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Rubinstein; Wallenstein/Orch. Short pieces by Falla, Villa-Lobos, Liszt, Prokofiev, Schumann. [Wilcox; Layton] [TAS 65:156L] [SD; 3S/3S] A- 15.00

813.*LSC-2573: RICHARD VERREAU, Tenor: Romance - Six Neapolitan songs; six French songs of similar style. Grassi/RCA Victor Orch. [Apparently issued in Canada only; notes are in both English and French; first copy I've seen!] [Canadian SD] B 10.00

814.*LSC-2593: INSPIRATION - Religiously inspired works by Bach, Beethoven, Humperdinck, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Gluck, plus Doxology. Stokowski/New Sym, London; Luboff/His Choir. [Gerhardt] [SD; 11S/12S] A- 12.00

815.*LSC-2609: STRAUSS - Also Sprach Zarathustra. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton] [TAS 44:128; Grammy Award: Best Classical Engineering, 1962] [SD; 15S/10S] A- 25.00

816.*LSC-2614: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #6. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 17S/19S] A- 20.00

817.*LSC-2658: JULES BRUYERE, Baritone - Songs of Gounod(4), Berthomieu, Duparc(2), Durante, Donaudy, Tosti(3) & Verdi. Charles Reiner, piano. [LeBlanc; Bragg] [Scarce! Apparently issued in Canada only; notes in French & English] [Canadian SD] A- to B+ 21.00

818.*LSC-2664: RAVEL - Bolero; La Valse; Pavane for a Dead Princess. Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 2S/10S] A- 16.00

819.*LSC-2701: SCHUMANN - Symphony #4. BEETHOVEN - Leonore Overture #3. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 8S/8S] A- 6.00

820.*LSC-2715: BRAHMS - Piano Trio #2. BEETHOVEN - Piano Trio in G ("Kakadu" Variations). Graffman; Senofsky; Trepel. [Dellheim; Crawford & Keville; tough to find this in so quiet a pressing] [SD; 5S/5S] A-(superficial mark does not sound) 24.00

821.*LSC-2724: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #1. Cliburn; Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [WD; 11S/15S] A- 12.00

822.*LSC-2742: HAYDN - Symphonies #95 & 101. Reiner/His Sym. [Mohr; Layton; Reiner's last recording, w/NY pickup group; Sept 1963] [SD; 3S/7S] A--/A-(few tks beg sd 1 - #101) 17.00

823.*LSC-2746: RHAPSODY - Roumanian #1; Hungarian #6; Rhapsody in Blue (Wild); Espana. Fiedler/BPS. [WD; 7S/8S] A--(occ tks from lgt abrasions) 7.00

824.*LSC-2757: WORLD'S GREATEST MARCHES - Tannhauser, Rakoczy, Marche Slav, Stars & Stripes (Leinsdorf/BSO); Radetzky, Pomp & Circumstance #1, French Military, Procession of Nobles (Mlada), Valdres, National Emblem (Fiedler/Boston Pops). [Mohr; Salvatore and Dellheim; Keville] [Rather scarce disc (only my 3rd copy since 1988), and the only issue I can recall, apart from samplers and Boston special issues, which includes both BSO & Boston Pops recordings on the same disc] [SD; 1S/7S] A- 18.00

825.*LSC-2786: CHANTS OF THE CHURCH - Twenty-three Gregorian Chants. Dom David Nicholson/Choir of the Abbey of Mount Angel (Oregon). [Mohr; Layton; obscure issue! - very late item for Layton - the first copy I've ever seen] [ND; 1S/2S] RCA LSC-2786. A- 15.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
826.*LSC-2802: MIKLOS ROZSA - Overture to a Symphony Concert; Three Hungarian Sketches; Theme, Variations & Finale; Notturna Ungherese. Composer/RCA Italiana Orch. [Mohr; Salvatore] [Very scarce item: only in print from June 1965 until March 1967] [WD; 1S/2S] A- 25.00

827.*LSC-2807: VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS - Serenade to Music. Kaynes; Anderson; Ousley; Knitzer; Van Cliburn/Interlochen Youth Orchestra & Cho. TAYLOR - Through the Looking Glass. Maddy/Interlochen Youth Orch. [Obscure LP only in print 7/65 - 9/67; the only example I know of Cliburn conducting; includes a list of all the Interlochen Youth Orchestra members, 1964] [WD; 1S/1S] A- 12.00

