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Part #2: The Emergence of Verismo; Wagner and the German Style; Singers of Imperial Russia. Recordings made by EMI and others between 1901 and 1916 of 100+ singers (a few in more than one selection). [1982 issue (Part 2 of 2) produced by Keith Hardwick corrects many pitch errors from original 1977 12-record set] EMI RLS-7706(6). A- to A 24.00

372. THE RECORD OF SINGING: Volume #2: 1914-1925. 180+ singers recorded by EMI (and others) from the outbreak of World War I through the end of the acoustic recording era. Large box includes the 13 discs plus Michael Scott's 282-page book (large, paperbound) of the same name with many illustrations and chapters which parallel the presentation of the music on the records. A major undertaking! [Transfers by Bryan Crimp] EMI RLS-743(13). A- to A 60.00

373. THE RECORD OF SINGING: Volume #3: 1926-1939. 200+ singers recorded by EMI (and others) during the pre-WWII electrical era. With very detailed 35-page book including discographic material, singer photos and biographies, and note by producer Keith Hardwick. EMI EX-29 0169 3(13). A- to A 60.00
LP's: Vocalists
374. AHLERSMEYER: Arias & Scenes from Macbeth, Giovanni, Marriage, Traviata, Ballo, Don Carlo, Otello, Mantel, Arabella, Taming of the Shrew (Goetz), Tabarro, Tales. [recorded 1932-1944] BASF KBF-21488(2). FS 4.00

375.*ALARIE & SIMONEAU: Haydn - Four "insertion arias" written by Haydn for inclusion in operas by Traetta, Guglielmi, Sarti & Petrarca. Bernardi/National Arts Center Orch, who also play Andre Prevost's "Evanescence" and Prokofiev's Classical Symphony. Radio Canada 332 / RCA VCCS-1640. A- 16.00

376.*ANDERSON: Nineteen Spirituals. Franz Rupp, piano. [fold-open album] A- 10.00

377. ANDERSON: Eleven Great Spirituals. Rupp, piano. [10-inch] RCA LRM-7006. B 4.00

378.*ARAGALL: Arias - Boheme, Tosca, Manon Lescaut, Rigoletto, Trovatore, Don Carlos, Luisa Miller, Don Pasquale, Adriana, Fedora, Elisir & Lucia. Rivoli/Barcelona Sym. [German-only notes] Acanta 40.29.391. A- to A 8.00

379. ARANGI-LOMBARDI: Arias - Lombardi, Boheme, Cav, Norma, Trovatore, Ernani (w/Molinari, Ballo (w/Molinari, Baccaloni & Bordonali) & Gioconda (w/Zinetti). OASI 508. A- 4.00

380. BACCALONI: Selections: Don Pasquale, Matrimonio Segreto, Italiana, Barber, Elisir(2). With Gerace; Valentino; Landi; Jurgen-Walther/Concord Philharmonia. Concord 3008. B+ 14.00

381.*BATTLE: Music for Voice & Guitar: Works of Dowland, Bach, Granados, Villa-Lobos (Aria from BB #5), Falla; Three Brazilian Songs; Six Spirituals. Parkening, guitar. [dig; DMM] Angel DS-37351. A- to A 4.00

382. BELLANTONI: (Giuseppe): Arias - Ruy Blas, Walkure, Saffo(2), Forza, Siegfried, Lolita, Luna Cortese & Chianiutedda Mia; Songs of Denza & Tosti. [all from Fonotipia acoustics] OASI 633. A- 4.00

383.*BERGANZA: Zarzuela Arias (10). Misc conductors/orchestras. [German-only notes] Acanta 40.29 398. A- to A 4.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
384. BERINI: (Mario; tenor): Arias - Gypsy Baron, Tales, Boheme & Cav; Songs of J.Strauss, Sieczynski, Respighi; Duets - Fledermaus & Gypsy Baron w/Korjus; Pecheurs w/Guarrera. [some from 78's; some live] OASI 646. A- 4.00

