Pleasant Valley High School

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Pleasant Valley High School

  • College Planning Night

Counseling Office Staff

  • Rochelle Richman A-Da
  • Amanda Ellis De-Ho
  • Sue Mieske Hu-Me
  • Laura Jorgensen Mi-Sc
  • Jessica Isern Se-Z
    • Brent Campfield (Friday)
  • Leslie Keller – Career Center

Making the connection to college

  • Tonight’s Agenda:
  • Exploring college and career options
  • Achieving your goals
  • Course selection
  • College Testing
  • College Applications
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships


  • So many options, so little time!


  • Students can make appointments to begin college exploration and interest assessments to help identify colleges, majors and careers of interest
  • 30-60 minute appointments are available with Mrs. Keller
  • Sign up in the Career Center or Counseling Office
  • PV Career Center

Exploration PV Career Center Print Resources

    • Under knowledge setting:
    • Username: pvhs
    • Password: vikings
    • Career Cruising: online college and career search and skills assessment
    • Test prep, college exploration, scholarships, financial aid


  • Make yourself “marketable”
  • For University Admission
  • Complete college admission requirements
  • with A’s and B’s (occasional C’s)
  • Highest possible GPA
  • Work on extra-curricular activities, show that you are well rounded
  • Research colleges of interest for specific admission requirements and recommendations
  • Take SAT/ACT

ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS Make yourself “marketable”

  • For Community College
  • Strengthen your academic preparation.
  • Continue in college prep classes to
  • prepare for college level classes
  • Take four years of Math for strong preparation
  • Four years of high school Math is recommended by all 2 and 4 year institutions- it is the biggest predictor of college success
  • For students entering the job market
  • Build a resume
  • Work on job skills via career oriented classes and training (ROP)
  • For students entering the military
  • Take the ASVAB (offered once
  • per semester)
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Watch for recruiter visits to
  • the Career Center
  • Make yourself “marketable”

NCAA Eligibility: Students who are considering being a student athlete in college must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center:

  • You may see your counselor in April for more information.

Registration Process for 2014-2015

  • Information provided to students in English class during February
  • Encourage students to make wise choices in class selection now! Give thought to your class choices!
  • We will not be able to make class changes in August. All class changes must be made before the end of this school year.

What courses should I take during high school?

  • Meet high school graduation requirements
  • Meet college entrance requirements
  • Focus on interest areas
  • Explore new interests, courses and
  • ideas
  • Discover your talents
  • Give 100% effort

Classes for seniors:

  • Required classes:
  • Economics/Government
  • English (based on teacher recommendation)
  • Recommended classes:
  • Math
  • Science or Foreign Language
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Registration in Counseling Office in February
  • Classes for Juniors
  • Required classes:
  • US History
  • English (have conversation with your English
  • teacher regarding recommendation)
  • Recommended classes:
  • Math
  • Physical Science (Chemistry, or CP Earth and Space Science)
  • Foreign Language
  • Elective

Math The Biggest Predictor of College Success The probability that a student will graduate from college increases by 17% if they take a high school math course beyond Algebra 2 (Rose & Betts, 2001)

  • 4 years of math is strongly recommended
  • Prepares you for college assessments
  • When math skills are not fresh for the assessment, students often place into remedial math courses or end up repeating a class that they took in high school.
  • Affects transferable credits from 2-year to 4-year universities

Advanced Placement

  • AP courses are high school courses that offer college credit with a passing mark on end of the year exam.
  • Exams are scored on a scale of 1-5. Passing scores and credit awarded varies by university (typically need a score of 4 or 5)
  • Cost of Exams: $89 (fee waivers available)
  • Advantages of taking AP class & exam:
    • GPA Boost
    • Develop college-level academic skills
    • Save money: The cost of taking the exam is much more affordable than the cost of taking a course in college.
    • Get a jump start on earning your college degree

International Baccalaureate Students

  • See Mrs. Callas for information on IB classes required for your pathway prior to registration

A Closer Look at Senior Year

  • Summer prior:
  • Research colleges
  • Visit college campuses
  • Ideal to have college list narrowed down to 6-10 schools
  • Save money for senior year expenses
  • Update senior profile
  • Consider recommendation writers
  • Last chance for volunteer work or job shadowing in fields of interest

A Closer Look at Senior Year

  • Fall
  • Define college application list
  • Organize deadlines
  • Submit CSU/UC applications by Nov. 30
  • Write and re-write essays
  • Register for FAFSA PIN number
  • Request transcripts to be sent where necessary
  • Meet with your counselor and teachers at least three weeks before needing a letter of recommendation for schools that request them
  • Visit colleges if you haven’t already done so

A Closer Look at Senior Year

  • Winter
  • Private College applications
  • Butte Reg2Go
  • FAFSA/Cal Grant (deadline March 2nd)
  • Attend Financial Aid Night in January
  • Heavy application period for private colleges
  • Send mid-year grades to colleges where necessary
  • Stay focused!

