Cuevas (Saison de Paris, 1953-54). [French-only notes] London TWV-91048. A--(bit of minor crackle outside grooves) 11.00

1019. MARTIN: Concerto for Violin (Kling). BLOCH: Proclamation for Trumpet & Orchestra (Raper). TOSHIRO MAYUZUMI: Pieces for Prepared Piano & Strings (Owen). Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-636. A- 12.00

1020. MARTINU: Estampes. NICOLAI LOPATNIKOFF: Music for Orchestra. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-596. A- 8.00

1021.*MARTINU: Piano Sonata #1; Etudes & Polkas, Books I-III. Radoslav Kvapil, piano. [DMM] Bis LP-234. A- to A 7.00

1022. MCDONALD: (Harl): Children's Symphony (On Familiar Tunes) (Composer/Phila). MAX BRAND: The Wonderful One-Horse Shay (Ormandy/Phila). [10-inch] Col ML-2141. B+(Brand)(McDonald is B to B-) 9.00

1023. MENDELSSOHN: 2-Piano Concerti in A-flat (Frugoni; Taddei; Moralt/Vienna Sym) & E (Frugoni; Mrazek; Swarowsky/Vienna Pro Musica. Vox PL-10 540. A- 8.00

1024.*MESSAGER: Isoline (ballet excerpts); Les Deux Pigeons (ballet excerpts). HAHN: Le Bal de Beatrice d'Este. Jacquillat/Paris Orch. [French-only notes] Pathe C-053-10017. A- 6.00

1025.*MESSIAEN: Et Expecto Resurrectionem Mortuorum; Couleurs de la Cite Celeste. Loriod; Boulez/Domaine Musical Orch; Percussion de Strasbourg Ens. Col MS-7356. A-("2-eyes" labels) 6.00

1026.*MIASKOVSKY: Symphony #22. YEVGENY SVETLANOV: Festive Poem. Svetlanov/USSR Sym. EMI ASD-3062. A- 7.00

1027.*MIASKOVSKY: Violin Concerto in d, Op.44. Feigin; Dmitriev/Mwoscow Radio. Melodiya 33C10-05161-62. A- 12.00

1028. MILHAUD: Kentuckiana. MARTINU: Intermezzo. LUKAS FOSS: A Parable of Death (Zorina, narrator; Stevens, tenor; Southern Baptist Seminary Cho). Whitney/Louisville Orch (in all). Col ML-4859. A-("6-eyes" labels) 12.00

1029. MILHAUD: Suite Francaise (Composer/NYP). IBERT: Escales (Rodzinski/NYP). [10-inch] Col ML-2093. B 6.00

1030.*MOSZKOWSKI: Piano Concerto, Op.59 (Stracke/Phil Hungarica); Piano pieces - Caprice Espagnol; Etude in F; Etinselles; Venusberg Bacchanale (paraphrase for piano); Danse Boheme (after Carmen). Ponti, piano. Candide CE-31030. A- 8.00

1031.*MOZART: Symphonies #25 - #41. Bohm/BPO. [deluxe box] DGG 2721 007(7). A- to A 14.00

1032. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #1: #1 - #5. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18861. A- 5.00

1033. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #2: #6 - #9. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18862. A- 5.00

1034. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #3: #10-13. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18863. A- 5.00

1035. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #4: #14-17. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18864. A- 5.00

1036. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #5: #18-20. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18782. A- 5.00

1037. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #6: #21-24. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18756. A- 5.00

1038. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #7: #25-28. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18675. 5.00

1039. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #8: #29-32. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18216. A- 5.00

1040. MOZART: Symphonies, Volume #9: #33+34. Leinsdorf/PSOL. Westminster XWN-18186. A- 5.00

1041.*MUCZYNSKI (Robert; 1929-2010): Sonata for Cello & Piano. RACHMANINOFF: Sonata for Cello & Piano. Gordon Epperson, cello; Muczynski, piano. Coronet 3000S. A- 10.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1042. NABOKOV:(Nicholas): Symbolie Chrestiani for Baritone & Orch (Pickett). ALEXEI HAIEFF: Ballet in E. Whitney/Louisville Sym. [bl cov; w/notes insert] Louisville LOU-581. A- 8.00