828.*LSC-2816: STRAUSS - Don Juan. RESPIGHI - Feste Romane. Mehta/LA Phil. [Mohr; Salvatore; 1st recording Mehta made with LA - and the only one for RCA] [WD; 10S/14S] A- 11.00

829.*LSC-2859: KODALY - Hary Janos Suite; Peacock Variations. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Salvatore; notes by Kodaly; one of my very favorite Leinsdorf/BSO discs - very open, unbuttoned & exciting] FS(c/c) 16.00

830.*LSC-2882: MORE HIGHLIGHTS FROM AN EVENING AT THE POPS: BRITTEN - Matinees Musicales. MENDELSSOHN - Piano Concerto #1 (Susan Starr). COLE PORTER GREATS (7). Fiedler/BPS [live; Dellheim; Keville]. [WD; 1S/1S] A- 8.00

831.*LSC-2914: VARESE - Arcana. MARTIN - Concerto for 7 Winds, Timpani, Percussion & String Orchestra. Martinon/CSO. [Scott; Keville; TAS 4:234; Martinon's 2nd and final recording in pre-renovation Orchestra Hall] [WD; 2S/1S] A-(lovely!) 24.00

832.*LSC-2917: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #1. Rubinstein; Leinsdorf/BSO. [Wilcox; Salvatore] [WD; 5S/7S] A- 11.00

833.*LSC-2928: TALES FROM VIENNA - Music by the Strauss family - Egyptian March; Fireproof, Champagne, & Excursion Train Polkas; Gypsy Baron Overture; 3 more. Fiedler/Boston Pops. [Dellheim; Keville] [WD; 3S/1S] A- 7.00

834.*LSC-2944: OLD TIMERS' NIGHT AT THE POPS. BIZET - Carmen Suite. BACH - Air. BIGELOW - Our Director March. Two medleys, "America Sings" & album title w/live Sym Hall audience singing along. Fiedler/BPS. [live; Dellheim; Keville]. [ND; 2S/4S] A- 10.00

835.*LSC-2946: IRISH NIGHT AT THE POPS - Irish Suite (Anderson), Danny Boy, Old MacDonald, Look Sharp!, Count of Luxembourg Waltzes, George M. Cohan Medley. Fiedler/BPS. [Live; Dellheim; Keville; fine festive ambiance] [ND; 3S/2S] A- 12.00

836.*LSC-2958: NIELSEN - Symphony #4; Helios Overture. Martinon/CSO. [Scott; Goodman; 1st recording made in post-renovation Orchestra Hall, October 1966 (Helios recorded in December)] [ND; 3S/2S] A- 20.00

837.*LSC-2969: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #7; Coriolan Overture. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Philhower; oddly scarce] [ND; 4S/4S] A-(c/c) 16.00

838.*LSC-2987: DANCES OF DOWLAND (16). Julian Bream, lute. [ND; 6S/5S] A- 7.00

839.*LSC-3121: PROKOFIEV - Piano Concerto #5. Browning. WEILL - Excerpts from The Threepenny Opera. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Dellheim; Keville] [ND; 4S/5S] A-(c/c) 10.00

840.*LSC-3158: GRIEG - Symphonic Dances; Norwegian Dances. Gould/NPO. [ND; 7S/7S] A- 5.00

841.*LSC-3178: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Symphony #4; Violin Concerto (Buswell). Previn/LSO. [Dellheim; Wilkinson] [ND; 2S/4S] A- 7.00

842.*LSC-3193: Almeida In The Underworld. Overtures - Orpheus in Hades, Bronze Horse, Zampa, Mignon; Faust Ballet Music. de Almeida/NPO. [Mohr; Salvatore] [ND; 5S/3S] A- 10.00

843.*LSC-3280: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Symphony #9; Three Portraits from "The England of Elizabeth." [TAS 2:92] [ND; 2S/2S] A- 7.00

844.*LSC-6147(3): VERDI - Macbeth. Warren; Rysanek; Hines; Bergonzi; Olvis; Leinsdorf/Metropolitan Opera. [Mohr; Layton; WD labels; 4S/4S/8S/5S/4S/4S] A- 24.00