385. BESANZONI: Carmen (seven excerpts; 1932); Arias (acoustic, 1920/21) - Favorita, Gioconda, Samson(2) & Trovatore. Club 99 CL-99-103. A- 4.00

386. BJOERLING: Rigoletto, Tosca(2), Trovatore(2), Ballo, Fanciulla, Andrea, Cav, Fedora, Prince Igor, Pag, Illustre Fregona, Fanal, Rossini Stabat Mater, Verdi Requiem. Songs - Tosti, Freire. Rococo R-31. A- 5.00

387. BJOERLING: Arias - Romeo(3), Gianni, Boheme(3), Manon, Tosca, Gioconda (several of these with his wife, Annalisa); Songs of Beethoven, Strauss(2), Rachmaninov, Morgan, Leoncavallo & Tosti. [All apparently live performances, 1948-1951] Voce 95. A- 8.00

388. BJOERLING: Live Performances. 1939 European concert: Arias - Verdi Requiem, Africana, Carmen, Manon, Faust (in Swedish). 1948 recital: 5 Swedish songs; 1 Tosti. American Radio Debut, 1937: Boheme, Cav, Aida & Land of Hope & Glory. Misc sources: Arias - Cav, Pag, Rigoletto, Romeo, Manon, Pecheurs & Turandot; Duets - Romeo (1 w/Annaliese Bjoerling; 1 w/Sayao), Aida (Nemeth), Boheme (Tebaldi) & Rigoletto (Gueden). MDP 026(2). A- 16.00

389.*BLANC: (Ernest): Arias - Barber, Otello, Ballo, Samson, Tannhauser(2), Pag, Puritani, Thais & Figaro. Pretre/PCO. [French-only notes] Pathe DTX-310. B+ 10.00

390. BONELLI: Arias - Barber, Martha & Forza; Songs of Herbert, Damrosch, Speaks, Tosti, Brogi, Coates, Messager & Taylor. OASI 563. A- 4.00

391. BOOTH: Arias - Serse, Jephtha, Semele, Don Giovanni(2), Aida, Faust, Gondoliers, Merrie England, Immoral Hour, Carmen & Boheme. [recorded 1938-44] EMI HLM-7109. A- to A 4.00

392.*BORG: Mussorgsky - Songs & Dances of Death (Klima/Prague Radio Sym); Songs (Holecek, piano [in 3]; Chalabala/Prague National Theatre Orch [in 4]). Supraphon SUAST-50390. A-- 4.00

393. BORGIOLI: Vol.1: Arias - Puritani(2), Fedora, Sonnambula(2), Mefistofele, Mignon(2), Pecheurs(2) & Don Pasquale(2); Songs of Tosti, Pinelli, Giordano, Padilla & Borgioli. Club 99 CL-99-14. A- 4.00

394.*BRUSCANINI: Arias - Don Pasquale, Astuzie Femminili, Don Giovanni(2), Cosi(2), Nozze(2), Falstaff & Elisir; Two Tosti songs. Maestri, piano. [Live, 1981] Bongiovanni GB-13. A- 4.00

395. BRUSON: Selections from Thais (11; live, 1978; Elena Mauti Nunziata as Thais) and I Due Foscari(live, 1979). [blank jackets; no notes] Private RB-1(2). A- 14.00

396. BURZIO: Adriana, Cav, Aida, Forza(2), Gioconda, Mefistofele, Otello(2) & Trovatore (Fonotipias, 1905-1908); Norma, Saffo, Ballo, Favorita(2), Gioconda (Pathe, 1913); Mefistofele, Forza, Fanciulla, Zulma(2), Norma(3), Africana, Otello, Adriana & Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria" (Col 1913); Cav (Phonodisc Mondial, 1915). Club 99 CL-99-87/88(2). A- 13.00

