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Step 1. Thesis Statement:

Although cutting spending on after school activities may seem like a convenient way to reduce spending, there are more logical ways the school district can conserve money. This poor decision will hurt the district in the long run.

Step 2: Plan Your Support

(what REASONS do you

have to support your thesis?

These are topic sentences for the BODY of the essay

Step 3: Gather EVIDENCE (examples, experiences, facts, anecdotes, expert opinion) to support your reasons. LABEL


Step 4: Analysis (explain in your own

Words WHY your evidence matters)

* this may be done later *

Reason #1
Eliminating after school organizations will not

save the school district a

lot of money because the

activities do not cost a

lot of money to sustain.

• The district does not pay

coaches, club advisors, or

athletes a salary (FACT).

• Although the school does pay for

some of the supplies and

equipment for extracurricular

activities, the products they buy

can serve more than one task


• .A football can be used in gym

classes, art supplies can be used

in art classes or offices, and the

extra food they buy can be

resold in the cafeteria


These small supplies are

the only things schools

are requested to give

money towards. Individual

clubs pay for other needs

like bus transportation.

They purchase things like

this with the money they

collect from club dues and

from community events.

Reason #2
While eliminating club

spending will possibly

hurt the school district,

eliminating teams and

clubs will definitely hurt

the student population

It is a wide belief that 5/6 of

high school students who

participate in extracurricular

activities are less likely to be

arrested during their high school

careers (STATISTIC).

• Teenagers are less likely to get

into trouble with the law (FACT).

• The school district will be able

to save a large amount of their

monetary spending on

disciplinary actions too


• The district will not have to openits buildings purely for

disciplinary measures


• This is extremely logical.

School lasts for six hours

and forty-five minutes.

This means that without

any extracurricular

activities, teenagers

would be roaming the

streets, ravaging cities,

and causing trouble for

ten hours and fifteen

minutes, five days a week.

• This will save them a large

sum of money on

expensive utilities and

building operation costs.

Reason #3
Finally, not only students

find value in

extracurricular activities.

Parents think they are a

very important addition

to a student's

educational career.

Parents want to further their

child's education in whatever

ways possible (EXPERIENCE).

• Most parents would rather buy a house in a school district that

has an extensive extracurricular

program than in a school district

that recently cut funding for

their activities (EXAMPLE).

• The more constructive activities a school offers to students, the more parents want their kids to attend the school (FACT).

• Cutting funding for select

activities will decrease the

district's popularity and its

annual income (FACT).

The elimination of

programs show adults

that the district values

money over students

• If anything, the school

district should be pouring

more funding into its

sports teams and clubs.

This will make the district

look more appealing to

potential residents.

welfare of their students.

There is a direct

relationship between the

population and their

income. The more people

living in a designated area,

the more tax money a

district will receive.

Opposing Sides Position
• Simply cannot fund after school

activities anymore. Cuts are being made in regular education funding and that extra money needs to go to the basics.

• More time needs to be spent on the basics (reading, writing and math). Students are falling behind and need to concentrate on their basic skills not spend all their time on outside activities.

• Cutting after school activities will decrease the district’s popularity – when they vote for bonds and levis, they will vote them down and the district will be in even more financial trouble (EXAMPLE)
• Many students only come to school and do well because of extracurricular programs. Even more students would fail and/or drop out without the added benefit of after school activities.

Closing Arguments
• Extracurricular activities must be kept as part of the school. They keeps kids motivated and engaged. They keep kids in school, and they make the public and community more supportive of student programs.

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