845.*LSP-2129: MUSIC OF VICTOR HERBERT - George Melachrino/His Orch. [BL; 1S/1S] A- 8.00

846.*LSS-2385: POULENC - La Voix Humaine (text by Jean Cocteau). Duval; Pretre; Paris Opera Comique. [Deluxe Soria Series issue in box with 22-page Sykes book including many Cocteau drawings] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 45.00

847.*PGL1-9077 (GERMAN): BEETHOVEN - Symphony #7; Fidelio Overture. Reiner/CSO. [TAS re US issue on LSC-1991: 63:178; recorded December, 1955; lovely German pressing!] FS 21.00

848.*RL-25035(2) (BRITISH): KHACHATURIAN - Gayne (Ballet Suites #1, #2 & #3). Tjeknavorian/National Philharmonic. [Gerhardt; Auger; TAS 12:530; spectacular production all the way; Tristan Frey's percussion solo in Lezghinka must be heard to be believed!] A- to A 24.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
849.*RL-25136(2) (BRITISH): SIBELIUS - Complete Tone Poems: En Saga; Luonnotar (Bryn-Julson, soprano); Finlandia; Spring Song; The Bard; The Dryad; Pohjola's Daughter; Night-Ride and Sunrise; The Oceanides; Tapiola. Gibson/Scottish National Orchestra. [Walker; Couzens; August 1977] A- 14.00

850.*VICS-1023: MENDELSSOHN - Midsummer Night's Dream (4 Excerpts). SCHUBERT - Rosamunde (4 Excerpts). Monteux/VPO. [From LM-2223; this was apparently first stereo release, at least in the U.S] [PL; 6S/2S] A-(quite scarce in a fine pressing) 24.00

851.*VICS-1025: TCHAIKOVSKY - 1812 Overture. DEBUSSY - Iberia. LISZT - Mephisto Waltz. Reiner/CSO. [from LSC-2241 (1812 & Liszt); LSC-2222; TAS 34:179] [PL; 10S/10S] A- 11.00

852.*VICS-1026: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #2. Gilels; Reiner/CSO. [from LSC-2219; TAS 78:146] [PL; 2S/7S] A- 20.00

853.*VICS-1028: BRAHMS - Violin Concerto. Szeryng; Monteux/LSO. [Grand Prix du Disque; from LSC-2281; TAS 65:176-8] [PL; 4S/1S] A- 16.00

854.*VICS-1031: BERLIOZ - Symphonie Fantastique. Monteux/VPO. [from LSC-2362; PL; 6S/4S] A- 18.00

855.*VICS-1060: RAVEL - Mother Goose Suite. DUKAS - Sorcerer's Apprentice. d'INDY - Symphony on a French Mountain Air. Henriot-Schweitzer; Munch/BSO. [from LSC-2292(TAS 64:127) & LSC-2271(TAS 60:134-5)] [Pink; 5S/7S] A- 7.00

856.*VICS-1065: WAGNER - Siegfried's Rhine Journey; Magic Fire Music; Tannhauser Overture & Venusberg Music. Munch/BSO. [from LM-2119; never in stereo on LP until this issue] [PL; 5S/4S] A-(was FS; opened only to determine stampers) 32.00

857.*VICS-1069: SIBELIUS - Finlandia; Valse Triste; King Christian II Suite (Elegie & Musette); Pelleas et Melisande (Entr'acte). GRIEG: Wedding Day at Troldhaugen; Two Melodies; Two Elegiac Melodies. MacKerras/London Proms Orch. [Walker; Wilkinson; from LSC-2336; TAS 73:195] [PL; 4S/1S] A- 10.00

858.*VICS-1167: MOZART - Piano Concerto #25 (Andre Tchaikovsky); Don Giovanni Overture. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; from the very scarce LSC-2287] [Pink; 4S/3S] A- 12.00

859.*VICS-1168: WALTON - Facade Suites. LECOCQ - Mamzelle Angot Suite. Fistoulari/ROHCG. [Williamson; Wilkinson; from the rare, highly sought-after LSC-2285, which was only in print from 10/59 - 3/62. This VICS issue is not much more common: issued in February 1966, it was dropped from the catalog in August 1969. See TAS 69:152; 75/76:72-6] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 18.00