397. BURZIO: Arias - Forza(3), Norma & Trovatore. RUSS: Arias - Aida(2) & Norma. Belcantodisc BC-229. A- 4.00

398.*CABALLE: Donizetti Rarities - First recordings of arias & scenes from Torquato Tasso; Gemma di Vergy, Parisina & Belisario. Cillario/LSO (with other soloists & Ambrosian Opera Chorus in two). RCA LSC-3164. A- 4.00

399.*CABALLE: Songs of Bellini(7) & Donizetti(6). Zanetti, piano. Alhambra SCE-989. A- 4.00

400. CALLAS: "The Callas Legacy." Arias - Lucia (Mad Scene; Karajan/Berlin; 1955); Barber(2) (Milan/Giulini; 1956); Sonnambula (Votto/Edinburgh; 1957); Sonnambula (Bernstein/Milan; 1955); Lakme (De Fabriitis/Turin; 1952); Berlin Radio interview. Limited Society LES-100. A- 13.00

401. CALLAS: Arias - Medea, Vestale, Puritani, Sonnamubula. Callas; Serafin & Votto/La Scala. Angel 35304. A-(superficial marks do not sound; U.S. pressing) 4.00

402.*CALLAS: Arias - Nabucco, Macbeth, Lakme, Lucia. FILACURIDI: Arias - Werther, Zaza, Mefistofele, Fedora. De Fabritiis/RAI Turin. [concert, 2/18/1952; notes in Italian only] Fonit Cetra LMR-5001. A- to A 8.00

403.*CALLAS: Mad Scenes from Anna Bolena, Hamlet & Il Pirata. Sinclair; Lanigan; Rouleau; Robertson (in Anna); Rescigno/PO. [blue labels] Angel S-35764. A- 8.00

404.*CALLAS: Selections from Tosca (Pretre/Paris Opera) and Norma (Serafin/La Scala). [notes in Dutch only] Dutch EMI 5C065-03125. A- 6.00

405.*CALLAS: Unreleased Recordings: 1955-1969. Arias from Corsaro(2; 1969), Trovatore(1964), Ballo(1964), Sonnambula(2; 1955; electronic stereo). Angel S-37557. A- 10.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
406. CALLAS: Gala Operatic Concert: Paris, 1958. Arias & Scenes from Norma, Trovatore, Barber & Tosca (Act 2, complete; with Gobbi). Mars, bass; Sebastian/Unidentified orch. [blank jackets] ERR 118(2). A- 26.00

407. CALLAS: In Memoriam. Arias from every year in which she performed (1949-74), plus a brief speech. Nabucco (2; 1949), Norma, Aida (1950); Tosca(2), Trovatore (1951); Lakme, Macbeth (1952); Trovatore, Medea (1953); Lucia (1954); Sonnambula (2; 1955); Traviata, Barber (1956); Anna Bolena(2), Puritani (1957); Traviata (1958); Pirata (1959); Poliuto (1960); Mefistofele (1961); Don Carlo (1962); Butterfly (1963); Tosca (1964); Norma (1965); Cav (1974). HRE 219(3). A- 21.00

408. CALLAS: Soprano Assoluta. Arias sung live, 1949-1959: Norma (RAI recording, 1949); Macbeth, Lucia, Nabucco, Lakme (RAI Rome, 1952); Seraglio, Louise, Armida, Dinorah (San Remo, 1954); Vestale, Semiramide, Hamlet, Puritani (RAI Milan, 1956); Forza, Tristan (Athens, 1957); Barber (Paris, 1958); Boheme, Mefistofele (London, 1959); Puritani (Dallas rehearsal, 1957); Pirata (New York, 1959). [Lovely 16-pg booklet includes many photos and detailed notes and essay by Bruce J. Saxon.] BJR 143(3). A- 21.00