A Closer Look at Senior Year

  • Spring
  • Receive decision letters (March-April)
  • Receive Financial Aid packages (March – May)
  • Student must complete SIR (student intent to register) by May 1st
  • Maintain grades! College acceptances are conditional and can be revoked

College Admission Testing

  • and ACT

Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test PSAT/NMSQT

  • Taken in junior year for SAT prep and qualifying for National Merit Scholarship
  • Sophomores can take PSAT but will not count for NMSQT
  • PSAT is only offered once per year in October

My Road College Board’s college and career planning website

  • What can a student do on My Road?
  • Take a personality test to get a detailed report on personality type
  • Explore list of careers and majors that fit personality and strengths
  • Search for colleges by major, area, cost and more
  • Get tips on applying to colleges and succeeding in high school and beyond
  • Free with PSAT test

ACT and SAT Testing

  • Required by all four-year universities
  • May choose either SAT or ACT (or both)
  • You can retest to improve scores
  • Best if student tests for the first time during the spring of junior year
  • Retest by October of senior year
  • Take the SAT or ACT if you plan to play Division 1 college sports, even if attending community college first
  • UC no longer requires SAT
  • subject tests

Test Content

  • ACT – Achievement based
    • 25% Math
    • 25% English
    • 25% Reading Comprehension/Social Studies
    • 25% Science
    • Optional Writing Test
  • SAT Reasoning- Aptitude based
    • 33% Math
    • 33% English
    • 33% Writing
      • = TOTAL SAT SCORE (2400)

SAT Subject Tests

  • Subject tests are no longer required for UC Admission but students can take them if they want to demonstrate knowledge and strength in certain subject matter.
  • A few UC campuses do require or recommend SAT Subject Test for specific majors. Please check the specific campus websites for information.
  • Private universities and out of state schools vary on their testing requirements-check admission requirements carefully for each school you are applying to.
  • If you choose to take the Math test, take Level 2
  • Tests are scheduled on limited dates-you can’t take Reasoning and Subject tests on same date

Spring 2014 Testing Dates

  • ACT
  • April 12th, 2014 Register by March 7th
  • June 14th, 2014 Register by May 9th
  • SAT Reasoning
  • March 8th, 2014 Register by Feb. 9th
  • May 3rd , 2014 Register by April 6th
  • June 7th , 2014 Register by May 8th
  • Information on perspective websites

Testing: Preparation and Study

  • SAT
  • ACT Prep-
  • SAT & ACT Prep: Princeton Review-
  • Test Prep Workshops at Chico State ($$$)
  • PRACTICE!!!!

The College Application Process

California State University

  • Apply Oct 1- Nov 30
  • 23 campuses statewide
  • CSU Mentor Application
  • Chico State
    • Priority admission for local students
    • CSU Presidential Scholarship competition (deadline 12/15)

University of California

  • Apply Nov 1- Nov 30
  • 10 Campuses statewide
  • Most competitive admission
  • Application includes a personal statement

Private Universities and Technical Schools

  • Make sure you are knowledgeable about each schools admission requirements and deadlines.
  • Explore schools, programs, majors and take virtual tours at university websites
  • Admission requirements and deadlines vary.

Butte College:

          • Reg2Go: Early Registration program in the spring of senior year
          • Transfer Programs
          • (Transfer Center agreements options)
          • Honors Program
          • Technical and Career Programs
          • College Connection

College Funding Financial Aid

  • Beginning Jan. 1st of senior year, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Loans
    • Grants
    • Work Study
  • Attend Financial Aid night in January
  • Begin exploring scholarship websites (links from PV website-Counseling page)
  • Counseling Office Scholarship Bulletin (monthly)
  • Chico Community Scholarship Association-funds local students only- all Chico area students should apply

Cal Grant Program

  • For students planning to attend a California college or university
  • High School grade point average is an important eligibility criteria
  • Eligibility is calculated using grades from sophomore and junior year. PVHS will submit the student GPA directly during senior year (we need student social security number)
  • Based on income eligibility from information on FAFSA

College Funding Scholarships

  • Courses and Grades = $$
  • Talents and Abilities = $$
  • Test Scores =$$
  • Activities and Community Involvement=$$
  • How do I get the money??

Now is the time to start thinking…

  • Who am I?
  • What are my interests and passions?
  • What are my talents?
  • What makes me different and unique?

GPA - Grade Point Average

  • GPA - Grade Point Average
  • During senior year, grades still matter!
  • Colleges will review grades earned in 10th and 11th grades
  • Some universities (Cal Poly SLO) are beginning to look at grades from Freshman year
  • Remember, universities can and do rescind acceptance based upon spring grades of senior year, change of class schedule, and dropped classes during senior year. Stay focused!
  • Due to enrollment reductions in the CSU and UC systems, admissions will be more competitive than ever!


      • Counselors will meet with students in the fall and assist them as needed in their college application process. Students should schedule appointments in September.
      • Remember to give teachers and counselors at least three weeks when requesting letters of recommendation. Writing a quality letter takes time!


  • Be supportive of the stress your student may be feeling this year. Try and let them make their own decisions regarding college choices.
  • Let your student complete college applications on their own. Remember, when they are in college they will need to navigate many things without you! Help them to learn how now.
  • Take a deep breath! It’s almost over!

For up to date information and reminders “like” Pleasant Valley High School Counseling Department

  • For up to date information and reminders “like” Pleasant Valley High School Counseling Department
  • on Facebook!

Programs and Resources for additional questions

  • Pleasant Valley Career Center – Leslie Keller
  • Regional Occupational Program- Anita Homesley
  • CSU, Chico Admissions Office- Jessica Dietrich
  • Butte College Admissions Office-Tim Phelps

Pleasant Valley High School

  • College Planning Night 2014
  • Thank you for coming!

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