860.*VICS-1170: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #2; King Stephan & Fidelio Overtures. Monteux/LSO. [1st issue: never on LM/LSC] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 16.00

861.*VICS-1199: STRAUSS - Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Suite. RAVEL - Valses Nobles et Sentimentales; Alborada del Gracioso; Pavan. Reiner/CSO. [Ravel from LSC-2222 & LSC-2183; Strauss from LM-6047(mono); first stereo release of the Strauss on disc] [PL; 1S/1S] A-(superb copy of 1st pressing) 25.00

862.*VICS-1266: SHAKESPEARIAN SONGS AND CONSORT MUSIC. Deller Consort. [first release on VICS - no LM/LSC equivalent] [PL; 2S/1S] A- 6.00

863.*VICS-1366: MOZART - Symphony #41. HAYDN - Symphony #88. Reiner/CSO. [From 1969 & thus never in a plum-label pressing; the first stereo LP release of the Mozart (from LM-6035); Haydn was from LSC-6087] [Pink; 2S/2S] A- 13.00

864.*VICS-1379: VILLA-LOBOS - Rudepoema. BUSONI - Six Elegies. David Bean, piano. [Gardner, engineer; no producer listed; first release: no LSC-series issue] [Pink; 1S/1S] A-(c/c) 9.00

865.*VICS-1392: STRAUSS - Final Scene from Salome (Inge Borkh); Don Juan (1954 recording). Reiner/CSO. [TAS 100:220; 1st issue of either of these in stereo except on 2-track tape; issued 1969 and never available in a plum-label pressing] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 24.00

866.*VICS-1412: PROKOFIEV - Romeo & Juliet Excerpts. Munch/BSO. [From mono-only LM-2110: this Victrola was its first stereo issue in any format; never in plum label] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 12.00

867.*VICS-6003(2): BEETHOVEN - Symphony #9; Overtures - Fidelio, Leonore #3, Coriolan. Price; Forrester; Poleri; Tozzi (soloists in 9th); Munch/BSO. FS(c/c) 18.00

868.*VICS-6036(2): HANDEL - Complete Op.3 Concerti Grossi; Concerto in C (from Alexander's Feast). Collegium Aureum. [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 4.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label
869.*ARGO ZRG--573: ELGAR - Introduction & Allegro; Serenade for Strings; Elegy for Strings; Spanish Lady Suite; Sospiri. Marriner/ASMF. A- 9.00

870.*ARGO ZRG--578: PALESTRINA - Veni Sponsa Christi. Guest/Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge. A- 6.00

871.*ARGO ZRG--602: A FLORENTINE FESTIVAL - Music Written for Ferdinand de Medici by Monteverdi, Marenzio, Festa, Tromboncino, Anon., Cara & da Nola. Morrow & Beckett/Musica Reservata. A- 6.00

872.*ARGO ZRG-756: MESSIAEN - Chronochromie. KOECHLIN - Les Bandar-Log. BOULEZ - Les Soleil des Eaux. Dorati/BBC Sym (Boulez/BBC Sym; Cho; soloists in Soleil). [TAS 10:249; 11:387; 73:148] FS! 32.00

873.*COMMAND CC-11025: VIRGIL FOX PLAYS THE JOHN WANAMAKER GRAND COURT ORGAN: Works of Wagner, Vierne, Bach, Mulet, Elgar & Faure. [Light; Fine; 35mm film recording] [gold labels] A- 12.00

874.*COMMAND CC-11040: BACH - Prelude & Fugue in e; Rejoice, Beloved Christians. REGER: Fantasie on Chorale, "How Brightly Shines the Morning Star." GIGOUT: Toccata. Virgil Fox, organ. [Eberenz, engineer; fold-open album; gold labels] A- 10.00

875.*DECCA SET-630: BARTOK - Bluebeard's Castle. Kovats; Sass; Solti/LPO. [Raeburn; Wilkinson & Atkinson; Kingsway Hall, 1979] [FFSS labels] A- to A(lovely Dutch pressing) 10.00

876.*DECCA SXL-2170/1: PUCCINI - La Boheme. Tebaldi; Bergonzi; Siepi; Corena; Bastianini; Serafin/ASCR. [FFSS labels] A- 25.00