409. CALLAS: Stuttgart Concert; May 19, 1959: Arias from Vestale, Macbeth, Barber, Don Carlo & Pirata (Rescigno/SWDR). Chelsea at Eight (telecast; September 23, 1958): Casta Diva; Un bel di vedremo (Pritchard/orch). Voce 18. A- 4.00

410. CASTAGNA: (Bruna): Arias - Carmen(3), Mignon, Don Carlos, Gioconda, Samson(3) & Werther. OASI 605. A- to B+ 4.00

411. CEBOTARI: Arias - Figaro(3), Rigoletto(2), Luisa Miller, Traviata(2), Boheme(2), Butterfly(2), Rosenkavalier (finale), Salome (finale). [Recorded 1938-1944] BASF 22 21483-4(2). FS 10.00

412.*CORENA: Cimarosa - I Maestro di Capella. Arias - Figaro, Cenerentola(2), Italiana, Matrimonio Segreto, Elisir, Barber & Don Giovanni. Misc orchs. Decca 410 163-1. A-(Dutch pressing) 7.00

413.*CRASS: Bass Arias - Fidelio, Onegin, Seraglio, Vespri, Don Carlos & Meistersinger(2). Einhorn/BVRS. Electrola 1C063-29 073. A- to A 6.00

414.*CRESPIN: Prima Donna from Paris. Arias - Iphigenie, Damnation, Sappho, Ascanio, Werther, Carmen, Grande Duchesse, Belle Helene, Perichole, Ciboulette, Phi-Phi, Amour Masque, Trois Valses. [with 14-page booklet] London OSA-1292(2). A- 6.00

415. CROOKS: Elisir, Rigoletto, Aida, Carmen, Tosca, Xerxes, Tolomeo & Lohengrin; Songs of Ketelby, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Olcott, Trad, Franck & Sibelius. [most arias from German HMV's, 1927/28; most songs from 1940's broadcasts and V-Discs] Club 99 CL-99-502. A- 7.00

416. DANCO: Berlioz - Nuits d'Ete. Johnson/Cincinnati Sym. [very fine surface for so early a London except brif rasps beg sd 1; brief loud tks sd 2; occ tks elsewhere] London LLP-407. A-(see preceding comments) 8.00

417. DANCO: Ravel - Sheherazade; Trois Poemes de Stephane Mallarme; Deux Melodies Hebraiques. Ansermet/OSR. London LL-1196. B+ 8.00

418. DANCO: Schumann - Liederkreis. Agosti, piano. [10-inch] London LS-590. A-(loud pressing defect 1st 30 seconds side 2) 8.00

419. DANCO: Songs of Brahms(5) & Wolf(5). Agosti, piano. [10-inch] London LPS-335. B+(some ticky spots in Wolf) 16.00

420. DANCO: Songs of Debussy: Trois Chansons de Bilitis; Le Promenoir des Deux Amants; Ariettes Oubliees. Agosti, piano. [10-inch] London LPS-336. A-- 16.00

421. DANCO: A Recital of 17th & 18th Century Music. Works of Schutz, Bach(3), Gluck, Scarlatti, Caldara, Durante & Caccini. Agosti, piano; Demessieux, organ. [10-inch] London LS-698. B 6.00

422. DANCO: Album de Musique - An anthology of songs collected by Rossini as a gift to one Mademoiselle Louise Carlier; each of the seventeen songs written by a different composer: Rossini, Bellini, Paer, Bruguiere, Berton, Panseron, Marliani, Tadolini, Mercadante, Morlacchi, Bertin, Meyerbeer, Cherubini, Spontini, Onslow, Gordigiani & Bazzini. Molinari-Pradelli, piano. Epic LC-3442. A--(superficial rub sd 2 causes little or no snd) 16.00

423. DE HIDALGO & CALLAS: "Elvira de Hidalgo, the teacher; Maria Callas, the pupil." Seventeen arias and songs sung by Hidalgo, all recorded acoustically; Callas in her first commerical recordings from November 9, 1949: Casta Diva; Liebestod; Puritani Mad Scene (Basile/RAI Torino). OASI 532(2). A--(very slight vinyl "presence") 21.00

