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The Phi Delta Kappa - ECU Chapter’s Educational Foundation annually awards scholarships to prospective educators. Eligible applicants are graduating high school seniors intending to major in education; graduate students who are currently pursuing a masters degree in education (must be members of PDK) ; and doctoral students who are currently pursuing a doctorate in education (must be members of PDK). PDK – ECU chapter also awards a professional development scholarship to a currently employed, licensed, public education teacher who is a current PDK member.

For more information about PDK International Prospective Educator Scholarships, please visit the following web address:

  • Four scholarships will be awarded in the amount of at least $400.00 in April.

  • The criteria used to select PDK’s scholarship recipients are academic standing, written essay, letters of recommendation, and leadership activities. The executive board of the PDK – ECU chapter will review all applications and determine the recipients.

  • All applications are to be submitted no later than February 15th. Applications should be mailed to: PDK Scholarship Committee, PO Box 637, Winterville, NC 28590.

  • Recipients will be notified by March 1st.

Application Guidelines

  • Essay – Word process or type your response to the essay question on 8 1/2 x 11 inch white paper. Include your name and Social Security number on each page. Limit your response to 500 words or less. (NOTE: An average single-spaced page equals approximately 560 words; a double-spaced page is about 300 words.) PDK identifies one best essay from the finalist pool and provides an additional financial award to the recipient. (SEE APPLICATION FOR CONTENT REQUIREMENTS)

  • Reference Letters – Two letters of reference are required, and only two will be accepted. One letter must be from a person familiar with your academic abilities and school activities; the second letter may come from a person of your choice. Both letters should address your interest in teaching and qualities that will make you a successful educator. Your name and Social Security number should appear at the top of each letter of recommendation.

  • Transcript – You must make available a copy of your transcript (High School Seniors and MA/Doctoral Students only – not required for staff development award applicants)

Documentation Check List

(Submit the following as a packet in this order)

_____ Application

_____ Reference #1

_____ Reference #2

_____ Essay

_____ Transcript (HS Senior/MA/Doc

applicants only)

1. Type or print legibly using black ink. Essay

must be typed or word processed.

2. Include your name and Social Security

number on each page of the application.

3. Do not send folders, binders, photographs, or

other attachments.

4. Make a copy of the completed application for

your records.

REMINDER: Deadline is February 15th


PDK Scholarship Committee

Attention: Mary Edwards

PO Box 637
Winterville, NC 28590

Continue to scroll down for application

Masters or Doctorate APPLICATION – Page 1 (Please circle one of the above) PHI DELTA KAPPA – ECU Chapter PHI DELTA KAPPA INTERNATIONAL

Please type or print legibly in black ink.

_____________________________________________________ __ __ __ - __ __ - __ __ __ __

Last Name First Middle Initial Social Security Number


Street Address City State Zip Code
M F GENDER: Male or Female (circle one) _____________________________(______)________________

E-mail Address Telephone

_______ ETHNICITY: Indicate one classification and put the number corresponding to it in the box to the left.

1. White 3. Hispanic (Non-White) 5. American Indian/Alaska Native

2. Asian/Pacific Islander 4. Black 6. Other: ___________________

_______ ACADEMIC RECORD: A copy of your academic transcript must accompany your application. Indicate to the left with an X, that a transcript is attached.


Name of College or University Telephone Number


Street Address City State Zip Code Country


Name of Advisor E-mail or Telephone
Y N PHI DELTA KAPPA: Circle “Y” if you are a member of PDK International and provide chapter name.

Circle “N” if you are not a member of PDK. IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A SCHOLARSHIP, MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED. PDK Chapter ____________________

________ EDUCATION MAJOR: PDK scholarships for prospective educators are awards to students pursuing careers in education. * Select one of the academic majors below and put the corresponding number in the box to the left.
(05) Early Childhood Education (10) Elementary Education (15) Middle School Education

**(20) Secondary Education **(25) Higher Education (26) Special Education

________ **If secondary or higher education is marked on previous page, indicate the subject area you plan to teach. Put number on line to the left.
(41) Art (50) Mathematics (55) Speech and Dramatics

(42) Business (51) Music

(43) English and /or Language Arts (52) Physical Education

(45) Family/Consumer Science (53) Science

(46) Technology Education (54) Social Studies (56) Other: ______________
Y N EMPLOYMENT: Circle “Y” if you are employed part time and indicate below what job you hold, your responsibilities, and the number of hours per week. Circle “N” if you are not employed.

Employer Number of hours per week


Job Responsibilities

LEADERSHIP and ACTIVITIES: List significant activities for each category. Mark an X for the class level when the activities occurred. Please do not abbreviate club or organization names.

Education Activities: List those where you worked with students as a teacher, supervisor, coach, tutor, or other leader.

Total Hours

Community Activities: List those where you participated in service projects or leadership activities outside of school.

Total Hours

Other Activities: List other significant extracurricular activities not mentioned above.

Total Hours

REFERENCES: List the two persons you have asked to provide letters of reference. One should be an educator who knows your academic ability, and the other may be a person of your choice. List the name, correct mailing address, and telephone number or e-mail address for each reference. Attach both letters of reference to this application form. Make sure that each letter has your name and Social Security number in the upper right corner.
1. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Name Title Telephone or E-mail Address


Street Address City State Zip Code Country

2. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Name Title Telephone or E-mail Address


Street Address City State Zip Code Country

ESSAY QUESTION: Respond to the following essay question with 500 words or less. Answer all parts of the question. The essay must be typed or word processed and double spaced. Your name and Social Security number should appear on each page in the upper right corner. Attach your response to this application.
Why have you selected education as your career choice?

What are the skills and attributes that will make you a successful educator?

How do you plan to use your education degree to make a difference in the lives or your students?



Applicant’s Signature Date

Space Below is for PDK Chapter USE ONLY
Mary Edwards

Name of PDK Chapter Representative (print clearly) Telephone or e-mail address

PDK – East Carolina University

Chapter Name Chapter Number


Signature of Chapter Representative Date

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