877.*DGG 2530 048: CARL RUGGLES - Sun Treader. IVES - Three Places in New England. Tilson Thomas/BSO. [recorded 1/26/70(Ives; first BSO/DGG session) & 3/24/70(Ruggles)] A- to A 12.00

878.*DGG 2530 078: TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #1. Tilson-Thomas/BSO. [rec 3/23/70] FS(c/c) 12.00

879.*DGG 2530 102: HOLST - The Planets. Steinberg/BSO. [rec Sept 28 & Oct 12, 1970] A- to A 12.00

880.*ELECTROLA 1C063-02 633: BRUCKNER - Symphony #2. Giulini/Vienna Symphony. [Christopher Bishop, producer; Christopher Parker, engineer; quad] A- to A 18.00

881.*EMI ASD-2400: MUSIC OF THE FOUR COUNTRIES. EDWARD GERMAN - Welsh Rhapsody. HAMISH MacCUNN - The Land of the Mountain & Flood. ETHEL SMITH - The Wreckers Overture. HAMILTON HARTY - With the Wild Geese. Gibson/Scottish National Orch. A- 18.00

882.*EMI ASD-2637: BRITTEN - St. Nicholas. Tear; Russell; Willcocks/ASMF; King's College Cho. A- 5.00

883.*EMI ASD-2672: ELGAR - Crown of India Suite; Coronation & Imperial Marches; Woodland Interlude & Triumphal March from Caractacus; Meditation from The Light of Life. Groves/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. [Culverhouse; Eltham] A- to A 9.00

884.*EMI ASD-2753: SAINT-SAENS - Carnival of the Animals. FAURE - Ballade. LITOLFF - Scherzo from Concerto Symphonique #4. Brenda Lucas, 2nd piano in Carnival; Ogdon; Fremaux/City of Birmingham Sym. [Culverhouse; Eltham] A- 7.00

885.*EMI ASD-2913: MOERAN - Symphony in g. Dilkes/English Sinfonia. [Mottley; Boyling; TAS 5:75; 73:148L] A- 16.00

886.*EMI ASD-3173: STRAUSS - Alpine Symphony. Kempe/Dresden State Orch. [Mottley; Strueben; quad] A- to A 9.00

887.*EMI CSD-3779: TALLAS - The Lamentations of Jeremiah. BYRD: Six Motets. Perrin; Hume; Thompson; Holdt; Carrington; Bay; The King's Singers. [Christopher Bishop, producer; Christopher Parker, engineer; quad; 1977] A- 9.00

888.*EMI SXLP-30236: WALTON - Belshazzar's Feast (Bell, baritone; PO Cho); Partita for Orchestra. Composer/PO. [Jellinek; Davidson] A- 6.00

889.*EMI SXLP-30314: BERLIOZ - Harold in Italy. Menuhin; Davis/PO. [Olof; Boyling] A- 6.00

890.*EMI/ODEON CSD-1612: C.P.E. BACH - Magnificat in D. Vyvyan; Watts; Brown; Hemsley; Geraint Jones/His Singers & Orch. A-(s/s) 5.00

891.*EPIC BC-1112: HANDEL - Water Music Suite. J.C. BACH - Sinfonias #2 & #4, Op.18. Van Beinum/ACO. [radial label] A- 6.00

892.+ERA-1001: AMERICAN MUSIC FOR SOLO WINDS & STRING ORCHESTRA by Barlow, Rogers, Kennan, Keller, Copland, Hanson(2). Hanson/ERSO. [very unobtrusive electronic stereo; from Mercury MG-40003] [PR-2/PR-2] A- 13.00

893.*LAUREL LR-120: BLOCH - String Quartet #1. Pro Arte Quartet (Paulu; M & R Blum; Karp). [Herschel Gilbert, producer; Bernie Grundman, engineer] A- 6.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Labels - continued
894.*LAUREL LR-126: BLOCH - Quartet #2; Prelude; Night; Two Pieces. Pro Arte Quartet (Paulu; M & R Blum; Karp). [Gilbert; Grundman; analog recording, c.1984] A- 6.00

895.*LYRITA SRCS--36: JOHN IRELAND - Piano Concerto (Parkin); These Things Shall Be (Case, baritone); LPO Cho. Boult/LPO (in both). A- 6.00