424. DE LUCA: Town Hall Recital: January 11, 1947 (Werner Singer, piano). Golden Jubilee Concert: November 7, 1947 (King, piano). [No notes (as issued); in blank box] Golden Age of Opera EJS 122(3). B+ to A- 15.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
425. DE PADILLA: (Lola Artot; 1880-1933): Arias - Figaro(3), Mignon, Konigskinder(3), Don Giovanni(2), Traviata(2), Carmen & Boheme. [German-only notes] Court Opera CO-370. A- 4.00

426. DEL CAMPO: (Sofia): Songs of Netto, Freire, Granados, Valderrano, Valdes, Parades, three traditional; Arias from Guarany(2), Lakme, Romeo, Manon Lescaut, Barbero de Sevilla (Nieto) & Re Pastore. Club 99 CL-99-26. A- 4.00

427. DELMAS: Don Giovanni, Huguenots, Faust(2), Romeo, Jolie Fille, Patrie, Toussaint; Godard song. BELHOMME: Pardon de Ploermel, Caid, Philemon et Baucis, Jolie Fille, Martha, Haydee. MELCHISSEDIC: Romeo, Ballo & Rigoletto. Rococo 5262. A- 12.00

428. DENS: "15 French songs (15). Challan/Colonne Orch. [French notes] Pathe DTX-30223. A- 8.00

429. DENS: Chants Patriotiques et Cocardiers (11). Challan/PCO. [French notes] Pathe CPTPM-130.533. A- 6.00

430. DIDUR: (Adamo): Arias - Martha, Oracolo (Leoni), Tales, Salvator Rosa, Mignon, Faust, Dama di Picche(2), Ugonotti, Mefistofele(2), Roberto, Vita Bretone (Mugnone), Elisir, Aida, Juive. Songs of Tosti, Moniuszko & de Noskowski; 2 Russian folksongs. [recorded 1905-29] Club 99 CL-99-89. A- 4.00

431.*DOMINGO: French Arias - Pecheurs, Juive, Beatrice & Benedict, Africaine, Werther, Carmen, Tales, Damnation & Samson. Misc conductors/orchs. [dig] DGG 410 991. FS 8.00

432.*DOMINGO: Lecuona Songs (10). Holdridge/RPO. CBS FM-38828. A- to A 7.00

433. EAMES: Arias - Lohengrin, Cav, Tosca, Faust(5); Songs of Bach, Massenet, Hollman, Faure, Boehm, Hahn, Schubert(2); Star-Spangled Banner. [recorded 1905-11] Cantilena 6221. A-- 4.00

434. EASTON: Arias - Carmen, Pag, Faust, Tosca, Gianni Schicchi, Butterfly, Snow Maiden & Sadko; Songs of Grieg, Vanderpool, Thayer, Gounod(2) & Herbert. Rubini GV-520. A- 4.00

435. ELMO: Gioconda, Adriana(2), Fedora, Aida, Trovatore(3); Songs:Grieg & Strauss. OASI 628. A- 4.00

436. FARRAR: Arias - Domino Noir, Tannhauser, Martha, Rigoletto, Traviata, Faust(2), Mefistofele, Mignon, Romeo, Manon & Roland von Berlin; Duets with Schumann-Heink & Homer. [recorded 1904-1913; German-only notes] Court Opera CO-315. A- to A 4.00

437.*FARRELL: Wagner - Wesendonck Lieder; Brunnhilde's Immolation Scene. Bernstein/NYP. Col MS-6353. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 10.00

438. FERRIER: Arias - St. Matthew Passion (5; Jacques/Bach Choir); Elijah (2; Neel/Orch); Rodelinda, Serse & Orfeo (Sargent/LSO). Richmond R-23185. A- 6.00

