Places Teens Can Publish Their Work

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Places Teens Can Publish Their Work

Here is a list of places teens can publish their work. A big thanks to Keren Joshi, who sent me a list she made for a patron. Here is the list from Keren, with additions from Erin Hoopes.

Anthem (by Ayn Rand) Essay Contest:
Deadline: March 20
Cicada is a bi-monthly literary magazine for ages 14 and up, which publishes short stories, poems, and first-person essays written for teens and young adults. Most of the writing is done by adults, but they do publish teen writing. Submission guidelines are printed on the last page of each issue. No url available.
Claudia Seaman Poetry Award for Young Writers, for students in grades 9-12: Deadline: June 1
Critique Circle is a place for writers to submit their work and give and receive feedback. Work posted there may not be considered published (they post everything), but it is a good way to get feedback on your work. They have a section just for teen writing:
Cyberteens publishes student poetry and fiction online:
Elfwood publishes science fiction and fantasy online. It is not exclusively for teens, but they do publish a lot of teen work. They publish everything, but also have contests and publish the winners:
Fountainhead (by Ayn Rand) essay contest for students in grades 11 and 12: Deadline: April 25
Frodo’s Notebook is an online teen literary magazine which publishes teen poetry, fiction, and essays:
Merlyn’s Pen Personal Essay Contest, “Guys in the Media Age”, for students grades 6-12: Deadline: May 1

MISFITS Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Contest, stories or poems by students ages 11-13 and 14-16: Deadline: May 13
Next Step is a magazine devoted to your life after high school. They have a bimonthly personal essay-writing contest, called ShoutOut, which has a $100 prize. The winners are also published:
Potluck Magazine is a literary magazine for writers up to 16 years old. They publish print and online versions:
Ray Bradbury Creative Writing Contest, for high school students: Deadline: March 15
Science Fiction and Fantasy Contest for students in middle and high school, stories, artwork and science essays: Deadline: March 31
Shout Out Teen Writing Contest publishes first person accounts submitted by high

school students: Ongoing deadline.

Skipping Stones Youth Honor Awards, includes piece of art or creative writing that promotes multicultural and nature awareness: Deadline: June 20
Spire is a journal dedicated to publishing poetry, essays, stories, artwork and creative nonfiction by minority, low-income and young writers and artists. It comes out twice a year:

Teen Ink: Ongoing non-fiction, poetry, fiction (May 1 deadline) and interview contest:

Teen Voices is an online and print magazine which publishes teen writing:
The Writers’ Slate publishes original poetry and prose from students through twelfth grade. They have three issues per year. One is devoted to publishing winners of writing contests. I think it has print and online versions:
Xenith is an online journal for teen writing of all kinds:

Resources for Teen Writers focuses on science fiction and fantasy, but also lists contests and places for teens to publish in other genres: takes teen writing submissions for their _writing challenges. They may make everything available, but they do publish both a short list of good selections and a winner:
Works Unpublished is an online site for writers. They don’t vet submissions, so everything is published:
Other suggestions:
Surrounded is the first lit magazine published by high school students. The deadline for their first issue is March 15.
Word Smiths is from the New York Public Library. They accept material from teens from around the country.
New Moon is an ad-free magazine for girls ages 8-14. It’s edited by girls, for girls and prints poetry, fiction, artwork, and letters.
Fiction Press: “a growing network of over 118,000 writers, hundreds of thousands of readers, and home to over 650,000 original works. As a writer, this is a place to showcase your creativity and for a reader, FictionPress is an opportunity to feast to your heart’s content.” Poetry contest, poems, publishing.
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