896.*LYRITA SRCS--37: BAX - November Woods. HOLST - A Fugal Overture. MOERAN - Sinfonietta. Boult/LPO. [TAS 39:146] A- 12.00

897.*LYRITA SRCS--54: BAX - Symphony #2. Fredman/LPO. [TAS 60:126] A- 12.00

898.*LYRITA SRCS--58: BAX - Symphony #5. Leppard/LPO. [TAS 60:126] A- 12.00

899.*LYRITA SRCS-104: FRANK BRIDGE - Oration (Concerto Elegiaco for Cello & Orchestra); Two Poems; Allegro Moderato for String Orchestra. J. Lloyd Webber, cello; Braithwaite/LPO. [TAS 33:98] A- 12.00

900.*MOBILE FIDELITY MFSL 1-513: DEBUSSY - La Mer; Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun. RAVEL - Bolero. Karajan/BPO. [Glotz; Gulich; half-speed mastered from EMI/Angel originals; Japanese pressing] 12.00

901.*OISEAU-LYRE SOL-60050: STRAVINSKY - Danses Concertantes; Dumbarton Oaks Concerto; Concerto in C for String Orchestra. Davis/ECO. A- 9.00

902.*PHILIPS 6880 046: LISZT - Piano Concerti #1 & 2. Richter; Kondrashin/KSO. [Old Mercury team on one of only two or three they did for Philips (and the only one acknowledged on an album cover) - Cozart, Lawrence, Fine & Piros; 35mm film recording] A- to A 14.00

903.*PHILIPS FH--7 (JAPANESE): TCHAIKOVSKY - 1812 Overture (Dorati/Mpls). BEETHOVEN - Wellington's Victory (Dorati/LSO). [from Mercury originals, of course; Japanese-only notes] Philips FH-7. A- to A(silky Japanese pressing) 14.00

904.*PHILIPS FH-10 (JAPANESE): STRAVINSKY - Le Sacre du Printemps. Haitink/LPO. ["Audio Clinic" series; Japanese-only notes; recorded Walthamstow, 1973] A- to A 6.00

905.*READER'S DIGEST RCA-29(4): RACHMANINOFF - The Four Piano Concerti; Isle of the Dead. Wild; Horenstein/RPO. [Gerhardt; Wilkinson; TAS 44:183-4; 65:158L] A-(with photocopy of notes booklet) 45.00

906.*READER'S DIGEST RD-34(7): BEETHOVEN - The Nine Symphonies. Borkh; Siewert; Lewis; Weber; Beecham Choral Soc (in 9th); Leibowitz/RPO. [Gerhardt, producer; TAS 60:126] A-(rare, brief ticks from light blemishes) 38.00

907.*TELARC DG-10039: STRAVINSKY - Firebird Suite. BORODIN - Overture; Polovetsian Dances. Shaw/Atlanta Sym; and Chorus in Dances. [Woods; Renner; very early digital: recorded June 1978] A- to A 12.00

908.*ULTRAGROOVE UG-7003: TCHAIKOVSKY - Capriccio Italien. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Capriccio Espagnole. Fiedler/BPS. [digtally recorded at the same time as the direct-to-disc recording on Crystal Clear CCS-7003; TAS re that version: 12:522-3; 13:88; 21/22:188; recorded October 31 & November 1, 1977; notes claim it to be Fiedler's only digital recording, and only the second commercial digital session held in the USA] A- to A 16.00

909. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7024: HAYDN - Symphony #100 Scherchen/PSOL. [Infamous example of Westminster's "natural balance," wherein the triangle in the 2nd movement is so closely miked that it sounds like it belongs on a chuck wagon, with percussion similarly thunderous; this is a later pressing with notes on the back of the jacket, no plastic outer sleeve; fine, vigorous performance in addition to the "audiophile highlights!"] A- 45.00

910.*WESTMINSTER WST-14009: BERLIOZ OVERTURES - Corsaire; Beatrice & Benedict; King Lear; Rob Roy. Boult/Philharmonic Promenade Orch. [TAS 61:116] [Westminster's first stereo releases, like RCA's, entered the Schwann catalog in August, 1958. Boult's two Berlioz overtures discs came in September and they held on only until July of 1960.] A- 18.00