439. FERRIER: Arias of Purcell(2) & Handel(2) (Spurr, piano; from 1949 Norwegian broadcast); Songs of Stanford(2), Traditional(2), Bridge, Warlock(2), Parry & Vaughan Williams (Stone, piano; BBC recital, 6-5-52). Richmond R-23187. A-(c/c) 6.00

440. FERRIER: Brahms - Alto Rhapsody (Krauss/LPO & Cho); Vier Ernste Gesange (Newmark, piano); Two Songs (Spurr, piano); Two Songs with Viola & Piano, Op.91 (Spurr, piano; Gilbert, viola). Richmond R-23183. A- 6.00

441. FERRIER: Schumann - Frauenliebe und Leben; Two Songs (Newmark, piano). Four songs each by Schubert & Wolf (Spurr, piano). [Wolf were part of broadcast from Norway] Richmond R-23184. A- 6.00

442. FINELLI: Arias - Puritani(5), Italiana, Figli, Lucia, Pasquale, Favorita, Lucrezia. Rubini GV-6. A- 4.00

443.*FISCHER-DIESKAU: Meyerbeer - Songs (14). Engel, piano. Archiv 2533 295. A- to A 10.00

444. FLAGSTAD: Farewell Concert: Wagner - Wesendonck Lieder; Tristan - Liebestod; Gotterdammerung - Immolation Scene; Two Arias from Walkure. Edwin McArthur/unidentified orch (but was in fact Symphony of the Air in Carnegie Hall; March 20, 1955). ERR 142. A- 13.00

445. FLAGSTAD: In Concert, 1949-1950. Selections from Dutchman, Tristan(2) & Gotterdammerung; Songs of Strauss(3). Merola/unidentified orch. Voce 98. A- 10.00

446. FRANZ: (Paul): Arias - Samson(2), Lohengrin(2), Carmen, Herodiade, Aida, Attaque du Moulin, Prophete, Otello, Romeo, Fille de Roland & Meistersinger. Club 99 CL-99-10. A- 4.00

447. FRIJSH: (Povla, soprano): Songs of Dvorak(3), Gluck, Clarke, Naginski, Schubert, Schumann(3), Sinding, Grieg, Grondahl, Faure(3), Debussy, Ravel, Duparc, Chausson, Hahn & Dupont. Dougherty, piano. Town Hall TH-002. A-(some original sources are rather noisy) 11.00

448. GALLI-CURCI: Arias - Traviata(7), Lucia, Don Pasquale, Philemon, Mignon, Barber & Martha; Songs of Bishop(2), Buzzi, Delibes(2), Pierne, Dell'Acqua, Guervos, Ponce, Valverde, Albarez, Grever, Traditional, Fiorito, Strickland, Dykes, Alabieff & Benedict. Plus brief spoken reminiscence (obviously late in her life) of her first NY Traviata. [With nice booklet, including photos, programs, copies of reviews, etc.] Operatic Archives OPA-1041/42(2). A- 16.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
449. GARCIA: (Juan): Spanish Songs (15). Rubini GV-24. A- 6.00

450.*GASPARIAN: (Goar): Arias - Faust, Boheme, Huguenots, Turandot & Otello. Ermler/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. Melodiya C10-17739-40. A- 9.00

451. GENCER: Arias - Caterina Cornaro, Roberto, Maria Stuarda, Lucrezia (Gavazzeni/Turin Sym; 1974); Trovatore, Forza, Aida & La Wally (Basile/RAI Turin; 1956). Cetra LPO-2082. A- 9.00

452. GENCER: Donizetti & Verdi - arias & scenes from Lucia(2), Anna Bolena(2), Simon Boccanegra, Trovatore, Battaglia di Legnano, Due Foscari(2), Macbeth(2) & Forza. [Live, 1957-60; misc Italian companies; conductors include Gui, Serafin, Simionato, Previtali] CLS ARPCL-22058(2). A- 11.00