1043.*NIELSEN: Piano Music - Chaconne; Three Pieces; Suite, Op.45; Humoresque-Bagatelles. Robert Hamilton. Orion ORS-84469. A- 9.00

1044.*NIELSEN: The Six Symphonies; Concerti for Clarinet (Stevennson), Violin (Tellefsen) & Flute (Lemsser); Symphonic Rhapsody; Andante Lamentoso; Bohemian/Danish Folk Tune; Helios Overture; Saga-Dream; Pan & Syrinx; Imaginary Trip to the Faroe Islands. Blomstedt/Danish Radio Orch. EMI SLS-5027(8). 35.00

1045.*NONO: Sofferte onde Serene (piano & tape; Pollini, pf); A Floresta a Jovern e Cheja de Vida (for soprano, voices, clarinet, copper plates & tape; Canino/Ens). DGG 2531 004. A- to A 8.00

1046.*PADEREWSKI: Fantasy on Polish Themes for Piano & Orch (Wagner/Innsbruck Sym). ARENSKY: Fantasy on Russian Epic Themes (Waldhans/Brno Phil). Blumental (both). Turnabout TVS-34345. A- 6.00

1047.*PADEREWSKI: Piano Concerto. LUDOMIR ROZYCKI (1884-1953): Ballade for Piano & Orch. Hesse-Bukowska; Krenz/Polish Radio Orch. Muza SX-196. A-- 8.00

1048.*PETTERSSON: Symphony # 7. Dorati/Stockholm Philharmonic. Swedish Society Discofil SLT-33194. A- to A 9.00

1049. PFITZNER: Symphony in C, Op.46 (BPO); Liebesmelodie aus "Das Herz" (BPO); Three Preludes from Palestrina (Staatskapelle Berlin); Das Christ-Elflein Overture (Staatskapelle Berlin Members). [All are conducted by the composer; recorded 1931-1940; German-only notes] Heliodor 88 014. A- 12.00

1050.*PIJPER: (Willem; 1894-1947): Symphony #1 (Dufallo), #2 (van Driesten) & #3 (Dufallo); Six Symphonic Epigrams (Rattle); Cello Concerto (van Staalen; Vis); Violin Concerto (Hettema; Vis); Piano Concerto (Bruins; van Driesten); Six Adagios (van Driesten). Rotterdam Philharmonic in all. Composer's Voice-1987/3(2). A- to A 18.00

1051. PISTON: Serenata. DAVID VAN VACTOR (b.1906): Fantasia, Chaconne & Allegro. NIELS VIGGO BENTZON (b.1919): Pezzi Sinfonici. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-586. A- 8.00

1052. POULENC: Piano Concerto (Dervaux/Pasdeloup Orch); Three Piano Pieces. MILHAUD: Suite for Violin, Clarinet & Piano (Parrenin; Delecluze). Annette Haas-Hamburger, piano (in all). Period SPL-563. A-- 9.00

1053. PROKOFIEV: The Meeting of the Volga and the Don (Symphonic Poem, Op.130); Classical Symphony. Samosud/Moscow Philharmonic. [10-inch] Melodiya 3804/05. A- 12.00

1054.*PROKOFIEV: Visions Fugitives. BRITTEN: Simple Symphony. Barshai/Moscow Ch Orch. [notes in Cyrillic only] Melodiya CM-02813-14. A- 9.00

1055.*RACHMANINOFF: Symphony #1. Ormandy/Phila. [1st stereo recording, 1966] Col MS-6986. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 6.00

1056.*RANGSTROM: Symphony #3 ("Song Under the Stars") (Furst/Helsingborgs Sym); King Erik's Songs; Two Songs (Hagegard, baritone; Frandsen/Helsingborgs Sym). Swedish EMI 7C061-35774. A- to A 6.00

1057.*RAVEL: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand; Concerto in G. Francois; Cluytens/PCO. Angel S-35874. A-(c/c) 9.00

1058.*RAVEL: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand; Concerto in G; Valses Nobles et Sentimentales (piano); La Valse. Fowke, piano; Baudo/LPO. EMI EMX-2146. A- to A 9.00

1059.*RAVEL: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand. PROKOFIEV: Concerto #3.

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