Physicx of Bboying

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Ky Doan

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Physics Essay

Physicx of Bboying

When you think of breakdancing you would probably think of gravity defying moves. That’s not exactly what it is, but there is definitely physics involved. Those who know the physics to it and practice the moves know every little detail to it and are able to teach it to others. Take backspin for example. You only spin on a small area on your back to be able to get the most out of the spin. The smaller the point of spinning is combined with how tucked in you are reduces air drag, allowing you to spin more.

Sure you may think that it takes a lot of strength to pull it off, but it’s mostly about balance. How hard would you think it would be to hop on one hand with pure arm strength? It’s pretty hard even for the world’s strongest man. The more muscles you have would also mean the more your body weighs. The main thing a bboy would work on would be balance and centering the body. Your body must be centered. Whipping your legs through the air on some specific movement uses a lot of physics. To be able to find the center balance while whipping your legs and trying to figure out arm placement would be hard if you had no clue what to do. Balance is a big part of it and to know about balance, you must know about physics and about centering the body.

Without centering your body, there would be nowhere for anything else to be. You would just look like a blob of jelly flopping on the ground. Doing aerials is another example of where physics are involved in. It’s hard to flip in the air if your arms and legs are out, the air would just prevent you from twisting all the way. If curled up, a front flip would go faster and you wouldn’t land on your head. The more force applied to ground the higher and harder you will flip.

A common break move is the head spin. If you are good with them, you can control the speed while you spin. Putting your legs together means that you would go at the terminal speed while spreading your body out means you would go slower than a speed you would be at with your body closed up. Since there is pressure on your head, you would lose hair, so it’s probably not worth it to learn how to spin on your head. It’s almost impossible to keep spinning on your head if your body isn’t completely parallel, but some people can pull it off. It’s amazing the kind of stuff that they do and I can only imagine how much hair they lose.

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