453. GENCER: Excerpts from Anna Bolena (4 scenes), Roberto, Nabucco, Macbeth & Forza. [Italian-only notes] Opera Viva JLT-5. A-- 6.00

454. GENCER: Highlights from Lucia di Lammermoor. Sabatucci; Carta; De Fabritiis/Teatro Verdi di Trieste. [Live, 1957] Replica RPL-2486. A- 6.00

455.*GENCER: Songs of Chopin(4), Bellini(3), Donizetti(3) & Rossini(3). Guerrini, piano. [fold-open illustrated album; notes Italian only] Cetra LPO-2003. A- 6.00

456. GENCER: Portrait of the Artist, 1958-1968: Arias - Aida, Ernani, Rigoletto, Puritani, Anna Bolena, Gioconda, Don Giovanni, Due Foscari, Lucrezia, Vespri, Lucia, Ballo & Forza. HRE 357(2). A- 9.00

457. GIANNINI: (Dusolina): Arias - Aida (Toscanini/1936), Cav, Mignon & Gioconda; Songs of Bloch(2) & Sicilian folk song (Persichetti, piano(!), 1947); Songs of Moore & Strauss (McArthur, piano; 1936); Mozart arias K.505 & K.528 (Stiedry/1941). One track of spoken commentary by Giannini from 1967. MRF 24. A- 21.00

458. GIGLI: Belcanto Italiano - Arias from Trovatore, Ballo, Traviata, Aida, Mefistofele, Tosca, Boheme, Manon Lescaut, Cav, Pag, Lucia, Arlesiana, Martha, Carmen, Faust, Fedora; Songs of Bach, Stradella, Gigli, Schubert(2), de Curtis(2), Godard, Brahms, Leoncavallo, di Capua, Cardillo, Tosti, Curci, Becce, Martini, Cottrau & Rossini. [recorded 1921-52; notes in German only] Electrola 14701-194/95(2). A- to A 14.00

459. GIGLI: British Recitals, 1949: Traviata, Don Giovanni, Carmen, Favorita, Roi d'Ys, Lo Schiavo, Rigoletto; Songs of Martini, Cardillo, Donaudy, Di Veroli (announced by Gigli). [Live; bl cov] Golden Age of Opera EJS 529. B+ 12.00

460. GIGLI: Gigli in Carnegie Hall - Arias: Africana, Lohengrin, Manon, Xerxes, Werther, Schiavo, Tosca, Don Giovanni, Fanciulla; Songs of Caccini, Donaudy, Grieg, Chopin, Weckerlin, Williams, Carnevali, Curran, de Crescenzo, de Curtis, Bixio, di Capua, di Veroli. Fedri, piano. [live; April 17, 1955] RCA LM-1972. A- 13.00

461. GIGLI: Opera Recordings, 1918-1943: Mefistofele, Iris, Favorita, Pecheurs, Gioconda, Tosca, Africana, Martha, Rigoletto, Mignon, Lombardi, Attila, Cav, Lucia, Forza, Boheme, Verdi Requiem, Butterfly, Andrea, Ballo. [78 transfers by Keith Hardwick] EMI RLS-7710(3). A- to A 21.00

462. GOBBI: Arias - Simon(2), Falstaff, Nozze, Don Giovanni, Don Carlo(2), Otello, Tosca, Fanciulla, Wm Tell, Adriana, Wozzeck & Pagliacci. [Live; various assisting artists; 1954-64] Melodram MEL-661(2). A- to A 13.00

463. GORR: Arias - Lohengrin, Tristan, Werther, Don Carlos, Trovatore, Cav, Samson, Orphee & Alceste. Cluytens/Paris Opera Orch. [Deluxe album with dowel-spine; French-only notes] Voix de Son Maitre FALP-615. A- 20.00

464. GORR: Arias - Lohengrin, Tristan, Werther, Don Carlos, Trovatore, Cav, Samson, Orphee & Alceste. Cluytens/Paris Opera. [Fold-open album; French/English notes] Voix de Son Maitre 1111491. FS 16.00