911.*WESTMINSTER WST-14063: GERSHWIN - Porgy & Bess (original suite by Gershwin). COPLAND - El Salon Mexico. Abravanel/Utah Symphony. [scarce, early-stereo Westminster] [early labels] A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire
912.*ADLER: (Richard): Wilderness Suite. RCA ARL1-4726. A-(c/c) 12.00

913. ALBENIZ: Iberia (complete; transcribed by Arbos (the standard five) & Surinach (other seven). Ormandy/Phila. ["6-eyes" labels] Col M2L-237(2). A-(slipcase has substantial tape repair) 25.00

914. ALBENIZ: Iberia. Juraitis/Radio Orch. [10-inch] Melodiya 6373/74. B+(occ tks sd 1) 12.00

915. ALBENIZ: Spanish Dances (8). J.Olmedo/Orquesta Lirica Audio Museum, Madrid. [10-inch] Telefunken LGM-65029. A- 12.00

916.*ALFVEN: Symphony #3. Grevillius/Stockholm Phil. Swedish Society Discofil SLT-33161. A- 6.00

917.*ANTHEIL: (George; 1900-1959): Symphony #5. PETER MAXWELL DAVIES: St. Thomas Wake. Dufallo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-770. A- 12.00

918.*ARENSKY: Violin Concerto. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Concert Fantasy for Violin & Orchestra. WIENIAWSKI: Concert Polonaise for Violin & Orchestra. Rosand; de Froment/Luxembourg Radio Orch. [quad] Turn QTVS-34629. A- 9.00

919.*ARNESTAD: (Finn; 1915-94): Aria Appassionata. JOHAN KVANDAL (b.1919): Symphonic Epos. KNUT NYSTEDT (b.1915): The Seven Seals. Oslo Philharmonic under Fjeldstad in Nystedt; Blomstedt in the others. Philips 839 254. A- 12.00

920.*ATTERBERG: Symphony #2. Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. [lovely work and performance] Swedish Society Discofil SLT-33179. A- 16.00

921.*AUSTER: (Lydia; Estonian; b.1912): Piano Concerto (Valdma); Excerpts from Romeo, Juliet and Darkness (ballet); Excerpts from Tiina (ballet). Jarvi/Estonian State Symphony. Melodiya C10-08797-8. A- 16.00

922.*BACH: Concerti for Violins, BWV 1041-1043 (1043 is for two violins). Standage; Wilcock; Pinnock/The English Concert. [dig] Archiv 410 646. FS 8.00

923.*BACH-REGER: Brandenburg Concerti (complete), arranged for piano, four-hands. Berkovsky; Hagan. MHS 3522/23(2). A- 9.00

924. BANTOCK: Fifine at the Fair. Beecham/RPO. [only in print from early 1953 to March, 1956] RCA LHMV-1026. A--(brief tks sd 2) 10.00

925. BARBER: Symphony #2; Medea Suite. Composer conducts New Sym, London. London LL-1328. A--(superficial marks cause little or no sound) 21.00

926.*BARTOK: Suite #1; Two Pictures. Dorati/Detroit Sym. [German notes] Telefunken 6.42460. A- to A 10.00

927.*BAX: Symphony #6; Festive Overture. Thomson/LPO. [dig] Chandos ABRD-1278. A- 7.00

928.*BEHRMAN: (David): Figure in a Clearing for Thirty-Three Electronic Generators and Cello. Gibson, cello; Composer on electronics. Lovely Music LML-1041. A- 9.00

929.*BERIO: Sinfonia. Swingle Singers; Composer/NYP. Col MS-7268. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 9.00

930.*BLACHER: Orchestra Ornament. MILHAUD: Cortege Funebre. POULENC: Deux Marches et un Intermede. Mester/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LS-685. A-- 10.00

931. BLISS: Discourse for Orchestra. COLIN McPHEE: Symphony #2, Pastoral. Whitney/Louisville Sym. Louisville LOU-592. A-(blank jacket; includes notes) 8.00

932. BLOCH: Voice in the Wilderness. George Sopkin, cello; Florence Kirsch, piano. [10-inch] Ernest Bloch Society Chicago E2-CL-5606/07. B+(blank jacket) 16.00

933.*BOMTEMPO: (Joao Domingos; 1775-1842): Three Piano Sonatas, Op.18.

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