465. GRANFORTE: Arias - Gioconda, Andrea, Cav, Hamlet, Tosca, Traviata, Barber, Don Sebastiano, Zaza(2), Rigoletto(2) & Trovatore; songs of Puccini & Mario. Club 99 CL-99-47. A- 4.00

466.*GRUBEROVA: Arias - Sonnambula, Norma, Figaro, Freischutz, Don Giovanni, Masnadieri, Daughter. Eichhorn/Munich Radio Orch. [dig; DMM] Angel DS-38217. A- to A 4.00

467.*GRUBEROVA: Songs of Mozart(5), Wolf(10) & Debussy(3). Haider, piano. [dig] CBS IM-42002. A- 5.00

468.*HAGEGARD: Arias - Pag, Faust, Rigoletto, Tintomara(Werle), Pique Dame, Cosi, Tannhauser, Iphigenie, Don Carlos. Caprice CAP-1062. A- to A 4.00

469. HOLLWEG: Coloratura Arias: Strauss - Ariadne; Mozart Concert Arias K.416 & K.419. Krips/LSO. [10-inch] London LPS-250. B+(tks 1st 1/8-inch Ariadne) 6.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
470.*HOLLWEG: Songs of Adams, Abt, Stoltz, Tauber, Bohm, Martini, Giordani, Handel; Irish folk song; Arias - Xerxes & Rinaldo. Froschauer/Vienna Sym. [German-only notes] German RCA RL-30414. A- 4.00

471.*HORNE: Arias - Medee, Samson, Grande Duchesse, Sapho, Favorite, Herodiade, Vivandiere, Zerline. Foster/Monte Carlo Orch. [dig; DMM] Erato NUM-75170. A- to A(c/c) 6.00

472.*HORNE: Souvenir of a Golden Era. Arias from Barber; Capuleti; Fidelio; Otello; Tancredi; Semiramide; Italiana; Orphee; Sapho; Prophete; Alceste; Trovatore. Lewis/OSR. [Selections specifically from the repertoires of the 19th-century operatic sisters, Maria Malibran and Pauline Viardot] London OSA-1263(2). A- 13.00

473. JANSEN: Songs of Reynaldo Hahn: Chansons Grises (5) and six more. Bonneau, piano. [10-inch] London LS-645. A--(some pencilled notes on back cover) 12.00

474. JERITZA: Arias - Freischutz, Dutchman, Lohengrin, Walkure, Tristan, Jeanne d'Arc, Herodiade, Thais, Gioconda, Cav, Fedora(2) & Tote Stadt; Traume (of Wesendonck Lieder). [Recorded 1922-27; Austrian issue; German-only notes] Lebendige Vergangenheit LV 122. A- 4.00

475.*KABAIVANSKA: (Rayna; soprano): Forza(2), Andrea, La Vali, Manon, Otello(2) & Momchil. Stephanov/Bulgarian Radio Orch. Balkanton BOA-1155. A- 9.00

476. KOLASSI: Ravel - Cinque Melodies Populaires Greques. Traditional - Deux Chansons Populaires Greques. Songs of Faure(2) and Aubert(2). Bonneau, piano. [10-inch] London LS-568. B++ 18.00

477. KORJUS: Arias - Seraglio, Flute, Barber, Lucia, Zigeunerin, Toreodor, Ernani, Rigoletto(2), Vespri, Dinorah, Mireille, Tales, Lakme(3), Sadko, Tsar's Bride, Coq d'Or & Madele von Biberach; Songs of Delibes, Moszkowski, Weber, Proch, J.Strauss(2), Dell'Acqua, Alabieff & Mackeben. [recorded 1934-36] Electrola 1C147-30 819/20(2). A- to A 6.00

478.*KRAUSE: Schubert - Schwanengesang.

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